How to Flat Odd-Count Peyote Stitch

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to flat odd-count peyote stitch in this bead weaving tutorial. This stitch is a bit more work then even count peyote, but it allows you to create designs with centered points such as arrows and chevrons.
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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to do flat odd count peyote stitch in bead weaving. I have an example here of a project I started using odd count peyote and what's great about it is allows you to create symmetrical patterns that have a middle point. So here we have this chevron pattern and it comes to a point. Since we have these lovely arrows pointing we need a tip so we need to have an odd number of columns in order to achieve this. So even count peyote stitch will not work. So we need to do odd count. It's a little bit more work than even count but does allow you to create signs like this. You're going to start it by just having a length of thread thread onto a needle and I have a little stopper bead It's going to be the same way you start even count peyote except for you're gonna string on an add number of beads. So I'm going to do nine here So two three five six seven eight nine Now we're going to slide those beads down to the stop bead and we're going to do the same thing that we would do in even count peyote which is pick up another bead to start our second row and we're going to jump over the last turquoise bead of row one that we have strung go into to one right next to it it could be a little too hard when you first starting this to get your beads to pull snug you're just going to work with them that's what we want for the beginning and this is still the same process as even count and skip over the next bead go through the one next to it kind of work these as you go to get them to line up watch your thread tension as well pick up another bead skip over the next bead go through to the following one skip over go to the next one and this is where things get tricky so if this was even count peyote you wouldn't have this problem where now you need to put on another bead but where do you go from here. So this slides down. You would normally want to be able to do is continue going this way but you can't do that because this bead is not anchored so what you're going to do is go through what was the first bead you strung or what will be in all the other layers the first bead of the row below go back through that bead your also going to go through the bead next to it and bead next to it but up on top of this other row pull and then you go through the bead below and pull through see what happens to that little loop it's going to slide right in there you can go back through that middle bead and out again through that first bead I'm going to show you this again when we get to another row but realize you're concentrating on this series of five beads right here so we went down through here came up looped around back here and now we're going to go through the first bead of the second row and now our is positioned where we want it to continue with our weaving I am doing a chevron pattern here so I'm going to pick up a darker blue bead and now we're gonna progress on this just the same way we normally do with peyote stitch This is twisted around. Fix it. Twist it back Now on this end all is good. My thread is exiting the last bead on the row we just strung. Go back up and around It's going to be every other row where you're gonna have to weave your thread back into your beadwork so that you can position that your thread and needle coming out in the direction you want and out of the bead you want I'm going to continue here so we can get to that the other side again and I can show you how to do this So now we're down to this end where we need to add another bead to finish our row but where do we go. So we have to go back through the first bead right below it on the row below Go through that bead, go through the middle bead and then this top bead as well Get this tail out of the way hold that down so we can see what we're doing just work with it, position that bead. It's going to start the next row and then I want to loop the row Go backup through the middle bead and exit through that first bead on the row below pull through and come back through what is going to be the first bead on this next row Add another bead do my stitching as usual and I want to show you one more time how to do this because I know it can be confusing when you're first starting how to figure out how to do this So this end is one we don't have to weave our thread back into our bead work It's all positioned the way it should be the way it's suppose to be We're created a nice point in the middle and here we go. So one more time So you pick up the last bead pull it down go through the bead below it on the row the first bead on the row below the middle bead and then this top bead pull through help it with your fingers so that the bead lays where it needs to lay through the bead below Go through that middle bead again and exit through that first bead on the row below come back around go through that top bead so that your thread is in the position you want to be in So it does take more work to do odd count peyote than even count peyote it does require you weaving your thread back in your beadwork on every other row but it does allow you to create really fun symmetrical designs with a center pattern. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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