How to Do a Cellini Spiral in Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to do a Cellini Spiral. This is a bead weaving stitch that is a tubular peyote stitch with various sizes of beads in a spiral pattern. This is a wonderful way to expand your bead weaving knowledge with endless color combinations.
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Hi, this is Kat with and examples and this is the exact same leave in this one here I've used slightly larger beads as my outer bead and in this one I've used slightly smaller beads so it gives it that little smaller shape now you can see as I hold these in my hands they're a little flexible which makes them really nice bangles to sort of finish off really beautiful so I'm going to show you how to do that in this video here so to complete this I'm going to be using the fire line in the smoke color just so you can see it today but we also offer Crystal colors you can match it to the beads so that you don't see it and these two these are both crystal I have a size twelve beading needle and I already have my thread attached so for my beads today I'm going to be doing this pattern so I have six oh eight oh two colors of eleven oh and fifteen oh and these are all Toho seed beads and I've chosen a variety of colors here just to show you how easy the pattern is to develop so let's go ahead and get started alright so like I said I already have my thread and needle and you will need a lot of thread to complete this project so go ahead and just use as much as you are comfortable working with so to get started what I'm going to do and you can see it here in this pattern I have one row of each of the colors until I get to those inner rows and there's two and that's just to give it that little extra Bend that I wanted so for each row you're going to pick up two seed beads so again like I said I'm going to have two rows of my eleven OC beads which means I'm going to pick up four I'm sorry fifty knows these are the little itty bitty guys so on my needle so far I have 450 Oh beads now I'm going to pick up two of my blue eleven oohs two of my silver eleven oohs - yellow a toe and two red six oh so this is what I have on my needle so far I'm going to go ahead and slide that down and now I'm going to reverse the pattern however I don't need to pick up more red beads so I'm just going to reverse it and start with the two yellow beads my eight oh my eleven OHS and I've already gotten my four rows of the white the fifty nose so this is what your pattern should look like before you do anything else so make sure you have a matching pattern and we'll continue so go ahead and pull that down towards the end of your thread now I do recommend leaving a good-sized tail when you're beginning this because you'll need to use the tail to join the two ends when you come to the end of your bead waving so make sure you leave a nice long tail for yourself go ahead and tie an overhand knot and make sure it slides down right and between your two beads right there and you're going to tie a double knot just by tying another overhand knot and again making sure that it comes down and sits right in between those two beads just like so so now you're working with this okay so go ahead and pick that up and hold it in your fingers and just sort of get that tail out of the way for yourself now I'm going to take my needle and I'm going to go through the first white seed bead here so now I'm coming out of that first seed bead just like so so go ahead oh I'm sorry you're actually going to go through those first two white seed be so make sure that you have your tail coming out the two seed beads here and your needle coming out these two seed beads okay don't want confusing I'm sorry so now go ahead and pick up one white seed bead on your needle you're going to skip the next white seed bead and go into that third one right there so what you're going to end up with is it's going to sort of sit on top of that first bead there and I'm coming out of a 15l white so I'm going to pick up another white seed bead going to skip the blue bead and go into the second blue bead there and if you've done peyote you'll start to see how this is the same so coming out of a blue bead picking up a blue bead skipping a silver bead and going into that next silver bead and you're just going to continue this around coming out of a silver picking up a silver skipping over that yellow going into that next yellow and you just want to hold it rather gently in your finger so that you can start to see and they'll start to pop up as we move forward so I'm just going to move a little bit faster here but you'll start to understand the pattern and as you can see it starts to like I said you know want to close up on you and that's okay because that's what we want we want that spiral to start happening and whichever color bead you're coming out of is the color bead that you're going to be picking up so if you ever lose your pattern in here just remember that and you'll be right on track so like I said coming out of a silver picking up a silver skipping the next one going into that next blue bead so we're coming around to our join here again blue bead skipping over that white bead and going into that next white bead right there now here is where you're going to step up your work so I'm coming out of this white seed bead right here I'm going to step up without adding another bead and go into that next white bead that's right there and now I'm ready to begin a whole new row okay so picking up a white bead skipping over going into that next one coming out of a white skipping over going into that next blue bead and you'll start to see how it's starting to pull together a little bit so I'm going to do a few more of these real quick just to continue and show you and again if you ever lose your pattern it is whatever color bead you are coming out of okay and again coming back around get my tail out of the way here there we go pull it down through so I'm coming around to that blue bead again you can see right there blue bead skipping over going into that one bead and you can actually do this in two steps or you can just go right into that second white seed bead right there so I'm going to do a few more rows really quickly and then I'll be back to show you how it starts to develop so just keep on bead weaving and I will be right back so as you can see it's developing really nice here so I'm going to do one more row just to show you guys now I want you to notice that it has gotten easier for me to see the pattern because it's set up a little bit nicer so just when you are doing those first few rows just be patient that is the best way to sort of get through that because once you get this portion done it's really nice and simple so again just keep following the pattern of whatever bead you're coming out of is whatever bead you are picking up and as you can see those nice notches are starting to lay really nice you'll want to keep good tension so what you're going to want to do is hold your tension fairly tight but notice that as you continue your length you're going to want to let up in certain areas so that it has that nice circular Bend so just be aware of your tension as you're going through now this is that last blue bead that I want to show you I'm coming out of the blue bead I have a blue bead on my needle I'm going to skip this white bead and go into the next two white beads all in one step see that so now I don't have to worry about that extra step up step because I already did it when I added that blue bead so now I'm ready to continue my next row so there you go that is how to do the shalini spiral I just did a little portion of it for you here these full tutorials are available at so you can buy these exact color patterns and color ways you can also choose from our various colors of Toho beads and design your own pattern I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more at you

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