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Hi, this is Kat with for you so they actually sit really nicely on top of the wrist so I just thought this was going to be such a great design to use for a bracelet so this is the design here and you can see we have the antique gold and then we have two other finishes we have the antique silver and we have a beautiful antique copper now just an added little tip if you wanted to add a little extra embellishment to this I believe the vintage patina would look really great on these little leaves but I'm gonna keep it simple for today and I'm just going to show you the basic technique to create a really nice bracelet so I'm going to be using that braided cork cord now this is Wrigley's cord and i'm going to be using a couple little end caps there and I have a magnetic clasp and then I have some beautiful Nunn design jump rings here so I'm going to be utilizing tools as well so the only tools that you're going to need is we're gonna need a little glue we're gonna need a little East sixth ousand I have my special cutters to help me with those Wrigley's and I have a pair of flush cutters a bent nose plier and a chain nose plier and last but not least I'm gonna bring in a couple little toothpicks and I have my little pad here just because I want to protect my work surface so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so this is really simple guys I have about five inches of the cord here and you can actually see that I've already marked my little halfway point so I have two and a half inches on either side so I'm just gonna come in with my little special cutters here and what I want to do is just line up that little mark right in the center making sure it is good to go there we go and go ahead and press and just cut that apart now the reason you'll need those special cutters is because you can see that there's a little tube inside it's a little plastic core and we've used this before to put this on memory wire which is a great little tip but you don't want to use your flush cutters on this because it might kind of tear and chew through some of that cord and we don't want that to happen all right so I have my two pieces of my cord here and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of set that in the center have my end caps here and my piece at the back so before I get started on gluing everything together what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and I'm gonna take these little jump rings here and I have my bent chain nose and they're a little open but I'm just gonna twist to open them a little bit further there hook it onto my leaf and hook on one end all right I'm just getting that in my pliers nice and secure and I just want to close that up getting a nice good closure all right so that's one side so I'm just gonna repeat with the other side here so it's already a little bit further open but I'm just gonna open him a little bit more and slip this on to the other side and close that up nice good closure okay so the reason I do this step first is because you'll notice that these have a natural curve to them and it's just sort of how they're designed so what I want to do is when I'm looking at this and lining it up you'll notice that I have the holes that are sort of facing one way and that jump ring that's facing the other way so when I place this into the hole I want it to continue to kind of curve around the side I don't want it to be up like that because then your bracelet won't sit necessarily right so we want to make sure that when we're gluing it we're gluing it so that it's going around the curve of the bracelet so it's gonna look like that on one side and again you just want to kind of eyeball it there and like that on the other so that's what we're gonna do and then we're gonna glue in our magnetic clasp but I'm gonna go ahead and separate that alright so let's take our East 6000 and we're gonna want a good little amount here so I'm just gonna get a nice nice dollop on my page all right so now taking my toothpick I'm just gonna get a nice dollop down in there and just kind of swirl it around we want to get a nice secure gluing there all right yeah I'm just taking up all my little extra strings there there we go all right so again just sort of lining it up for myself and making sure that that's gonna sit nice and secure inside okay I'm just checking my alignment all right so now I'm just gonna repeat on the other side here get a nice dollop of glue in there all right and same thing on this side I'm just sort of peering down at my alignment making sure everything is the way I'd want it to be there we go just holding it for a second okay now because this is a 360 class but it doesn't matter how you put it on to the ends so I'm gonna need a little bit more glue here always make sure to close up your glue in between opening it we don't want it to dry out because you can see that it does dry fairly quickly although we do recommend at least 24 hours before trying to wear your design we just want to make sure it that glue has time to create a nice strong bond I'm gonna attach the magnetic clasps to one side here there we go alrighty and onto the other side and this is a really simple design we do have other colors of the cork cord we do have a really beautiful natural color we also do have some great colors colors we have some oranges and teals and Pink's so if you're intrigued by that be sure to head over to and you can shop all of the Wrigley's cork cord you can do it easily just by searching our braided cork cord alright so this is our finished design here and I do want to give you a little tip make sure to let it dry unattached so that that glue doesn't have any chance of seeping through those ends but how it's gonna look when it's done is gonna be just like that and I don't want to bend it too much but it will Bend there we go so this is our finished design but remember to let it dry fully and make sure all those pieces are nice and secure in our little ends so that is how easy it is to create a nice little braided cork cord with that beautiful curved Nunn design leaf link you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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