How to Attach TierraCast End Bars, E-Hooks and Z-hooks to Leather and Alternative Cords

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Designer: Tracy Proctor
In this video, Tracy Gonzales from TierraCast shows you how to attach TierraCast End Bars, E-Hooks and Z-Hooks to leather or leather alternative cord using compression rivets. This is a quick and easy cold connection method that gives a fantastic finish to any 10mm flat cord, including the Regaliz line of flat cork cord available from Beadaholique. For more information on working with Regaliz and other leather alternatives, view our Regaliz Product Guide.
Audio Transcript
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Hi everyone this is Tracy Gonzales with TierraCast and I'm here at to show you how to use our rivets to attach a flat cork, rubber or other strap to TierraCast strap bars or closer hooks made for straps like our Z hooks and E hooks it's pretty easy, just thread the strap through the opening of whatever it is you're attaching whether it's the strap bar or the hook and fold it over in the back 5/8 inch to 3/4 of an inch and make a hole with your hole punching pliers With Z hook you wanna make that hole about a half an inch back from the folded edge of the strap and that's because when you make the loop on the other side you want that loop to be big enough to be able to manipulate your hook so go about half an inch back make a hole through both layers. Put the rivet post through the back side of the strap and the rivet cap on the top set the whole thing onto your bench block put the rivet setter over the top and whack it with a hammer until it's set and pull up on that little bit to make sure it's set and it's good now if I'm was to make my hook on the other side again I want that loop to be big enough to be able to manipulate on the hook. If you're using an end bar, you don't need to make your hole that far back. You can attach it quite close to the bar itself if you wanted and this can also be done with six millimeter rivets if you're working with much thicker material or even with the eyelets and washers and there are videos available in the library giving you more information on riveting and eyeleting and again this is Tracy Gonzalez from TierraCast, guest designer for showing you how to cold connect to your TierraCast end bars and closer hooks with compression rivets. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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