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Hi! This Megan with and I'm going to show you how to attach one of these new TierraCast ribbon ends findings to a piece of peyote stitch bead weaving these are really handy and you can use them with ribbon such as the name would suggest you could use them with leather, faux leather but I want to use them with bead weaving. So I've got a piece of even count peyote and I've used size 11/0 delicas and I have ten beads wide I basically just held it up when I was stringing it to see how many beads would fit across the opening and what I'm going to do to attach this and make a really cool and different way to attach my clasp to finish my bead weaving I'm just going to when I finish my length on the weaving I'm going to weave my thread and my needle attached. Tied it off and just pull its through the wider loop now with peyote stitch you have I a high bead and a low bead alternating and you also have this little layered brick pattern happening in the rest of it. So what you can do is actually fit this last row into the recesses where the beads meet here so when you have two ends of peyote stitch that you can zip up like that. We're kind of going to do something similar but we're going to fit it into the ridges between the rows overlap a little bit you can see if you do it right here it's going to be kind of snug or you can do it more loosely, depends on preference where you want it to be. I'm going to overlap it about a quarter of an inch maybe just slightly more and then you're going to go into the bead weaving and what you want to do is you want to line up your first high bead between two beads in that same row it's in and then you're going to go into the bead next to that you basically just going to do the same thing you do when you zip up two connecting pieces. Go through a bead in the longer piece and then through the end bead. Through a bead in the back bead piece through an end bead and just match them right up and you wanna make sure that you're going through the same row on the back piece, the whole way across to keep the seam straight and you'll be able to tell how it fits in there don't worry about pulling it too tight right now, you can get the thread through where it's trying to go and then pull it snug finish off with the last bead on the end piece and then pull that tight and it's not going to be a seamless connection like it would be when you zip the ends of peyote together but it is going to fit right in there and be a secure connection and all you do then is just tie off and weave in your thread like you do with any bead weaving. You could see on the front side now you have this really nice clean way to end your weaving and you can just use a jump ring and attach a clasp a right to the ribbon end. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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