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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to do two drop even count flat peyote stitch for bead weaving and this is an example of a bracelet that Kat did for our free projects on our website and it's using the two drop peyote as opposed to the one drop here's a bracelet that I did that uses one drop and you can see with the diagonal lines that it has one bead per stitch and in this one each little group of beads each little different colored group is two beads and that in one stitch so each stitch in two drop peyote is going to use two beads instead of one and if you're familiar with how to do a regular one drop peyote then this will be very simple. It's just gonna be having an extra bead I'm going to put a stopper bead on our thread or you can also use a bead stopper whichever you prefer and I've just got a few different colors of beads here to just to show a little more clearly the difference between the rows. So anytime you're starting peyote stitch when you're gonna go ahead and start here even count you're going to be adding your first two rows so I'm going to alternate the colors every other set of two beads here and when you're doing even count peyote you need to make sure that you add an even number of beads. When you're doing even count two drop peyote you need to make sure that your number of beads is an even number of pairs. It actually needs to be divisible by four because two pairs is going to be two stitches so I'm gonna go ahead and do mine with 12 beads so that that's 6 pairs of bead so I'm going to just like with regular flat even count peyote stitch we're just going to go ahead and pick up the beads for our first stitch in our third row but every time you're going to pick up two beads and then instead of skipping over one you're going to skip over two and then you'll go through the next two, pick up two beads skip two beads and go through the next two you'll continue along to the end of your row skipping two beads adding two and I'm going through two just like that, then you gonna turn and do row four so again you pick up two beads skip two and go through two pick up two skip two and go through two just going to continue until you have your piece as long as you like it so just do just a couple a couple more so that you can to see the way it looks and of course you can pick all the same color, you can pick a nice color, mix like she did with this bracelet the two drop is going to work up a little bit faster than the regular peyote and it's also going to change the appearance so you're going to get a little bit of a different look to it and if you are going to be doing like a pattern or an image in your peyote pattern then it can be an interesting way to change the angles of the lines that you get its gonna give you a more severe diagonal okay you can kind of see the way that that's gonna look again if you use beads that don't have such a high contrast it does give it a different look. That's how you do two drop peyote stitch. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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