How to Make a Framed Pendant with Wire, Rhinestone Chain, and Epoxy Clay by Becky Nunn

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Designer: Becky Nunn
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video learn how to make a lovely pendant using a Nunn Design wire frame, epoxy clay, wire, and rhinestone cup chain. The techniques shown in this video can easily be adapted to make earrings and bracelets as well. This video features Beadaholique guest designer Becky Nunn of Nunn Design.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is becky nunn with nunn design and i'm here in the studio with beadaholique make a frame dependent using a wire framed hammered wire and cupchain embedded in crystal clay what you're going to need for this video is a pair of flush cutters for cutting our wire hammer and bench block for pounding our wire frame and our wire you'll need some 20 gauge artistic wire some crystal clay I've already mixed a small batch and some cup chain and the pre-made wire frame is fine done design first you're gonna want to go ahead and unspool about a foot of the 20 gauge wire and using your bench block and your hammer you're going to want to go ahead and pound out a small amount giving your wire a nice flat and textured look one of the reasons why I slid like this is so that I can continue to have one side be flattened now you can see it's a nice texture and a flat piece of the wire then using your frame your open frame you're going to want to do the same you're gonna want to pound it flat we're going to start on this end you don't have to do this but I like that and as you notice when I got closer to this section right here it was just a little bit more gentle and it went a little bit slower as to not deform the piece I still have a little bit that I can write up here you might need to have a pair of needle nose pliers to reform or straighten this section out after you've been hammering on it just use your needle nose pliers to bend it slightly back so now I have my wire frame and I have my hammered bit of the wire next we're going to cut small pieces of the hammered wire to make the pieces that you're seeing here kind of that organic grass stem light pieces so using your flush cutters cut a variety of shapes of links you might want to go back in later and make adjustments to the links but just to get started cut off a couple pieces some short and some your longer oops I think I ran out of my hammer section because this isn't as hammered so we can make some of those shorter then with our cup chain we're gonna need just a couple of little pieces of this so you're gonna want to cut a couple of pieces of the cup chain as well one and you want to try to get that little retractable can you see it that little D tractable little tongue that kind of sticks out you want to trim that off as well there's one piece two pieces and there's our third and that's what we're going to need three pieces of the cup chain and then a couple of the pieces of the hammered wire then we're going to take our frame pendant the wire wrap frame pendant that we already hammered and I'm going to place it on a piece of plastic like this because it's gonna be a lot easier to pull it up and remove it once the crystal clay is hardened so I've already mixed my crystal clay which comes in a little package like this I mixed the Part A and Part B together and I'm going to just take off a small ball i'm guesstimating how much I'm going to need for this frame pendant if I need to add some I can and if I need to subtract some I can go ahead and roll it into a nice round ball in your hands I had a little piece of that metal on my hand when I was mixing so go ahead and pick that off if you get any excess in there and I'm just patting it down into a nice little round ball shape trying to keep the clay nice and even throughout then let's see how we did as far as how its positioned that's looking pretty pretty close if you have too much you can always pinch off a small amount and you might have to start over again if you had too much or too little or another thing that you can do is just press it right into the open framed area on your plastic and move it around that way sometimes it looks neat just to do a partial design we're going to go for the full effect all the way over to the edge so I'm using my finger to push that clay into the places where I want it now I'm using my fingers to move it away from that side edge so once you have your piece all the way into your clay you can lift it up and just double check that it's attached all the way on to that wireframe see the backside I'm going to use a wet wipe to wipe off any of that excess clay that might have got on those side edges the epoxy clay you have 90 to 120 minutes to work with it before it starts to harden so it's always a great idea to be cleaning up as you go keeps you work nice and tidy plus when this stuff hardens it's like cement so it's best to just take care of it and that includes removing it off of your fingers once you have your clay placed inside your frame you're going to want to start to play with your design lay your flats and wire pieces into the clay and arrange them in the positions that you would like and this is where you can start to be creative and make different links and try different designs you're going to want to make sure that your clay or your pieces of metal are flushed down and into the clay fully so that they don't usually snag on something and lift up this is the end and I'm most concerned about I don't want it to get caught on anything so you want to make sure that it's pressed down into the clay now we're ready to start taking a look at where we might want to is that one of those little retractable things down inside of there almost good so now you can go ahead and start to embed your little crystals of your cup chain into the pendant like such and you can just continue to add your hammered wire maybe cut a couple of shorter blades inside here and maybe you just have one or you can add a couple more pieces of the crystal and you just keep going until your design is just the way that you like your epoxy clay will take about two hours until it's fully cured and hard enough form this like this so once this is done you're going to want to then just remove it from the plastic and then you'll have a nice smooth back like this this is becky nunn with nunn design on location here at 'red wire cupchain in epoxy clay thanks for joining me you

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