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Hi. This is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to make this pretty necklace using a Patera findings glass vial with metal surround and a little encased flower inside. The flower I actually beaded using wire and some 11/0 seed beads. The tools you're gonna need for this project are some green seed beads. These are Czech and they are size 11/0. Then I also pulled out some pink those in 11/0. I have some flat back rhinestones. They are size ss12. You're gonna need a pair of tweezers. I have a magic pick. It really helps to pick up the flat pack rhinestones. You're going to need some e6000 adhesive, a pair of wire cutters and some twenty-six gauge craft wire. You're also going to need one of these great findings and they come in an array of colors. We have a antique silver, bright silver, antique gold and antique copper. For this project I'm going to use the antique gold. I just wanted to show you the variety of these findings available. They're really quite nice. They have a screw off lid and then you can put whatever you like into the vial. They've got a little stopper in there. So to begin I'm going to clear off my workspace on my beading mat. I'm going to take my twenty-six gauge wire and I'm going to cut about ten or eleven inches. I'm not gonna be too picky on this. I'm just gonna eyeball it. While I'm here I'm also going to myself another couple inches. I'm just going to set that aside for now. So to make my little flower I'm going to put onto my wire seven of my pink seed beads which are going to be my first flower petal. Once I've got seven on there I'm going to slide them to the midway point. Again I'm not being too particular here. I'm just eyeballing it. I'm going to them down and pinch them together. Now I'm going to take, you can see where my two wires, going to overlap them by twisting them. So one. Two. So just two quick twist. Separate my wires out. I'm going to bead on another seven of my pink beads. I'm going to let those slides all the way down to the base. Now I'm going to bring them together as well. You can see I've actually taken the wire which they were strung onto and I've put it behind the other wire. I'm going to pull it so that they're crossing. I'm just gonna do a quick twist. Separate my wire out again. I'm going to you guested it another seven of my pink beads onto my wire. Slide those down. Fold it in half so that your beads form a petal shape. On this one I'm actually going to take the wire and pull it all the way around between the other petals I've got going. The great thing with wire is it is flexible and it does stay put. So you really have a lot of flexibility with how you want a wire work this. Remember it's totally up to you. You are in charge. If you wanna go in a different direction that's totally fine as long as you're just forming that nice flower petal shape. I try not to over twist my wire just because I don't want my petals to become too separated and far apart. I find that if I make too many twist then the petals actually look like they're really spaced out and not like a tight flower. Put my final seven on there. Pull them all the way down. Going to twist. I kind of want to make this a little bit more secure so I'm taking that wire around the back and pull it up through my other flower's petal and back down and pull my other wire to the back as well. Now I've got two wires hanging out the back. So there I've got my flower. Now I'm going to just twist my wires. You can see how they're starting to twist. Once I've done a couple twist I want to do a leaf because I wanna green leaf up near my pink flower. I think I'm going to make this a smaller leaf. So I'm just gonna put five little green seed beads again size 11/0 onto my wire. So I've down this on one wire. I'm going to wrap the wire around. Make those come together to form a petal. Just twist my wires together. Now this main is going to be the stem of my flower and like a lot of flower stems it's gonna be a little bit irregular. I'm okay with that. I kind of like the effect. So I'm going to twist a little bit more. I'm going to add another leaf. This one I think is going to be a little bit bigger. I'm going to put either seven or eight of the green beads on here. I've got seven. I'm going to go with that. I'm going to twist around and you'll notice what I'm doing is I'm actually taking that wire and I'm twisting it up and back over instead of back this way. What that does is it gives a little bit more of a rounded shape I find to my leaves. You could just go ahead and twist it the other direction. It will give it a little bit of a flatter shape. I'll show you in a moment what that will look like. So I brought it around I'm just going to twist it. So let me show you really quick. Here was a petal that I did a leaf that I did were I took the wire and I went like that and then up and around and then twisted it. On these ones which are a little bit more round I actually took the wire and went up and over. It's a little bit different look. Neither one is right or wrong it's just what you like. Now I'm gonna make another petal. I'm going to put nine beads on this one. Let those slide down. Curve that around. You see how it made a nice rounded shape. I kind of like that. I'm just gonna twist quite a bit. Now I have my flower and leaves. I what to take my vial. Take the top off. I'm going to eyeball where i want to cut off my wire so it stands upright in the container. Now with these glass vials the glass does go almost all the way to the bottom. It goes to about the first or second little right here. It's a little hard to tell since it is glass and looking into a cavernous space. I think I want it just about like that. Just going to take my flush cutters and trim. I'm going to see how the that looks. I might trim off a little bit more because once you get this flower in it you're kind of stuck with it. You be able to take it back out. Alright I'm happy with that. So now I'm going to take that piece of wire I cut previously. I'm going to apply some E6000. I'm going to use this as an applicator. I'm just going to grab a little glob of glue take my flower put my glue in the center. I don't want to overdo it but I do want to stay on. There that looks about right. Take my magic pick. What's so many here it actually allows you to pick it right up and place it on the glue. So there we go. I'm going to let that dry for a little bit because I want that rhinestone to stay put. While this one is drying I actually did make another one already and I'm going to show you how to get this flower into this bottle and it can be a little bit tricky. You'll notice that the top rim of the bottle is actually quite a bit narrower than the bottle itself. So this is where we have to do a little bit of trickery. So I'm going to carefully lower my flower into my bottle and I'm gonna have to bend some of my leaves as I go. Just it work in. Carefully just keep pushing your flower into your bottle. Try not to compressed the petals too much. You're going to have to do some to some extent. Just keep pushing it in. Then take your tweezers help guide it in even further. What I find is if a petal looks a little too squashed and try to push it out or you try to pick up your flower and squished that petal against the rim, the interior lip and try to push it back into shape. It is a little bit difficult and you're flower will need something some finessing that's where your tweezing come in. WhatIi also like to do is I like to put a few beads at the bottom so I'm going to scoop some up. Shake them down and there you go you have a little flower trapped in a glass vial. So to complete our necklace if you have a pretty chain at home that you really like that's quite long go ahead and use that. I'm going to show you how to quickly put this on a chain. Now I have three feet of a lovely antiqued gold chain and what's nice about this particular chain is each individual link is actually a jump ring in itself and I'm going to go take advantage of that. From one end open that jump ring up and thread it through the top loop of my glass vial. I'm going to find the midway section of my chain. Hold both ends together. That's going to identify the middle. Put that middle loop in there. Close that back up. Now our glass vial is on a chain and I'm going go to the ends of of my chain. This is real simple. It's about as quick and easy and no fuss as you can get. For this project I think it looks great. So I have a pretty toggle bar in a shape of a key. I thought that was kind of nice because it's kind of a keepsake vial so we have a key. And I just have a round. I'm just going to thing. I'm not using actually any external jump rings for this project. I'm just using the chain itself. Open that back up there's a little loop on the back of my key toggle bar. Close that. Do the same thing on the other side. And there you go. It's portably the quickest easiest way I know to attach a clasp and it really well. We have a our vial with our flower and it's attached to a chain with a clasp. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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