How to Draw a Bead to Make a Sterling Silver Head Pin

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to draw a bead on a piece of sterling silver wire. The result is a sterling silver ball head pin. You can use this same technique for applications other then head pins, such as finishing your wire ends, making bars, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to draw a bead on a piece of wire creating a sterling silver head pin what I'm going to be using is this Heetrix soldering platform with third hand extension. It's got a pair of tweezers here this is my favorite tool for doing this type of project just because it really does protect the hands and gives you a lot more mobility I've got a coil here a twenty one gauge sterling silver wire take your flush cutters cut a piece that I want to use as my head pin going to just go ahead straighten it out with my fingers and placed the tip of it into my tweezers I want these to be directly over my platform I've got a micro torch right here and I'm just going to hit the tip of this with a solid flame from the micro torch and what you're going to see is it gets kind of black in color then turn a bit red and then it's going to just going to suck up the silver and create a nice beautiful ball on the end and this is called drawing a bead on wire and it creates a head pin and just like that we created a ball head pin let that cool and then you can go ahead and polish it up and make it bright silver again or you can keep it with this lovely kind of black gray tone if you're doing a project that wants more of a antique look to your silver and that's all there is to drawing a bead on a piece of wire to create a head pin

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