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Hi, this is Kat with and today I want to show you how to attach a chain to a strip of peyote bead weaving and we're gonna attach it to the side right along just like that and I'm gonna show you how to do that in this video so for this I just mocked up a little scrap piece of peyote just to help show you and I'm using size 10/0 Miyuki Delicas you can also do this with the other sizes of Miyukis. I just wanted to use the 10/0 size to be able to show you. I thing you'll be able to see it a little bit easier and the video demonstration here and then using a fire line in the crystal color but again we also carry the smoke color as well on our website so it really just depends of the color beads and the color chain you'll be using for your particular project. As I mentioned I just mocked up a quick strip of 10/0 Miyuki Delica peyote stitch and this is even count but this will also work for an odd count if you wanna do that as well depending on your pattern and then here is my chain and it's just a flat curb chain and then we're just going to stitch it on and as you can see I've left my needle and thread on and I've just stitched my last row here and I'm coming out of this bead and if you don't already have it attached to start, if you need to add more thread go ahead and do that we actually have a video showing you how to do the even count peyote and also the ood count peyote. We also have a separate video showing you how to tie off and weave in and add new thread so if you wanna watch those and come back to that, this might be a good time to do that but assuming you know I'll just continue on. What we're gonna do is we're going to basically make a whip stitch around the chain so we're gonna pick up our chain and I'm gonna go through the first chain link and I'm gonna come through this first thread bridge right there. You see where my needle is? You're gonna go through and pull it all the way up. Again like I said these first few stitches tend to be a little finicky anytime your doing bead weaving. Now you're gonna go through the second chain and you're gonna come back through underneath and you're gonna catch this second thread bridge right here and pull through and with the curb chain here you'll just need to just pull it snug you see hoe that's starting to lay a little bit. Continue with our needle go through the third chain link right there and we're going to come back through the next thread bridge. Make sure to catch with your needle. Pull tight I'll do a few more just to keep showing you. Go through the chain and then back through the thread bridge right there now this technique will work with various sizes of chain and beads. I got lucky with this chain and bead size because I can hit every thread bridge as I weave through. If that's not the case, you can skip various thread bridges, you can skip chain links whatever your specific size is necessary for on your chain so I'll do a few more just to show you the end result here through the chain, back through the thread bridge through the chain back to the thread bridge. Okay so as you get to the end here you can decide the length of your chain prior or you can just cut it off now using your flush cutters but the great thing about this is that it creates a pretty strong bond even just doing the whip stitch once. You could always go back and whip stitch again just for extra security depending on the chain and your desired effect but I think it's a really great little technique. You can use it on both sides of the peyote since both sides will have those little thread bridge for you but it is just a basic whip stitch and then again when you get to the end here you'll just wanna weave in and tie off your thread. So there you have it that's how to add chain to your peyote bead weaving Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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