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Hi, this is Kat with it is stitch but in this video I'm just gonna focus on how it looks when you finally want to join up those two ends so I have a couple of pieces here and these are just my little sample pieces and I wanted to make them colorful so that you could see the beads that I'm going to be using so I have my end here and my end here and what you're gonna do when you finally want to bring your bangle together is you're just gonna need to match up exactly where that's gonna go now we do have another video that shows you how to seamlessly join just a regular strip of peyote you might want to watch that video first it becomes a little bit more clear what I'm doing here okay so let me show you where I'm coming out I'm coming out of that second 15o bead right there just so you know how many beads I've added because it is important when you go to do this and then again over here same thing I'll flip it around so you can see I'm coming out of that second 15o bead that way your number of beads will align so I'm just going to go ahead and I'm just going to kind of match it up visually here and you can sort of see how the teeth of the beads are just sort of fitting together so what you're gonna do is I'm going to focus on this strand here on this piece and I'm going to weave through so I have my needle here attached and first the first bead I'm going to go through is this first 15o seed bead right there so just take my needle and just go right through and as I pull it together you'll see how it all sort of fit in that little notch right there so now as if I was adding that extra row I'm gonna take my needle and go through this 1500 bead in this section so I'm just kind of creating that bridge so you see where my threads going and when I pull it tight it'll come together so you just continue this around adding that row just as though you were adding an extra row of beads so you just kind of keep going up and down zigzagging as you create this seamless join and again I do recommend you watching that other video first it will probably help you understand a little bit more of what's happening here so you just continue around and you'll start to see that it'll start to form a little bit but you'll just need to keep it nice and tight okay about halfway down there and you just keep on going all the way around that last little bit there and make sure that you kind of get your needle in and you're going to go through that last 15 Oh seed bead right like so so you see how that creates a nice little seamless join all right like that so now you'll just take both ends and the end coming off of your second piece you'll just weave them in and cut them off and that is how you do a seamless joint in a shalini spiral you can find the full tutorials for these bracelets and more videos at you

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