How to Add a Decorative Beaded Edge to Bead Weaving

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Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to add a simple and pretty decorative beaded edge to your bead weaving projects. In this video, the beaded edge has been added to the last row of a circular brick stitch around a round bead.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie for and and today I want to show you how to this decorative bead weaving-edge. And I've actually done it along the edge of a bead which i have done a circular brick stitch around and in a previous video I actually show you how to do circular brick stitch around a round bead. So now we just need to add the little decorative edge and I'm using three millimeter faux pearls. You can use larger ones if you want. It's going to create a little bit of a different effect. So this is what we're going to start with. We have our round bead and I've done several rows of circular brick stitch round around the bead. My string is actually coming out the top of the third row. If I wanted to I would just add a fourth row the same way I added the three previous rows but I don't want to do that but that's a position that my thread is actually an at this point. So to add the little decorative edges, it's so simple, you're going to love this. You pick up 11/0 seed bead, a three millimeter pearl, and another seed bead. I'm going to count three beads so including the one that my string is coming out of my thread. One, two, three and I'm going to go down into that bead from the top going to the bottom. Pull. And look, we already have our first little embellishment. Now I'm just gonna go over to the underside of the bead next to it. Go up through and then repeat the same process. I just need one 11/0 seed bead, a pearl and a seed bead. Count. So including the one the thread is coming out of. One, two, three. Go down through that one. You notice that I'm not going to any other beads next to it it's just that one. Pull through. Go from the underside if the seed bead next to it on that third row. A pearl, another seed bead. Again the third row from where you're thread is sticking out down through it from the top to the bottom. Go to the bead next to it. Go from the bottom to the top. These are very secure. They're nice and tight on there. Seed bead, pearl, seed pearl third bead. Just going to do this all the way around. I've got my last one. Go through that bead and my edge is complete. What you would want to do now is you just want a tie this thread off the way you with any other bead weaving project and just incorporate tail back into your weaving. And that's how you add a decorative edge. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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