How to Finish Peyote Bead Weaving with Loops and Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how you can use large beads and seed beads to finish your peyote bracelets. This example shows you how to make loops to fit over wood beads, however you can use a variety of beads to suit your design, like gemstone, glass beads and more.
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hi this is kat with peyote you can of course do this with even count peyote i just for the purposes of my design i ended up going with odd count so i'm gonna be using some seed beads here and i'm using the colors that I used in my pattern you can of course use different colors if you like and as far as beads go I chose some lightweight wood beads here I wanted this to feel very summery but you can of course use gemstones you can use pearls you can even use swarovski crystal bicones whatever is your fancy you can use and I've chosen to for my design for the width of it but if yours is wider or slimmer you can always go with one or three alright so let's go ahead and we're gonna start by adding our beads to this side so I'm going to do beads and then I'm gonna do loops on the other side but I'm coming out here you see I've done that top row there at the top so I'm coming out that little white bead there at the bottom so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to turn my thread around and go back into the bead weaving and all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go up and through and work my way work my needle to a nice little midpoint on the side there and I'm gonna show you where that is it's gonna end up right where that little notch is with the white beads and you can go through two at a time if it's if you have enough space in there alright so I'm gonna go through that one and now I'm gonna be coming out of this bead right here at the top so you see right where I'm coming out there so this is where we're gonna start to add on our beads now I've chosen to use the beautiful sort of rosy gold color that I have here you can use whichever color in your design you want to but what you're gonna do is pick up two seed beads and you're gonna go through one of your wood beads and slide that down pick up three of your seed beads and we're gonna go back down through that wood bead right there and that's gonna create a nice little sort of crown at the top of our wood bead so I'm gonna just gonna scooch that down there we go and now before I go into the next beads I'm gonna add two more seed beads string those down there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the next up bead that's there so I'm gonna skip that white bead and I'm gonna go down through that first little bead there so this is going to create a nice little crown and I want to make sure that it's flipped the right way there we go we're just gonna flip it around so you can see that I have four beads there at the bottom and then my three at the top there so now to get to do the second one I'm just gonna do what I did before and just weave down in to that bead weaving just weaving across and this pattern is really easy to see this on so we've down one more and up through that beads you can see that it's the mirror of what we have going on over there so I'm just going to repeat it next to my beads all the way so pick up two and slide that down pick up my wood bead now I'm gonna pick up three seed beads and go back down through that wood bead pick up two more seed beads and go through the next adjacent that bead just the same as we did before and again before we kind of scooch everything together or before we weave down in and tie off our thread we just want to switch everything together there we go make sure everybody is in their right spot there nice and tight and this little extra space gives you space for the loop that we're about to create on the other side so that's why I recommend adding the four beads there it's also a little stronger than just sort of one tiny little strand there now if you wanted to you can turn your thread around and go back over that thread path to secure it but I'm pretty happy with that so I'm just going to tie off really quick and I'm just creating a little loop going back through tying my thread I'm gonna go down through and I'm just gonna do it once more just for extra security you can tie as many little knots as you like if you feel that your work is a little looser or it's not feeling quite as tight you can always add a little extra one there and tie that off go through one last little bead and then I'm gonna use my thread zap to zap off my thread sort of press that down we're heating that up and just come in and just zap off my little thread there perfect hmm alright so we have one side that's finished so I'm just gonna flip that over so we can do our second side and I'm gonna use the same color seed beads because I was fortunate enough to end on the same color so I've already worked it over to that same notch now on this because it's a different pattern on this side because of the way that the triangles are going but it's the same notch in the beads so when you look at that that's what you're looking at alright so what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick up two seed beads slide those down and now we're gonna pick up 24 now this is where it might vary depending on the size of your other beads so what you're just gonna have to do is sort of guess for your first one and then sort of test and I'll show you kind of how that works alright one two three four five six thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty three alright so I have all those beads right here so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually do the same as I did before and pick up I'm sorry I'm gonna go through these two seed beads the first two that I added so we're gonna create a little bridge so I'm going to take that and I'm actually gonna go through that adjacent bead there and this is going to create that loop at the top so I'll show you what I'm talking about as it kind of comes together there all right so there is our little loop now once you've gotten to this point you can theoretically undo it if that's not the right size so what I recommend you doing is actually coming over here and putting it your loop through there making sure it works and you want to keep that tight so that you make sure that that is the right size that you're gonna work with I know that 24 is gonna work for me so in this particular instance so I am ready to go on and create that second loop so all I'm gonna do and I'll show you this all again cuz I know you're probably going to want to see it one more time is again just sort of work my thread over now this might be the side where you definitely want to go back through and just sort of reinforce that loop just because it only has one strand a very fine thread through it so you can do that a couple of times if you like I recommend at least once but for the purposes of my demonstration here I'm just going to show you that one more time alright so we're going to pick up two and then we're gonna pick up 24 so I've added the 24 so now I'm gonna go back down through the last two and again going into that adjacent bead that adjacent up bead to finish off that loop so I have my two little loops there that are gonna work and now I can go back through but if you want to see that you just turn your thread around and go up and through but I'm just gonna finish it off here so you can see the final product so we're gonna go up and through give a little tug you'll notice it kind of got a little tighter there we want that to be nice and snug this is going to be our clasp so I want it to be nice and enforced for us up and over to the side I'm gonna tell you one more little knot and pull that through all right same thing just gonna use my threads app you can also use snips or scissors of course I just like she is my little threads app that's nice and convenient for me all right so we have our clasp that's done we didn't need to use any metal but I do like that I was able to use that particular color because it kind of looks like a nice little metal finish so you can come over and just sort of loop through and this is going to be your clasp and you're all done so that is how it looks when you're all finished with this particular technique so that is how to finish peyote bead weaving it using it loops and beads I hope you enjoyed this video you can get this full tutorial and free pattern by heading over to

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