Beadaholique Live Class: Wedding Jewelry Trends 2019

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In this live class event, join Beadaholique designers Kat Silvia and Alexandra Smith as they share their tips for creating the perfect DIY wedding accessories. You'll also see several quick and easy project that require very basic tools, perfect for beginners.
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hi everyone it is cat Silvia and today I am joined by Alexandra Smith hello welcome back and we are talking all about wedding jewelry and more specifically some wedding trends that we've been seeing this season so we're going to talk about all kinds of different ways which you can DIY some jewelry some accessories and even down to some gifts for your guests so we have a lot to talk about today we're going to be making some projects some nice and easy projects so especially if you're not a jewelry maker but you kind of want a DIY for your wedding we're going to show you some really simple projects that you actually don't need a lot of tools for so this is a great basic introduction to that so thanks so much for joining me Alexandra it should be here thank you thank you so we didn't want to start so actually so I want to start by the giveaway so every time that we do one of these great life classes we always have a great giveaway so for this week we are doing a couple of kits because again I wanted to make it really nice and easy for you guys so these do you require just some basic tools some flush cutters some round nose pliers and chain nose pliers so really really basic and simple so we have the modern elegance jewelry set and you can see here you're going to get some beautiful Swarovski crystals and those are going to be set into some Gita findings and you're gonna get a pair of earrings and a necklace they're lovely gorgeous and crystal and gold and then over here we wanted to do the lovely earring trio and these feature the Swarovski crystals and frosty crystal pearls so you're gonna actually get three pairs of color-coordinated earrings that are going to look great together so let's say you might have some bridesmaids so this is a great little thing for them or this these little pearls could be you or something blue so you're gonna get both of these kits and all you need to do to win this giveaway is just leave a comment leave a question let us know where you're tuning in from also you know if you're interested in learning more let us know but any comment in the comments below will enter you to win this great giveaway and we'll announce the winner live here when we are at the end yessuh thank you so much for joining us guys we have Bryan behind the camera there he is going to be feeding us questions so if you guys do have questions please just type them in the comments and we're here for you so yeah all right so actually let's just dive in let's just get started on making some projects yeah yeah I like it all right so I'm gonna be making the timeless elegance earrings here and these are just so beautiful they feature a lovely little Swarovski crystal and this down here is from tierracast and it already comes preset into that finding so this is super duper easy and I love this little Nunn design earring hook it's just nice and long and elegant so this is going to be if you're maybe doing it maybe a more vintage style maybe you've got like the 20s going on we have that little kind of nod to the Art Deco down here so this is the gold version and as you can see on my little table here I'm actually going to be doing a silver version because gold silver it's just entirely up to you you know I know some people like to mix and match the metals you can absolutely do that as well but I'm going to go ahead and show you the silver version I think it'll show up nicely here on the black for you so I have some of those little bead caps here now these are super cute and they're really nice and tiny so they don't detract from the pearl and then instead of using a white pearl today I'm going to be using the Swarovski Tahitian look pearl this is a beautiful rich dark teal color and I think it's gonna make a really nice little pop now let's say you were a bride you wanted to do the silver version in the white you could then also do the silver version in your coordinated wedding color for your bridesmaids you can all wear the same design just have a little pop of color so alright so this is going to be so easy so I'm gonna take one of my eye pins here and how long are those these are a two inch eye pin okay and I recommend using either a 21 or a 22 gauge for this because you're going to be doing a simple wire loop so very easy I'm just gonna take one of my bead caps here and string it down so that it is sort of facing up the cup is up and then I'm gonna take my pearl and go ahead and string that slide that all the way down and then with the cup side facing down just to frame that I'm just gonna set it in just like so so we have our nice little pearl all set to go now the way that the pendant works and the way the earring hook is facing I want to make sure that when I do my simple wire loop I'm gonna do it perpendicular to the loop on the bottom so that my earring sits the right way so I'm gonna come in with some round nose pliers and these are just very traditional these are the Tronics but you can use any round nose pliers for these and then I'm gonna come in and again I want to make sure that I have it twisted so that I make that loop perpendicular so I'm just going to bend it back and then wrap that up and over the top of my round nose pliers I'm gonna move my pliers up towards the top and bring that little wire right all the way across and I can just remove my round nose pliers come in with my flush cutters and snip off that excess wire and now while I'm here I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers and I'm gonna give that loop a little gentle twist open and I'm going to loop on my little pendant there to the bottom come in again with those chain nose pliers and just sort of twist it to close it up make sure everything is nice and set there all right and again I'm just going to kind of make sure that my loops are facing the right way so the last thing I need to do is attach my earring hook so again I'm just going to come to the top of that loop and give it a little twist to open it slip on my earring hook and come in again with my chain nose pliers and just close that up making sure it is nice and secure we don't want to lose our earring but that is the beautiful silver version with that Tahitian look pearl so you can just see side by side very simple design but really easy to customize so you have the silver version and the gold version which you can make and then you can choose the color of your pearl and pearls you know they tend to be pretty traditional when you talking about bridal jewelry but you can also replace that with a crystal or a gemstone whatever round bead that you like that you really are connected with and you want to wear for your wedding very so very very simple okay so I do have another pearl earring that I'm gonna show you guys here so this is a little nice little classic drop and you can see that my pearl shape is a little bit different it's gonna be a little bit more of that teardrop shape no are those freshwater pearls these are actually still Swarovski pearl need to look a little bit warped almost natural yeah and you know I kind of like that look I think it's you know it's a little bit not less polished it's a little bit kind of more natural looking so if you want to still say traditional with pearls you can kind of have that nice little vibe happening there so I'm going to do a wrapped wire loop with these ones here so you can see my design here I used two little bead caps there and then a crystal but I'm gonna do a version where I use a blue crystal and this is that majestic blue color so you'll be able to see that once I pick it up I know it's dark on the black that I I have here as my bead mat so for this I'm going to be using a head pin so it has that nice little end piece at the end so it doesn't have that loop like the eye pin does so I'm going to be using a three inch head pin and this is just gonna give me a lot of extra room to complete that wrap you will have extra wire left over but if you're trying to grip it it'll be a lot easier if you just have a little bit of a longer head pin all right so really simply I'm just gonna string on my pearl and slide that all the way down to the bottom and I'm gonna put that larger end down because we're working our way up here and then these tiny little bead caps I'm gonna put one facing down and then I'm gonna flip the other one to kind of give it this almost a little collar like effect so I have one facing down and then one facing up so that next bead I'm gonna string on is going to be my little tiny crystal and this is that majestic blue and hopefully you can see it maybe I'll show it on the back of my hand it's just a really beautiful blue color it's so rich and vibrant and this could be your little I need something blue all right so we're gonna use our round nose pliers again and this time you don't need to worry about making it face any particular direction because this is a 360 design so what you're gonna want to do is take your round nose pliers and we want to leave a little room for a wrap at the top so we're just gonna move up even less than like a quarter of an inch we're talking just a few millimeters so I want to leave that extra space when I bend my wire back and then I'm gonna wrap it up and over at the top of my chain nose pliers just as we did before I'm gonna rotate my pliers to be up near the top and then bring that wire across and then I'm gonna wrap it around and you can see this is where you want that extra wire to grip there we go so wrap it all the way around and I want a nice little double wrap there that looks like a thicker wire gauge with ease this is the 21 gauge mm-hmm you can use a 22 as well it actually might make your wrap a little bit easier so if you're brand new to this I recommend going with a 22 you can absolutely use a 21 it just is you know sometimes just what you have on hand so you can see in my loop is not quite finished there so I'm just gonna come in with my chain nose pliers and give that a little squeeze and just tuck that guy in right under there for a nice little finished look alright and then the last thing I want to do is I'm just gonna open up my lever back here and I'm gonna slide that up and over the top and allow that to sit down there and it is all set to go so now you can see kind of side by side again this is a great chance to make them really special for your bridesmaids so let's say you you know ahead your bridesmaids and you wanted that crystal to be pink but you wanted yours to be clear you can do that as well and you can also change out that color of pearl so really simple jewelry guys and this is again just very simple tools you can see my tools that I kind of have set up over here I have my round nose pliers I have some bent chain nose pliers these are always helpful to have on hand but you don't need them these are some chain nose pliers and some cutters we also sell some great tool kits so if you guys want to kind of have a little party with your bridesmaids and make all kinds of jewelry so these are some great tools and we have some great tools listed as well and I know Brian's gonna provide some of those links for you down below so just two nice easy projects here some nice little earrings featuring some of those Swarovski pearls and very simple loops so I know you know yeah I'm full jewelry can you tell us a bit about what's in front of you here because I'll have a little little project to do with these and I want you to tell us about the Ikeda design sure so Gaeta is this beautiful jewelry line that we have here at and you can shop the entire line you can actually shop by brand and its really wonderful and they are designed to fit Sourav ski crystals and these that I these beautiful crystals that I have in front of me here you'll notice that they're not beads because they don't have a hole so they're considered fancy stones so these type of stones are made to be set into nice little prong settings and I have a very simple pair of earrings here and you can see that it's just that beautiful crystal set into that little setting with those little prongs and this you actually don't need any tools for the only tool you need is a popsicle stick which is fantastic so if you didn't want to buy a whole bunch of tools just to make a couple of quick things for your wedding but still want to look fantastic this is a great way to do it and I'm gonna be showing you guys some different color mixing and matching here but before we get into that I know that you have a Ghita project a very simple pair of earrings so actually let's start off with that for today you know there's different styles of settings you can get and for instance these posts come already with the little crystal embedded there and so what I'm gonna do is add a beautiful pink fancy stone in there just by setting it in and with the quintessential popsicle stick I'm gonna get a good grip from behind and gently fold in one problem I'm doing one side there I'm gonna turn it and get the opposite one from it to balance that out so it doesn't slip sideways me so you you what are the numbers you said on the clock 10 oh I know I twelve six nine and three right you just kind of work your way around diagonally to get a good grip on that no glue at all and much I love I love that I love that you don't need any glue so if you get impressed in gently then you can go back and get a bit of a more firm press on there and you don't want to use pliers because it might scratch the metal so that's hence the popsicle stick yeah and it could scratch the crystal as well so you want to be be careful it's so horrible pop of color which I love that pink so that's the silver version of this same one in gold yeah so that gold features the crystal paradise shine which is just if there's you too volatile there so you get it yes you get kind of a lot of colors going on in there yeah but yeah so it comes in silver and gold which I love so again it's a great chance to personalize yeah yeah so also over here we've got the pinch bails which some of you may already be familiar with but again talk about simple and again with the Tahitian look pearls which go with my outfit I tend to pick beads that go to my outfit so I'm going to simply pull gently apart enough so that the bead which is 10 millimeter right and then it's gonna slip in there get both holes filled up with those little prongs and that's that and then with just a couple pliers I'm gonna take my earring hook and gently open it to the side slide that earring on and close it up very simple elegant really high-end looking clean lovely so those come in other styles as well these sort of coiled helix shapes and beautiful heart yeah and then is actually a gemstones another yeah that's another chance too you know it doesn't always have to be pearls or crystals it can be gemstones or just any other bead that you have there but 10-millimeter tends to be a really good standard size to use women on the minge metals and the rounds can be faceted this is a faceted crystal bead that catches the light I love this pearlescent white to not really contrast so nicely with the metals so I was just noticing that all this were Asti pearl especially but also the crystal has so many different tones our website with all of them in a really easy way to filter by color and size and if you're looking to coordinate with fabrics for occasions like this it's just such an ideal way to shop and DIY your own stuff yeah and one of the one of the biggest trends that I was noticing with just weddings and wedding jewelry is you're getting a lot of texture especially there's generally a lot of beading or there's a lot of lace involved and you know a lot of people are wearing things that have a lot of texture so they want to go more simple with the jewelry so a nice simple clean pearl I love that little drop with the pinch bail it's just nice and clean it doesn't add anything extra but it provides a nice little finished look so I love that there are two words that come to mind simple simple because weddings can get very complicated in a stressful time so I love being here and offering such easy ways of putting things together yeah well and you know I I got together with my bridesmaids and we you know I taught them how to make jewelry together and it was fun and they all kind of made their own earrings and necklaces for because we had a like a Bachelorette so we all had like pink necklaces it was really adorable and then we did I I taught them how to make their bridal earrings out of some great gemstone chain which is really nice because it comes pre finished so yeah so there's all kinds of different styles when it comes to wedding you can go very traditional and we actually have some pieces here I'm going to kind of walk you through some of the different styles that we have so over here you'll notice we have this lovely pair of earrings and again this is that beautiful Gita setting so you can see that it works for some lovely teardrops and we have nice leverbacks here as well so this is a beautiful earring set with crystal and then we have one of the Swarovski gluon fancy stones there with that beautiful teardrop as well and then I think one of the trends that we're still seeing in not only fashion but in wedding as well is the layered look so we have that little sterling silver love necklace at the very top they're just beautiful one of the other trends is we're seeing a lot of natural things like I said there's lots of natural fabrics people are still going green with their weddings so we have some beautiful gemstones here if you want to kind of incorporate that into your Bridal look these are some beautiful white howlite and those are just those little cute little wire wraps there and it's just placed onto a mint design teardrop frame there so you have a nice little nice little movement that does kind of give a little bit of that texture that I was talking about so if you wanted to bring that into your jewelry there as well so this is actually this I love this pair of earrings this features at these Swarovski crystal fine rocks tubes and these are just so cool and talk about the sparkle I mean you just can't get any sparkly er than that but this is a very modern design very sleek it almost has a little bit of a nod to a deco feel but I just I just love that the crystal just lights up and this is the crystal moon light so you're gonna catch a lot of that beautiful light in there and then as you're kind of thinking about you know your wedding accessories don't forget about your hair accessories as well so we have a couple of different sort of headbands you know in the recent years of the royal weddings we've seen a huge uptick in brides wearing tiaras or you know very beautiful sparkling head pieces so this is the natural frame of one of our headbands that we sell here and this is I did a video for this actually this is Swarovski crystal cup chain and all it is guys is it's a chain that comes just like this and you just simply glue it to the top with a little east six-thousand very simple but this in a store I can't even imagine how expensive this would be you know anytime you go to some of those bridal shops I'm just I am floored by the price so if you can DIY something like this I don't see why you wouldn't think so that is that is a great little thing there so that involves glue and then I also have a couple of other pieces here now these this uses a little bit of wire wrapping so no glue here but these are Swarovski crystals wrapped on two and you can see I have a gold version up here as well this is also a great little thing for prom but I made this one here and it has two different sizes with a little pop of color I thought this might be very sweet for maybe a young flower girl so the round crystals what sizes are you using yeah so this one here this is a four and an eight and this one here is an eight so just beautiful beautiful and you can use tiny little crystals you can use bigger crystals you can do it with pearls as well you can create a nice little halo of pearls so lots to do there with some accessories and speaking of pearls we have these lovely little these are like hair pins here and they have the little loops at the top there so you can add these are just some like little dangling pearls and what's really nice is if you create a whole bunch of these and set them into an updo it's just gonna create a beautiful effect of just these little pearls just kind of cascading in your hair I just love that you tuned and for a little bit more of a vintage style we have some antique brass pieces here now you can also glue flatbacks on to here or you can just use them as is just for a little extra Flair in the hair and then we have down here and these are really sweet it's a little something blue and a friend of mine got married and she had all kinds of white flowers on her hair that were very natural and then she had one tiny little blue flower in the back of her hair and it was just so sweet so I was inspired to to make these I may have a nice little Swarovski crystal pearl sent into the into the center of it okay the rest of it is it metal yeah it's actually aluminum so it's nice and lightweight yeah but the last in the hair and they'll put up with the hairspray so you're all set to go yeah I know I needed some extra shellac Kathy and halfway through the day you know the dancing and everything but alright and then just as we're kind of continuing to talk a little bit about some of the bridesmaids jewelry I just want to point out a couple of pieces that we have here this is a nice little set and art designer Julie made this in a video so this features some lavender pearls but this is a nice little sterling silver set it's gonna just be really beautiful and then we also have some fun little charms as you can see we have our little bridesmaid charm here and this comes in bride maid of honor matron of honor mother of the groom and mother of the bride next dangle right with the pearl leave exactly and that's a nice little maybe gift I know many brides will give gifts to their bridal party so that's just a nice little one and then also don't forget if you're creating a nice little piece we do have some year charms so I brought out the 20:19 we also do have 20 20 if you're looking ahead um so that's there as well all right and one of the last things I want to point out to you guys here and you can see I have a white version and a blue version there and that is the same earring it's a little bit more bead woven so if you do want to get a little fancy and take some time with it this is a great earring we do have a full video showing you how to do that so if you're like wait how does I put together we have brick stitch yeah then a circular brick stitch and that features the check last true twos so they're just really sweet and sparkling wonderful is it with fireline thread mhm I used fire line for that I think it creates a nice little image there cuz you don't actually really see the thread but you know it's a nice thin thread to use for them so yeah and then of course you can see some of those other Gaeta findings down there as well and just some sort some other Swarovski crystals so very very lovely so speaking of some more of the kita stuff I'm gonna start talking about what I what I touched on a little bit earlier here but before I do I want to remind you guys that we do have a giveaway going on today we are going to be giving away two of our beautiful kits now you're gonna see some of the Gaeta stuff and you actually saw Alexandra use a little bit of it so this uses some of those key to finding so you're going to get a nice pair of leverback earrings and a necklace and this comes with a popsicle stick you'll still need some basic tools to help with that chain and those jump rings but this will give you that popsicle stick to raise the jewelry who weren't in earlier explain the popsicle stick alright I I am so glad you said yeah so I'm gonna show you guys Alexandre use it I'm gonna show you what I mean when we get into talking about the prong settings here so you'll actually kind of get to see this in action yeah oh absolutely yeah because like because honestly I think the key descent settings are so fantastic for weddings I wish I had them when I got married yeah so then we also have this kit here and this feature is the lovely earring trio again with those Swarovski crystals and Sawatzky crystal pearls so all you need to do to win this is just leave a comment below and we are going to announce our winner live here in just a little bit so go ahead and get your comments in and stay tuned all right so that's our giveaway all right so back to those Gaeta settings so let's see this is what I mean I I literally mean a popsicle stick because it's so easy so all you need to do is just take the popsicle stick and once you have it set in there you're just rolling it over the top to set those settings and what's really nice is the metal is nice and strong but it is pliable enough to actually bend it over the stone and by using that popsicle stick you're not hurting that metal and you're not hurting your crystal that you've spent money on you know you want to keep everything shiny and beautiful so you want to just roll it over the top and it's that easy so when we talk about this I want to show you guys just you know kind of some different things especially when it comes to choosing at the color of crystal now I brought out these little earring findings here and they actually have little crystals embedded around them yeah those are just like the ring that you're wearing today which is so beautifu Sall so does come in gold as well so this is a light sapphire shimmer cushion stone and i you know like alexander was saying earlier all of the Gaeta settings we've made it so easy so you guys can match the exact size so there's no guesswork so you know it's gonna fit in here but this would be a nice little set here if you wanted to create that and you know if you're a bride and you just want to go crystal and silver go for it and this is kind of just sort of what that would look like here it looks expensive it's right I'm just saying like in a store this is six yeah and and then you still get to have the beautiful quality of the Swarovski crystals oh we have a question so our question is if you didn't want to use a popsicle stick would you want to use like a flat nose plier so here's what I'm gonna say about this guys this is metal this is metal there's a chance that you could scratch it now here's an extra little trick if you want to do this and you can see that I'm using the tronex pliers here you can try to use this side of your plier to use it to roll it over that way you have it protected here but we do sell the popsicle sticks and there you can find them at any craft store any drugstore so this is just great it's just a nice easy tool the reason we don't recommend trying to use your pliers to either bend it or anything is because if it slips you might scratch your metal and then you know if your I was like gonna say if your crystals scratched it's just it's just kind of a bummer so you know we do have other setting tools as well that you can use and that's one of the tools and I'm sorry I didn't bring them out here today but as you can see with these guys I did a video showing you how to set these and this actually uses a prong setter so it's more of like a stamp that helps you stamp them in there and that's nice and protected because it has a well that protects that crystal so we do have specialized tools to do this but if you guys are just looking for a quick and easy type of thing not wanting to invest in tools that you might have sitting around for awhile we recommend the popsicle stick now I know there are also pliers that actually have plastic covering or edges to them also but not all of us have those so right and you and you absolutely could use that there's nothing saying that you can't I just would hate to have you wreck a crystal or rekha finding you know on something like that when you could just very easily use a popsicle stick also there's something about for me personally the grip of the popsicle stick it just grips better in my hand I feel like I have just more control over it than I do sometimes trying to you know work with like that the tip of the plier it's just there's too much movement going on I know that's kind of a maybe that's a silly thing but sure many other household items I'm even thinking of a toothbrush you know whatever you get a grip on that's not gonna scratch your items yeah and like I said it's just we recommend this cuz it doesn't scratch yeah some but very good question though very very good question so going back to some of the other colors and let's say you're going to a wedding you know you could be a guest at a wedding that's coming up and you're like oh no what do I wear you know we have some great colors here and the color of the year is actually called living coral and just look at how beautiful that is just set in there I just love that it's a nice vibrant color and you know it could match a bridesmaids of course but it could match your outfit as well but then not detract from anything that's going on at the wedding I know we all don't want to take away from the bride and you know so you have the option to do things like that and you know we have a beautiful purple here as well this is that tanzanite color and again you just see that nice sparkle of the Swarovski crystal and this really is creating just some wonderful wonderful pieces that you can have it just as part of your collection here now one of the other colors I want to use and I'm going to show it off with the silver this is a beautiful opal color and it's that beautiful and it's just pink but it's very subtle cuz don't forget you know when it comes to weddings it's not just the wedding it's the engagement party it's the rehearsal dinner it's the bridal shower it's you know the or the wedding shower you know if you want to get the men involved but you know there are so many offenses that surround a wedding but you know you probably need a few different pieces of jewelry and then you know you might want to save the big wow crystals for the big day but you might you know want to wear a light pink dress to your shower and that's great little thing to to kind of still have where it's subtle but pretty and it's just nice and finished and then speaking of you know kind of doing some I'm gonna do a little designing here I'm gonna kind of just show you guys some fun stuff and this is this is just kind of showing off the fun of the Gita which I love all right so I'm gonna just set all crystals into this one here now that necklace item when you go to the listing on our website it will tell you what size stone you need and do you remember what size that's are off him absolutely these are size 12 Ridley's so these are 12 millimeter Rivoli stones and again when we're talking about the stones they're they're not drilled with holes or anything like that so you're you're good to just kind of set them in and you can see that I'm just kind of setting them in and that's a great thing as you can set them into the cups without actually bending the prongs so just to kind of see how it's looking if you like the style and then this is a great way to possibly dress something up for your bridesmaids so let's say this is our bride and now this is our bridesmaid and that teal is your wedding color or let's say perhaps they're wearing a coral color or a pink so you can kind of coordinate all that together and make a really nice little Sun right in the center yeah I want to see this so this is so this coral is actually one of the cushion stones but just you can kind of see that color but look how look how beautiful that is it's just so unique so no fun to play with all those colors absolutely and I mean you know you don't have to do crystal let's take those guys out I'm gonna put that blue one back in but let's say you wanted to add a different kind of a blue there and just make it something completely different and then you know this is great if you're having like a little beachy wedding and you want some great beachy colors but you don't want to have you know you don't want to do anything that is like you know sand or something you know you can have some of those kind of tropical colors or if you're doing a destination wedding you can do that and then going back over here to our bride let's say you want to add your little something blue in the center and you can have that nice little sort of blue solitaire look you know with your crystals and that could be what you we're and I have another Geeta necklace over here and you haven't new thinking about that one so so this is actually that cushion stone so it's gonna be that more square shape just like that and what we've done here is we've added a couple little extra bicone so you can embellish this as much as you want or you can just leave it as a nice little single solitaire so beautiful yeah yeah like like I've been saying I love the Geeta jewelry it's a nice sort of finished piece you know we have some other pieces over here this is a nice little Geeta setting here at the top featuring one of our brand-new colors that is the Laguna and just below it you see how a Marie and sparkly these little clusters are so this is a little bit more of a heightened design but I would you know what I would wear this to to a wedding I think it's just a beautiful design and it's very it's very beachy so you know speaking of that we have some other jewelry over here where we're using some of the acetate pieces now this is designed to look like mother-of-pearl but it's actually a nice lightweight resin so this is great and I wanted to put it on some earring posts here because again if you're dancing the night away you don't want to lose your earrings happen to me a time or two but these are a great little little way to do that and I'm actually I'm wearing something very similar in a different color there but we have some great sea glass here and then Alexandra do you want to talk a little bit about those crystal bezels that we have going on there these are great here for instance this cabochon which fits in so nicely we've left loose to show you that you can really customize these in ways you might like with photographs if you want to cut out and insert a photograph I used to press flowers when I was younger and you could you know resin those in there if you want to get fancy with it but yeah I just love that edging of the the inlay yeah it's it's creating a beautiful kind of heirloom type of piece it's got that nice little vintage style to it and you can see one of the things here is that we have the bouquet charm and this is just high down there with a ribbon so all that was needed to create this as we chose a cabochon and that beautiful crystal bezel that comes already with those crystals in it which is fantastic and then we just tied it with just a little bit of glue and then you just tied it on to your bouquet with a ribbon so again no tools necessary you just need a little little bit of glue and you can just choose your finish we have that again in silver gold and that antique brass so very beautiful I remember when our designer Rachel put a picture of her parents in there is so sweet and that's that's so nice to do and you know there are so many ways to incorporate family members who can't be with us anymore you know and they can still be part of your wedding you know you can have a photograph of your grandparents or you know maybe a parent that unfortunately couldn't be at the wedding and you know see that way you're still incorporating all of that in there and you're creating a piece that you can keep forever you know you can add a chain to that later and it can be a necklace for yourself and I think that's just it's wonderful because so much of the wedding stuff you want to keep or you want to create a memory box of and that's a great little little thing to have sure know speaking of heirlooms we were talking a little about this earlier pearls I was thinking what is it about pearls and weddings and I brought up the heirloom aspect and that's it yeah what think about I think people you know like I said they like to keep that jewelry sometimes they never wear it again which is a shame but you know a a wedding is generally a very special occasion and you want to keep those pieces and also hand them down I wore my grandmother's sapphire ring on my wedding and that was so wonderful but you know it's and I also I got a string of pearls as well from my grandmother and that was really special to me and it was it meant a lot that I could could wear that because I know she wore it on her wedding day and those just it's just that kind of thing that you know just really makes the day that extra special now we're also thinking of if there are pieces that are worn or need repurposing there are some nice reminding that you can start to do that with you want to show us but yeah so here's here's a great little example of two pairs of earrings now one of them is sterling silver and the other one uses gold filled findings so if you are creating a piece these are gonna have a nice long Gemma T to them but let's say you've gotten a strand of pearls or a pearl something from a family member you can absolutely repurpose them and put them on to some sterling silver findings and that way you're still keeping the beautiful stone that you've received and so that's a great sign as well mm-hmm yep these are sterling silver and these features some of those great little frosty shimmer bicones and I just love these this is it a nice little light something blue but they just shine in the light but I love that it comes with that nice beautiful frame so all you're really doing is just adding on some very nice simple wire loops just to the bottom and to the center there so we have other styles and sizes on our website absolutely and you can use all kinds of different stones pearls bicones this is a great thing to do if you have found stones you know I unfortunately I have boxes of these things and you know if you're just trying to look for a way to repurpose or something and to really show off let's say a beautiful color that's a great way to do that as well now this piece that has the loops on it what what's the key word that you would search to find a finding like that you could use yeah so these are typically considered to be chandelier earrings okay and again you can see that they have a nice little earring at the top but you can make this into a single pendants as yeah so you could actually if you wanted to make a set of earrings and a pendant so just a little a little something extra there if you're more of a necklace person I know we've talked a lot about earrings say I think I just think all Brides would wear some type of earring because they the hair goes up you know but um but yeah you could absolutely do this as a pendant necklace so you just search for a chandelier finding okay so and one other thing I wanted to share in this is just I'm I just love this I just love feeling it it's just so pretty and so luxurious yes I want to touch that I don't so this is actually some finished gemstone chain and this is some beautiful pearl chain here and what I wanted to do with this is just show you how easy you can make a beautiful little bracelet just with tiny little pearls and all you need to do is just add a little magnetic clasp on the back and then it's all done for you and this is a nice little way to just sort of you know again if you're not really into jewelry making but want to make something for your wedding or for your bridesmaids this comes in all kinds of beautiful colors but this pearl is just so beautiful I just love it and so it's been sold by the foot of it yes this is sold by the inch so you can you know so you're not it's not like you're gonna end up with a whole bunch of extra if you know that you need a six inch bracelet or a seven inch bracelet then you would probably get five inches to accommodate another inch for the clasp maybe you know yeah I would always buy an extra inch cuz even when you kind of cut it off here you'd want to make sure that you just have a little bit extra so let's say you wanted to make a six inch bracelet I would order seven inches just to be on the safe side because unfortunately if you'd had to order an extra inch it would come as just a single little inch and you'd have to attach that if you can buy it by the inch what I'm also picturing is an inch of that chain with for instance one of these beautiful swirls maybe was hanging from the bottom yeah so let me see if I can kind of fake that so yeah so let's say you wanted to have a big drop there but you can also do it just on like a little simple wire loop so you can see that and then you can maybe you know have your earring hook just an inch away or so but that would create a really beautiful little cascading look and then you've saved your fingertips all the little wrapped wire loops that they've done for you lovingly yeah so I love that type of work I hope they do too yeah you know it's I commend the people who do this and it's just so beautiful and this could be you know just even a lovely necklace as well sent along for sure yeah so this is a great great thing to have and I just love it it's a penny all right so we're almost done here guys so if you have any more questions I know we've kind of we've talked about a lot of different things but really weddings are so personal you know we still see very beach themed weddings there's very deco themed weddings it's just it's all about you and kind of how you're feeling and you know it's it's probably one of the most personal things that you'll do as a couple and just make it your own and we're here to help if you guys have suggestions or are not quite sure of which color to use or you know if you're trying to let's say we have done wedding classes in the past where someone actually sent me a photo of their bridesmaids dress and said which Swarovski color is this and I was able to help because we there are so many so in case you're worried like Oh which blue is which and this one looks light and so we'll be able to help you guys out with all that kind of stuff so yes you can shop everything you've seen here by heading over to do we have time for one more question I sure oh yeah gorgeous peyote stitch mm-hmm keepsake that you've done and I just want to hear a little bit about that and what your ideas are we're doing that yeah so I just wrapped this little itsy bottle and this is a nun design Etsy bottle and I wanted to make it mm-hmm I wanted to make it a nice little secret bottle you can see that I have the silver one sitting down there in my little box you can see what it looks like without that stitching on it but that I actually just put a little bit of the crystal splash in there so it just looks like a fun little magic potion uh-huh so but can roll up a little scroll and message a message little you know your husband's name something to take with you and so and then um so that you can see that crystal splash on the table there so all that really is is that's just some beautiful loose crystals and I see this as tabletop decor you know on wedding tables and it's just that nice little extra sparkle all right sounds mm-hmm yeah all right Brian do we have a winner we're getting there get your lap comments and there's still a chance so um yeah there anything else that you wanted to to share any and exhibits there are a few more things on this side of the table speaking of a tabletop decor you've got one of these wine yeah some wine charm so you can use your wedding colors with some Swarovski crystals or pearls and initial charms and then the bags are great for if you're gifting you could put them at each place setting and seal them up with like a personalized sticker you wish I've seen a lot of a lot of companies you know when you order your invitations they'll give you these stickers you know that it has like your initials or let's say it's the wedding date on it and that's a great little thing if you're doing table cards you know you can write everyone's name on it and pretty calligraphy or you know have I know people will give like chocolates or something you know to their guests as they leave so those great little bags are perfect for that and you can personalize it and then we have the white ones with the little silver Moroccan I just lying on it I just think those are so pretty I love those I wish I had those but yes so we sell all kinds of things you can get some foxes bags just wonderful things to help make your wedding easier it is all about making it easy and then if you really want you can get complicated we got some great bead weaving projects this is a great little deco project I know you guys have been asking to see this guy and if you've been watching our facebook lives you've seen this one but this just has a nice little shimmery quality to it Wow so but yeah just a nice little subtle design and what I love about it is you have this beautiful elegant elements clasp here but it's just an extra pop and it's just it finishes it so beautifully and it's gorgeous you made that I did you do accept my work oh I just want to give you a shout out Oh just amazing I love doing yeah and this is this is for the beater that has time during the planning of the wedding which I must say is probably not many but yeah that's all we got a keepsake I mean god yeah and that's what's just really beautiful about those things yeah all right so our winner is Monica McBee so congratulations Monica McPhee you are our winner you are going to win at these two beautiful kits from us so all you need to do is just email service at and we will get your shipping information and send this out to you today congratulations yeah congratulations Monica thank you so much you guys for tuning in I know we didn't have a lot of questions this time but if you guys still have more questions that we can help answer keep going in the comments below we're gonna be checking those through the days in the coming weeks so if you guys have questions keep them keep them coming alright thank you so much for joining us you guys my cat Silvia and Alexandra and thank you so much guys we'll see you next time here and meet Holly

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