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Hello. This is Andrea with In today's video I'm going to teach you how to do a flat spiral stitch. Now I'm totally in love with the stitch. I can't believe I haven't learned it sooner. It's great for beginners. It works out really quickly and it's really simple to do. It's a lot of fun and the results are just so stunning. Here I have a finished example a flat spiral bracelet that I did using christmas colors. I just love it and the clasp is actually a little wreath which is just beautiful. I love it. I like you're going to really love this stitch. So let's get started. What you're going to need is about twenty five six millimeter beads. I'm using Swarovski pearls for this. You can use Swarovski bicones if you'd like or any type of bead that has a large enough hole. Swarovski works great or fire polish works great. So that's for the center of the bracelet. Then you're going to need about fifty four millimeter bicones or any other kind of bead that would work for this. I also used fire polish on one bracelet. That works really nicely. You're gonna need some 11/0 seed beads. So I have a nice little fall color mixed here. You're going to need a clasp. I'm using a toggle clasp for this project and you're going to need some thread. I'm using Fireline. You can use whatever thread you want. This is the smoke color, size B. You want to work with as much thread as you can handle. Sometimes I know it's better to work with shorter lengths of thread and then tie off and weave new thread back in but for this project I'd like to do it in one shot. So you're going to need about three yards of thread. I have it threaded onto my size ten needle. You might want to use size twelve also because you're going to be making multiple passes through the center beads. So that's what you need. I'm going to get myself a tail of the thread about ten inches long give or take. I'm going to thread on a stopper bead of a contrasting color. So move that about eight to ten inches away from the tail. You're going to thread on your first two center beads. So two six millimeter beads. Like I said I'm using Swarovski pearls in a gold color. Bring those all the way down. Now you're going to pick up five 11/0 seed beads, one four millimeter bicones and five more seed beads. Now you're going to go back through going in the same direction through your two central beads. You're going to do this again pick up five 11/0 beads, one four millimeter bead and five more 11/0 beads. Once again you're gonna do the same thing. You're going to just go up through going through the same direction as both stitches so far through the two center beads. Now you're going to take this loop of beads and lay it next on the opposite side from the other one and next to the center bead it kind of surrounds the two center beads like that. You're gonna pick up one more six millimeter. Move it all the way down. You going to do the same thing that you did before. Pick up five 11/0s, one four millimeter and five more 11/0s. This time you're going to go back through the last two six millimeters center beads. So the new one that you just added and the one previous to that. Now this loop of beads is gonna sit right on top of the one before it. So it's going to have the staggered appearance. You're going to do the same thing on the other side and that loop is going to sit on top of that sides previous loop. So five 11/0s, one four millimeter and five more 11/0s. Once again you going up through only two beads not all three. And just like before this loop is going to sit on that side. So I'm going to make one more addition to this and them I'll show you how to finish this bracelet. See why it's important have a center bead with a substantial enough hole because you're going to be making multiple passes. So something like a real pearl and most gemstones probably wouldn't work for this project unless they had a larger hole. So you're going to keep going on like this until you have about I'd say anywhere from twenty three to twenty five beads in the center row. So I have one that's almost completed here. You're just going to want to check the length because obviously your toggle clasp is going to add a little bit of length and especially depending on how many beads you're going to add before you add your toggle clasp. So just check the length around your wrist. So as you can see and this is twenty three beads and I'd say I have a medium sized wrist and it's almost touching so thats a great length for me. I'm using twenty three beads. I've got twenty three beads for this one, center beads. So to finish this I've got my little pile of the copper color seed beads that I was using for this bracelet and I have my clasp right here. So what I want to do is I'm going to add I'd say four beads. Now remember you're working thread is coming straight out of the center of the bracelet which is where you want it. I'm going to pull those all the way down. You're going to pick up one half of the clasp. So I have this lovely antiqued copper toggle clasp. So I'm going to just thread it on. I'm using Fireline which is really tough stuff. So I have confidence that if I make a couple passes around through this loop this is not going to break. I would not do this with Nymo or KO or any other kind of thread besides maybe wildfire because it has the potential of getting roughed up and possibly breaking. So I'm going through my loop of my toggle clasp once and then I'm going back down into this little neck that I made with the four seed beads. I'm going down into the last two beads of the center row and pulling tight. Now I'm going to take my working thread up one of the side loops doesn't matter which one. this would be a good place to make a quick little knot just to tie off and make sure that you have some kind of closure with your bead weaving. So I'm picking up this thread of this loop and I'm just making a half hitch knot by looping my thread around the needle and pulling tight. Now that knot too that I just made is going to be hidden in this row of beads. I can actually take my thread now and go in between the first little neck bead that I added in the second go up through the last three beads go through that loop again and back down into the neck out after the third bead. I'm going to go down through other end the other side of the loop. I want you to do this as many times as possible as well without breaking your beads. Now I'm ashamed to admit that I always force it and I usually end up breaking a bead. That's not the best thing to do. There are ways to repair it but you wanna just be careful and try not to break any beads to begin with. If this was your finished bracelet I would attempt to go through one more time. But since I'm just showing you how to add the clasp right now two would be sufficient. I'm going to cut my thread off of my needle and add this needle to the other side. Since on this side I'm adding the loop half of my toggle I don't need so many beads in the neck. I'm only going to use two you in fact. The reason you need more on the other side is because you need a longer neck for your toggle clasp to be able to the bar part of your toggle clasp to be able to bend so it can fit all the way through. I'm going to pick up two more seed beads and this is going to be the neck of this end of the bracelet to add my toggle clasp. push those all the way down. I'm going to do essentially the same exact thing that I did on the other side. So I'm going to go through the loop of my other half my toggle clasp back down through the last two center beads. By all means if you do not want to use just Fireline or just thread around this if you feel more comfortable you can use a thread guard or some french wire. I'm going to go up through this second bead in the neck. Go through my loop again and back down. once again just for demonstration purposes I'm going to leave it there. By all means just try to loop through as many times you can without breaking your beads and you will be all done. Just trim off your excess thread and you have a gorgeous finished bracelet using flat spiral weave. I've had so much fun making these bracelets and I hope you have fun as well and thank you for watching. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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