Beadaholique Live Class: Intro to Metal Stamping

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In this live event our designers, Kat Silvia and Julie Bean, walk you through the basics of metal stamping from tools to stamping blanks and more. You will see how to use the guide tape to line up your letters as well as how to use hole punch pliers to add additional holes to your blanks.
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hi everyone welcome back to the beadaholique video studio we are talking all about metal stamping today it is our first class of the new year everyone has is hopefully well rested for the holidays or if not you're still recovering but yeah we are just so excited this is gonna be a great basic intro you've ever been excited to explore the world of metal stamping and the words this is this is gonna be a great class for you so we're gonna talk about all kinds of tools and basics and all that great stuff so we thought this was a great one to start off the new year riff yeah I think it's one of those techniques that we do get a lot of questions about absolutely um because it can be a little intimidating because this is so different as you know it's not using beads for the most part yeah you know our stringing a lot of you see there's no seed beads that is the only class we've ever done is no seed beads so yeah this is a class that's been requested for a long time and we thought we'd start with an intro one down the road we might do more advanced one but this is really if it's a technique you've been interested in and you want to know more about we're gonna try to cover your basic tools your basic supplies how to do the metal punching how to make your letters pop and then some little add-on things so we're gonna kind of guide you of like okay this is your starter set and then here's some really nifty things if you get into it and you like it yeah we have lots of different examples I you know from the very very basic just a single initial to you know whole sentences and words so there's a lot you can do with this and yeah once you do nail the basic technique it's so fun and so easy to you know this is really great for any personalized jewelry I know you know it's it's hard to think we just came out of the holiday but you know Valentine's Day will be around the corner and Mother's Day it's a great time to do some initial you know jewelry anything with you know you can add first stones and stuff like that to some of this and really just you know the stamping is just one component basically you're making one component of your jewelry and then you can embellish from there which is really great yeah there's so much you can do with it it's really a great technique and like Kat said once you kind of just get into it it does get easier so there's an initial threshold and and we acknowledged that we had that too oh yeah I was like I don't enjoy so we're going to share with you tips and things that we've come across to help you on your way and everything you see here is available at as well as a lot of other full tutorial videos so if there is something you're interested in we do usually have a video to help with that so yeah and you know we know that you know on our live streams here we do as much detail as we can but those videos are really great you get to getting nice and up close and we go through a little bit slower so definitely be sure to check that out and subscribe to us on YouTube absolutely and if you have questions this is your time yeah we are here to answer your questions we have Bryan behind the camera there to feed us some great questions for you guys so I just let's get ready and start to dive in but before we do if you've joined us before you always know that we start off with a giveaway so all you have to do to win the giveaway is actually just leave a comment so your question your comment maybe let us know where you're tuning in from answers you for the giveaway all right so because this is an intro class we wanted to give you guys just the basics so we're giving you this really great impress art metal stamping kit now this comes with the hammer and a little bench block here and a nice set of the newsprint metal stamping punches and we're going to talk about that as well and we're also going to give you guys a couple of little practice blanks now these are impressed art and we're gonna talk to you about why we're giving you these ones here in a little bit but this is our giveaway it is over $50 value this is just a really really nice starter hey I really wanted to get into it or maybe you're already into it and you just need a little small bench block and maybe want a new set of letters it's great for that as well so all you need to do again is just leave a comment you know maybe let us know what your new year's resolution is what you're beating resolution is and you will be entered to win this and then we'll announce the winner live here when we are finished with our class so just keep tuning in to hear your name hopefully yeah and I was just thinking another comment if you are more experienced metal Stamper leave tips as comments brother absolutely or for us we always love to hear that so if you found something that works great share that as your comment it would be great for everyone to read that oh and you know what I've noticed that you guys share on our page all the time and we love that if you guys you know have comments or want to post we had I did a whole Facebook about the Pantone color of the year and you guys were sharing some of your designs with the living coral color so that was wonderful to see so absolutely share that with us here as well absolutely love it alright let's start talking about the tools okay so the basic tools you're going to need is you're going to need something to punch out of sometimes they're called metal stamps metal stamp punches metal punches there's a little bit of variation in the term but they're all basically referring to something like this it is a rod it's usually like a steel rod and you're going to be hammering the top flat side and on the other side there is a design there is a letter there is a number there is something that is going to create that impression so I've got some here with just designs or some different little hearts here's a tree you can see that they're size really does vary quite a bit yeah if you are brand new to this I will say that the smaller ones with less detail are a little bit easier yeah the bigger ones it's a little harder to get that full detail in the initial try so yeah absolutely be a tip to start off with so like I love this little star right here this is a great start it looks like this and that is just a real nice easy clean one so pick you know pick your stamps carefully if you are going to go ahead and be starting off with this BC there's all different designs and then you're also most likely going to want to be writing words and so then you'll need like an alphabet set and they come in uppercase and lowercase I have two right here so here you'll see that this particular one by impressed art and there's lots of different ones but these are nice because they come in this little case and if you look at this case and I don't it'll show up on camera maybe I look better in the green they actually list on the inside what the letters are right on the plastic base and I have found that really helpful keep everything organized everything organized now usually these sets are going to come in a millimeter-sized a four millimeter and a six millimeter so choose the one that you think you'll get the most use out of well and there's uppercase and lowercase and not font yeah I was gonna say there's tons of different fonts and there's also different number sets as well a lot of these are strictly alphabet and then you get a couple of punctuation in there as well so lots lots of different choices when it comes to this I always say pick one set yeah you think will get you the most use so a font that you really like and I personally like like a three or four millimeter I think that's a good kind of standard size four millimeter is great especially if you're starting out you know like I said you know you're gonna get a bigger impression and then you'll be able to really read write is a bit smaller than you might think you know cuz I mean three millimeters is not that big exactly so yeah so you want to be able to read it but you know as we're gonna show you here we have all kinds of different blanks so obviously the size varies depending on your bike yeah so you'll do then so you'll need your punches that's the tool number one and then you're going to need a bench block now I'm gonna be using this one I really love this little guy this is madness that one that is in our giveaway here so in case you guys are wondering what that looks like out of the pack yeah so it's just got these little rubber feet which helps to absorb the blow and you actually are hammering it's a really nice size and what's nice is you can do any size blank on here so like I did the bracelet here which is this and it started out like this it was flat and long so even though that's obviously quite a bit larger than my bench block I was still able to easily do it I just moved it along as I did it then you could if you really get into it you could upgrade to a bigger bench block here this has this nice rubber base which really does help to absorb some of that blow you can see that you can remove it so they're all are all different bench blocks but if you're starting out this is really great perfect so I love that and then you're going to need a brass hammer and I really like just a nice classic one-pound brass hammer so this is great it's very universal it does come in a half pound as well if we want to look over here so you'll see the size different half a pound one pound now impress art does say that this is for stamps are three millimeters are smaller I have used it on bigger and it does hurt yeah but if they want to you know if you really you're going to do a lot of variation and a lot of different stamps and the one pound is just a really great one absolutely all right so those are your three basic tools and then you will need something to stamp and so in that case you're gonna need a stamping blanks so if we look down here you can see different breaks is the different varieties so we've got stars and we've got round some have no holes and some have holes caps gonna show you how to put holes in them which is really nice you see this little earring here we just put a little hole in the top and we're able to connect it so in addition to the different styles you see that there's different finishes and different metal types so there's everything from like sterling silver aluminum solid brass to pewter now if you are just starting out I would not recommend sterling absolutely that is a good tip it is more expensive also you want to get some practice under your belt so go ahead and even if you are gonna do a sterling project purchase a couple little inexpensive aluminum blanks or something like yeah just something to just test your snap out on you don't want your first try to be on the Sterling and then it's oh no you know that it happens to all of us absolutely absolutely and if you are new to this and you just want to make some really beautiful projects I highly am we're still getting back into it it's all good recommend that was the word it's a tough word I highly recommend impress art soft strike pewter or Nunn design pewter both of those are really easy to work with you get a nice clean deep impression and they're a little bit more forgiving yeah I think that's that's a great tip yeah definitely the you know cuz we are talking about intro so we are assuming that you guys maybe have never tried this before so we want to give you as much information as possible that's our highest recommendation once you kind of nail that definitely explore some of the other punches it's not it doesn't make them worse or anything it just we want you guys to really nail the technique before going into that the next sort of a hardness or me Nebraska's yeah some of these punches yeah and we've been there too like we yeah I think I started on a very hard metal and I got frustrated yeah because I was like why is it taking like what am I doing wrong and then you know we're gonna talk about once Julie shows us how to do some punching here you're gonna see why you want the same exact strike and and the beautiful impression that it does give you absolutely and if you want to what that looks like here on the table we have a couple right here on them point out to you so this star here is a soft strike you see it's a little bit thicker and it's just a little bit heavier same with a nun design so this is Nunn design and this is impressed art soft strike and it's just really a lot a lot friendlier for the beginner absolutely alright so I am going to show you now how to do some metal punching and I'm gonna start by first showing you this bracelet okay so with this bracelet I just used these little pewter cube beads and I put initials on them and since I was doing the first the middle and the last name it was three initials on each so for the fourth side of the cube I just used a little star that's a great idea do whatever you want we've got cute little kitty cats hard you know different designs but I thought well that would be kind of fun alright and this is nice for a beginner because again it's just that single punch you're not trying to get anything too straight you're just trying to eyeball that it's centered and you can create a project pretty quickly and pretty easily and you can easily just put this on a chain as well and make it into a necklace alright and this project is on the website if you want to learn more about how to do these knots and everything okay so let me first kind of clear this a little bit away let me move this so you always want to punch on a flat surface yes that is another tip and move this up I'm going to take my little bench block down and I'm gonna take my little bead and my hammer so I would normally not even be punching on fabric yeah punch on you know a nice hard surface also don't try to I know this might be kind of strange but don't try to punch on a high counter oh yeah because you do want a good good a little bit of leverage so make sure you're sitting in a nice sturdy table when you do this and it is going to be loud there are gonna be bangs we apologize there's no way of it not doing that okay so I've got my second frenemy so I always recommend pulling all your punches out first before you begin because I have accidentally pulled the wrong punch and had to start over the whole piece Oh No so let's just do a B C so here's a B and C and I'm gonna do it in the order that I'm going to be punching them again I'm just trying to take away any possibility of a quick and easy mix-up alright so if you look at this what I really like about it and not all punches have this but usually the impressed art ones do it actually has its logo here and then it has what the stamp is down here so you always want the logo and whatever the stamp is facing you a ready patch so I'm gonna put my bead onto my bench block I'm going to turn this around so it's facing me and I'm gonna put it up right and what you're gonna want to do is this one because we're just doing this single initial you're just gonna try to Center it there and you're gonna eyeball it and you want it as straight up and down as possible so you don't want it like this you don't want to be hammering at a diagonal you want to be hammering at a straight angle and kind of look around it make sure it's it's straight and then you're gonna want to try to give it one good whack on the front on the top part of it and this is flat okay so I got a little eight and now with this cube I'm gonna rotate it because I want when it spins to always be facing the same direction I want to any upside-down letters so now I'm gonna take this put it aside and grab my B okay again that impress art logo is facing me I can try to do it straight up and down B now I'm gonna rotate it again and now I want double check I've got the see I have misspelled so many words oh no yes exactly okay see and now since I have that extra side I do want to take that little start I think he is so cute and actually noticed I didn't do it before there's a very similar little star in the set Oh neat I never realized that I have this guy on my desk okay so again I see that logo and I see that star and now I'm just gonna put it here and again I'm gonna try to just Center it and I got a star so immediately put your tools away in the right slots and that's why I like that with these guys that actually is marked for your slots especially if you have multiple alphabets oh my gosh yes or if you're doing sentences yes yes okay alright so that is the actual basic technique to metal stamping so it was again just those basic tools if you need the punches the hammer and the block perfect and you could be good to go with this so here is what it looks like now if you'll notice on a lot of our jewelry examples though I'm gonna pull this over here you see that the lettering stands out a little bit more than what this one does and that's because we've actually filled it in and cats gonna show you how to do that now yeah okay here's a little beep perfect thank you very much alright so if you kind of look here you can see that it's got that beautiful impression but it is silver so I do want to recommend using the vintaj patinas now these are great because they come in all kinds of different colors I only have just like I said just a couple right here but I'm gonna use the black to show you guys because it's gonna show up the best on camera for us but the vintage patina is great because you can add all different kinds of colors let's say you wanted to do each letter in a different color really kind of creative fun you know rainbow effects like on Julia's bracelet you can see that it twists around so you can do that as well alright so vintage Bettina is made for metal so this is a permanent fast drying type of ink and it kind of works a little bit like a paint alright so I'm just gonna shake it up a little bit and I have just a little sticky pad here that I'm just going to add a little bit of my in Taj Bettina - and the reason I add it to the pad as opposed to just dropping it right on there is it gives me a little bit more stability by using a little paintbrush here so just entirely up to you though all right so I have a little bit on my paintbrush and I'm just gonna kind of dab it into the well of that and just kind of cover just the letter there just like so I'm just gonna let it sit for a couple of seconds and you can just do this one at a time going all around there and then just take a little paper towel here and all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna wipe off the excess paint there and you can see that that black ink just sits right in there nice and you know makes it really kind of pop out so you can see the be there so I'm just gonna rotate so you can see the a as you can see a little bit of the difference so that's what it looked like nice and silver and then when you add that color you get that nice little pop there so hopefully you can see that right there so yeah that's it that's all you have to do and you know vintage patina so many colors to choose from it's just nice and easy that's really easy it's not easy so if you have seen metal stamp before and you've wondered you know you've looked at it like well how do they get those colored and how do they get yeah then that's how they do it that's how they do it I'm gonna I'm gonna keep doing this you guys yeah I was so surprised I really love these beads you know what these are this is such a great little I mean that's a kind of a unisex design it's that could be a great like Father's Day gift Jerry I mean I know people love to do initials or you know you can do like a high school you know mascots or something let's say a bird is a mascot we got the bird punches you know anything you want - all right all right cool so what else we got okay so you've mastered just that single punch so that's a great start the initial jewelry the little beads like that now let's say you want to actually write something ooh how do you get it straight okay that's what we're gonna talk about Nexus no I want to first talk about a little tool that has made all the difference for me and again we are saying a lot of our opinions in this particular yes because we do know that this is a technique that you really want someone to give you their tips I think oh yeah you want to hear like choose this over this if you are a beginner and that type of thing um and we want to guide you because there are so many different products out there so I love these little booklets and I'm gonna be using one of them here in just a moment so these are little sticker books and the first one I want to show you is this little guy here this is a scratch protector paper and you can see of are you some and what this does is it's a little sticker and get it off and I think we do have a question as well sure so yeah so a couple questions about the vintage patina we always get a lot of questions about the patina we do have full videos that walk you through what patina is and some other applications on how to use it but the questions are does it rub off and should you seal it so vintage patina does make a sealant and you can absolutely use that on here but what you're noticing is that because that paint is getting inside the impression I mean unless you really got in there and ratchet it with like your nail or something it's really not coming out but like I said it is a permanent ink which is why it dries so fast and then it's in there and you know we've had these around our space for months and you know I wore this the other day nothing you know and it yeah you know you can rub on your skin it won't turn your skin black or anything like or the color that it raised so it really does not rub off you can seal it like I said vataj has two different sealants they have a glossy and a matte so you can choose yeah but no it does not come off we've had vintage patina around here for a long time but that's why that's why we recommend using it in some of these impressions it's just one of the great options for for this kind of a style all right good question good question yeah all right so now that I've got this little sticker off I want to show you what you do with it so this is called a scratch protector but it's also a stamp guide so you can just place it right on to your bench block like so and it's just a sticker someone that's gonna help protect your blink from getting scratched but also you now have crits so I found this really helpful for a piece such as this so let's say you have this little like son you can then line up its tips against the grid and make sure it is straight oh Saturday so that is a super handy little thing for if you want to get your different lettering or your different design work straight so that's one thing and I'm actually gonna go ahead and take just off right now because I'm also going to show you something else all right so for this particular design I'm gonna spell the word create here on this little guitar pick stamping and I want to make sure that's straight so I actually did it in two different styles here and to show you that based upon which letter set you have it will squish together differently when you use these little guides so these are all stickers and these are bracelet sticker guides so these are nice and long for a bracelet but they've got little notches on them which allow you to evenly spaced your letters and so these were actually all all of these letters were spaced just one notch apart but because you see the different size of the letter it looks much more squished together in one instance and more spaced in the other Oh interesting so that's one other thing to keep in mind when you're thinking about spacing you know you might on this one you might have wanted to go every other one if you wanted it a little bit more stretched out yeah that's a good tip because especially when you are using maybe a different alphabet you know or trying to put two different fonts on the same piece right you have to be aware of that you have to that you're doing like a three millimeter versus a six millimeter yeah so keep that in mind so this is the bracelet guidebook and you can see these are all bracelet guides now this is another little booklet and this has cool because it's got these round ones and if we pull over the example here of the Grammy necklace and then we'll do the medulla one here sure that so you see how this was done on a curve I actually used one of these little stickers I put it on my blank and I did it around the base of the curve oh I was wondering how I was like cuz it looks so good so there's a sticker guide for that you can also do it over on the top of the curve I've done that as well then it's got very large ones and it also has little small versions of these straight line ones like the bracelet guide and that's what I'm actually gonna be using here in just a minute and then it has these guys which are four Amendola design which is right here and you can put those wherever you want on your blank and you actually go ahead and you stick these on top of your blank and you punch right through them yeah cuz this is not one stamping it's actually this beautiful set of four so you can kind of see down there at the bottom of the image that there are four different blanks and then by kind of using them in a nice circular pattern you create that beautiful mandala design very cool okay so let's go ahead and do some more stamping alright um and so what I want to do is I'm gonna use one of these guys and I'm actually going to take a pen and I am going to write on it my word and I mean I was again do the word create and so I'm just gonna say let's just go maybe like right right here see read2go Center if you have an odd number of letters but I wasn't gonna worry about that because I know I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna do with it so I had take this guy off and he's just a sticker I'm going to lay my blank I don't know how we did this without these stickers I'll lay my blank down facing me now I'm going to look at that word and I want to try to Center it on my blank and so you can actually the center of this word is between the E and the a you can make another little mark right there so you can eyeball it easier and remember the stamping is gonna be be up above the line not where you wrote it okay so I'm just gonna lay it down there and then what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna press it right on so sticks right onto those yeah sticks right into it and that's actually why I removed this because I have noticed if you put this sticker on top of this sticker it can pull up the grid a little bit Oh interesting yeah so sometimes it can kind of Mar the grid a little bit so I didn't want to do that and that's why I took it off oh so for me visually it's just easier too many lines all right so you've got that and now it's not going anywhere love it so that was really nice and easy all right I'm gonna move these guys and again kind of get this out of the way okay pulling my same brass hammer I'm using my same stamping blank and I'm gonna use actually do a lower case this time okay so I'm gonna be using this set and this set looks like this so you can see all the letters on the top of it and these are actually a little bit kind of irregular and yeah to begin with so keep that in mind too this set might not look as uniform mm-hmm as some other sets but it's kind of a funky fun design yeah I like it it's very whimsical yeah all right so now again I'm going to pre pull out all my punches do not skip steps and while Julie's doing it I just want to say something a lot of people make the beginner mistake of instead of one swift punch they try to do multiple little taps and there's a reason why that doesn't always work one because I think these punches are really designed to give you a nice deep impression and that way you know once you've made that first whack it's really hard to line it up again to make a second whack yeah so have it be perfect so you just really want to kind of just don't be scared you know just go for it and don't hurt your fingers just watch what you're doing but yeah so watches Julie just gives it one nice swift whack and that's that's what you want to do absolutely and I think since we did just pause for a second before I do this to wanna show the giveaway yeah that's a great tip all right so if you guys are just joining us and this is your first time with us live you know that we always do a giveaway or you're finding that out now for the first time so this is our giveaway for today we are giving you a full impress art metal stamping kit now this comes with the newsprint alphabet here and it comes with the full alphabet and even a question mark you get a nice hammer here to get you started and then we have the small bench block and this is the one that Julie is actually demonstrating on right now and then we're gonna give you guys a couple of practice blanks we know that you guys are eager to get started so we wanted to kick off your new stamping set with some stamping blanks something you need to do to win this is to just leave a comment or leave a question let us know where you're tuning in from or anything else that you guys want to tell us all right so that's our giveaway for today we're gonna give them and give away that live at the end of our class here so be sure to stay tuned great all right all right oh let's do a we're punching let's write a word okay so this principle that I just did here where I wrote the letters right on the tape is the same principle I used when I made a full cuff bracelet I just wrote the whole sentence and then in that case I did use the longer ones okay so basically it's the same principle whether you are stamping a word or a sentence so you're going to line up your letters again make sure they're all pre pulled you notice I'm missing an e because I'm already using it again you're gonna turn it so it faces you and then upright and with this particular type of tape or I should say not tape but a sticker we do actually have just tape with no gridlines which is handy too you want to go ahead line up so I've got the seat I want to line it above my C line and then you want to pull it down till you feel a catch on the tape okay so that's how you're going to know it the base of the letter is resting against the top of the stick you're lining your little line up with the center of the bitch so right here I'm in this one I have to eyeball you know I'm just eyeballing that that line right there above the sea is gonna be centered on my punch okay great so I've put it there and now I'm just carefully dragging it down and then I'm gonna punch and then I've got a really tiny little seat I'm gonna put it back in place and I'm gonna grab my are again needs to be facing me I've done so many ups like only works on the Oh oh my gosh yes okay again I'm gonna start it above and I'm gonna drag it down and then once I feel like catch on that tape and I keep saying tape it's a sticker but we do have a question oh yeah so we actually have an example of well I guess this isn't quite vertical cuz they're still to the side here but our question is how to stamp letters vertically and what I would do is I would actually use the tape and make it the other way so that you are writing getting down right yeah you would just write down the tape and then but still use those little guidelines going going right that would be my suggestion what do you think rightly or if you wanted it as opposed to like this you want it like a B C facing this way you could cut the tape and put little notches and use the little guideline here okay line up yeah but that same kind of thing because if you're if you're going with you know Julie sort of drag method all you would do is you'd have your tape lined up and you would just drag it this way every oh yeah with every letter you know that so you can do that the same foot that way then they're all lined up to one side or if you want them more lined up to the right as opposed to the right web dragon it's you know it's gonna depend on the font that you want to use because the bottom of the letters nicely line up but not always the side of the letters like let's say you're doing an L and then you're doing an A like you're a is gonna have a different edge than your L so so just be aware of that but yeah I think just kind of using that little method but just going down vertically is what you're gonna want it yeah and so it'll just take a little bit of like practice and a little maybe cutting a little manipulating yeah after I do this stamping I'm going to show you some of my practice blanks you have to give you a little bit of a few extra tips and so alright so I mean I'm on the see art and I'm gonna do the e and that's the same exact method so we're just repeating our method here now the a and now the e again let me just do this one last letter and then we have another question all right so I did spell the word create and you'll notice I'm going to take off this and it did not Mar my blank at all but there we were able to stamp the word create awesome and we do have a question before I show you that on my booboo blank oh the metal punches question about it that's okay so you've a question about the metal punches being used on leather it is my understanding that leather punches are much much deeper I have not tried to use these on like a flat leather cord so I don't want to say yes or no definitively but it is my understanding that they are much deeper so they are kind of a little bit more designed to cut the leather and not just punch on it but I wouldn't recommend these I know these are designed specifically for stamping blanks and metal but try it out and let us know yeah if it works we'd love to hear yeah I was gonna say unfortunately um we don't have a whole lot of leather here that we use to punch on we do riveting and that kind of thing but yeah but that would be an interesting area to explore cuz I yeah I see a lot of the leather punch right jewelry as well I think that's really cool yes I do too alright thank you alright so we have this punched I want to show you what the backside looks like too so if we want to get in real close to this guy okay so there's the front you see that is nice and straight here's what the back looks like now this came out clean here is a design that I first started I don't even know what the original design was here but it was a boo boo ya don't ever toss your boo boo blanks use them as practice to see how hard you want to punch to see about lining up maybe you're gonna try that vertical lettering do it on a practice punch or a practice blank so don't ever toss them also note that with the soft strike pewter I have noticed if you get too close to the edge it can distort the metal oh yeah it just runs off the side yeah because you actually like pushing the metal so that's another thing is keep that in mind that you don't want to go too close to the edge so those are just a couple little tips and we all definitely make mistakes and just make sure you keep these because I even punched on the other side and I just kept practicing my punching I was go saying they're good for hole punching practice too you're not quite sure what size it's gonna come out to be or something you want to try it absolutely all right so now I'm gonna hand this off to Kat because right now this is a really cool guitar pick what do you do with it you would know I would all right so the first thing I'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys how to use the impress art markers now let me draw your attention down here because I want to show you kind of what these look like in a larger scale because I want you to be able to see it here but it definitely shows up really nicely on this soft strike and we have three different colors of the impress art markers here to show you so we have the black which is right here which is really gonna kind of be your standard and then we also have a green which is a just a barely light green I actually love that it kind of gives a little vintage vibe to it and then we have a little gold here so I had those stars punched by Julie and then I filled it in with some of that gold impress art marker so this works very similar to how the vintage patina will work so I'm gonna go ahead and take the black one and bring it over here and let me just bring back my little notepad here I always like to have a little scrap paper of some kind around it just helps me but you know this is kind of similar to you know just an acrylic paint marker that you might have but this is definitely made for the stamp enamel alright so I'm just gonna shake it up a little bit open the cap and I'm just gonna get the go in there there we go comes out nice and easily and now onto the blank I'm just gonna go ahead and just kind of lightly dab and you can just see that it works very similar to the patina where you're just filling in those little holes you don't want to go too crazy with it you don't need you know you don't need to cover the whole blank but I'm just kind of dabbing it in there and then I'm just gonna let it sit there for maybe a minute or so make sure to always cover your stamp enamel marker up so yeah see if you have questions about this this is an acrylic paint marker it is a water base so you want to just sort of let this dry maybe a little bit longer than you might on the patina before you start to wipe it off so I'm just gonna kind of let that hang out there with a little extra tip yes so this is what the tip will look like when it's a brand new marker it's gonna be white and it's not yet saturated with the ink and what you do is you just basically do like a pumping mechanism to get the yep to flow so if you get this and you're like wait where's ink a little bit yes it's very similar to you know any other kind of paint like marker so and then the only other thing that we're gonna need here is we're just gonna need a little of a soft paper towel here so let me see hopefully I've let this dry long enough if you do get to a situation where you haven't let it dry long enough you can always redo this again if there's you can redo it a couple of times if you need it to be a darker impression or if you know sometimes some of the letters just don't take as well sometimes it just doesn't absorb as much of the ink so you can actually do this several times but you don't want to let it sit too long because we don't want it to remain all blotchy like that all right okay so gently just kind of wiping it away and it should be a dry paper towel not a wet one yes not like a wet wipe no yeah that will take it off real quick yeah so just kind of keep that in mind yeah and we do have another question okay so someone is asking if we prefer to use the enamel markers or the patina I actually liked both of them um and I like both of them for different reasons I like the stamp on the ELMO marker because of the applications just a pen it's super easy you don't need a paintbrush you just kind of scribble it on there and you know and then you you wipe it away the patina is great though because you get so many color options yeah - hot pink you can do bright purple so you got a lot more colors you can choose from I think both are really great products and they work very very similarly and they're gonna give you a similar result so I know that wasn't a I prefer this one over that one it's just each kind of has his own pluses absolutely so as you can see here just I brought everything out side by side so I did the create with the impress heart Parker here and here's the before if you want to power that's perfect so this is what it looks like before so you don't have to use these it's just sort of if you just want it to pop a little bit more so and then I have my cube that I did earlier in the class here with the vintage patina in the Onyx and then I brought out an example here so I made a little dog tag that says pooch and I did the pooch in black I just can't say it without like the cute thing but I wanted to do these little hearts so then afterwards I did the hearts in Ruby so I was able to get two colors in one so that might be you know the advantage of from one over the other but honestly you do get a couple of colors in the stamp enamel marker it's a great ease of use but the patinas are great not only for stampings but you know for many other things as well so it's just entirely up to you and whatever you want to do I love the colors that the patina offers so that's always my go-to but the empress' art markers are great for this as well yeah so there you go so yeah so dealer's choice we'll look at Alicia have at it alright so I'm gonna set my markers aside and all my colors and there we go alright so now let's talk about some hole punching so this is a blank that does not have any holes to it so let me draw your attention down here to a couple of the examples of what you might find as a hole punch now I have three pairs of pliers here and they're all different sizes so I have a 1.8 a 1.5 and a 1.25 so the one point two five is obviously gonna be your smallest one and then I have this little guy over here that might seem a little intimidating but the bonus here is that you actually get a two millimeter and a 1.5 so you get both in one so I'm gonna show you first how to use the Euro punch pliers now these are great and you can just see kind of side by side there's some that have the smaller nose and then there's some that have a larger nose so let's say I had a bigger piece that I needed to get that hole further into this is great it gives you a little bit more depth as opposed to this one but they work just the same so again just choose your size and choose where you want that hole to be and this is what we're going to use alright so one of the things that I like to do as a little tip is to just use a little scrap of paper towel here and I'm just gonna fold it over a couple of times and what this does it just creates a little cushion you don't have to do this this is just my OCD Ness but what you can do is you just kind of set that in there and I'm gonna kind of pre punch there we go and what this is going to do is it's just going to protect that plier from making any mark onto my piece now what I do want to say is that you want to now treat the front and back of your piece a little bit differently so when you're looking to place the pin you want to place it so that it's going through the front side to the back all right so now I'm just gonna kind of eyeball that and Center it now the good thing is is that when you look at the back you can see right through that hole where that punch is gonna come down so you can kind of just sort of Center it for yourself and I'm just gonna kind of move it there we go and you don't want to punch too close to the edge but you just want to punch nice and in the center now this is not a hard plier to work with so you're just gonna take it and I'm just gonna use an extra hand there nice little punch and you can see that my little hole drops out of there and now one thing that happens is you can see that it's kind of stuck on there but that's okay we're just gonna wiggle it out and we have our nice clean hole punch look at how beautiful that is super easy it's like it came with it yeah really really nice and you could put that hole anywhere if you wanted to make a bunch of little dangles hang off the bottom and you can place those holes in you can go tonight all the way around and you can actually if you wanted to you know like I was saying let's say you wanted to look at the back and you wanted to maybe make little dots or little marks with a little marker or something you can line it up right inside there so that when you're looking at the back you're lining up your little dot that's a good tip because sometimes a little more comfortable to like work with like a permanent marker and just yeah well dot absolutely I have one of those fine tip sharpies love to do that's a perfect thing all right so I'm gonna you know basically you can do whatever you want I have a little chain here this is a great little thing you can just cut this in half or you know add a little jump ring you know let's say you could also put two holes on the side just depending on what you want so I'm actually gonna do this really fast I'm gonna use one of our jump ring variety packs because I wasn't sure how big that hole was gonna be but let's see now looking at it I think I'm gonna eyeball I think this one's gonna be a good one here all right that'll work all right let's close that back up and just take a couple pairs of chain nose pliers here and I'm just gonna twist open that jump ring slip it on and then just slip my chain on there we go and now I have a really nice little fun personalized necklace so yeah it's you know it's really easy and you know once you get that metal punching down you're good to go yeah you know I was just thinking would be really fun to put the date on it that could be your new year's resolution to create more and I love it as like a little reminder don't forget our New Year's resolution did you create today so that's great so one other thing I just want to show you guys really quick is that this metal punch really does work really nice but if you do have any little Spurs on the back of course before you put your jump ring on there you can use just a little metal file and just file those away this one is from vintage so that works great for that purpose alright the last thing I want to show you guys really quick is I just want to show you how to use this one now really similar so this one kind of works on a little twisting mechanism here so I have just a little blank so I'm not even gonna really work too hard on lining it up but what I want to do is I just want to set it in there and I'm gonna twist down until I hear until I feel tension so now I have that place where I'm gonna put my little hole and I'm just gonna twist and you'll kind of hear it well you'll feel it when you're doing this just kind of pop a little bit and then you can just release that and just untwist it and that works just fine just the same so we have our nice little twist to hold there as well so just a different option there for you guys to work with so I like the Euro punches oh when we have my little bees they're both great options and you can create really simple fun jewelry I love it oh very fun alright so let's do one more announcement of our giveaway and then if you are getting your last few comments in to enter to win this great giveaway I'm going to show you a little tool that's great if you are doing bracelets and they'll be the last thing we cover in this class and again don't forget there are so many videos at showing you how to do metal stamping a little bit more in depth and different projects from start to finish so please definitely check those out if this inspired you there's a lot more information out there so let's get arguably all right one more time all you need to do is leave a comment you're gonna choose a winner shortly and then out sit here on the air okay okay yeah so a couple of quick little last little tips and tools yeah a couple little things you you've really enjoyed metal stamping you want to be doing more often times we will see little cuff bracelets mm-hm so what the cuff bracelet is gonna start out with like it's like a little bit of just a long blank and these come in different metals they also come in different thicknesses so that's nice and this here is the one that was then made into this bracelet here and we do have a full tutorial on it yeah so you guys want to see that step-by-step hmm okay so this particular one not all of them do this one comes with like a little film on it and I think that's for shipping personally yeah people might actually stamp through it I have tried to stamp through it and sometimes the film ends up in the little impression and I have to use like a tweezer or toothpick to try to get it so I like to take the little film off personally now someone might correct me if they don't ever take the film off what is this fine I would like to hear that but because it has gotten caught in my impression before yeah I do like to take it off so then I think I mentioned this earlier you are just going to lay it on your blank wherever you're gonna be stamping you want to make sure your stamping is centered and you just move it along this is where that grid will come in yeah and so you can just take your nice grid and lay it right on to your bracelet blank wherever you want you're gonna try to get it straight and you see you've got that nice Center point again you're just gonna let's say like once upon a time like when you're writing something like that what you would do is you would go once upon time okay so you're going to count all your letters and spaces so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen so your middle is going to be between eight and nine if you've got sixteen total letters and spaces so this is going to be your midway point so then you want to find where letters 8 and 9 are so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so the O is number 8 and then n is number 9 okay so what you're going to do is you've got your midway point here so this is going to be between 8 & 9 so you can either really kind of tricky and move this over a little bit exact middle but we're just gonna say so letter number 8 is o and letter number 9 is N and now you're just gonna work backwards and forwards oh so you put your middle letters first okay that's a good tip yeah yeah so you P and then skip a space for your space between you could skip one or two and then you just go backwards e C and an O and then skip a space for between a and time and then T I am e and that's how you end up with it centered oh nice okay you just kind of do a little bit of calculations here alright so then let's say you've punched it you're gonna punch it first before you bend it you're gonna punch it you're gonna take off your sticker you're gonna patina it do any coloring you want to do to it and then when you want to bend it cuz you're like well that's not gonna work you're gonna go ahead and use a bracelet bending tool and to do this you can just set it right down into that little notch and you bend it over and you want to bend it over but not go all the way down so we've kind of done like a half Bend okay then you just flip it around go to the other side go to the other side and do the same thing so there you've got the game and you can keep kind of working at to make it the shape you want and then you have one final tool yeah this is a shell it's a great little tool so so Julie did a great job bending it but you know you could if you want it to be a little curved or maybe you know a little less curved but this is a bracelet bending pliers so you can see that this has two nylon tips that have a nice little curved shape to it and all you'd need to do with this is just kind of set them in there and just work around the plier or I'm sorry work around the bracelet and this will give it that nice kind of curved shape to it yeah and you just you know you just kind of work back and forth that you can go from the top to the bottom and you can do this a couple of times just to kind of you know finalize that curve there and you can just see that I'm just sort of squeezing it just moving it around and it's starting to take a little bit more of that curved shape yeah there you go yeah so yeah because it does end up with a little bit of flatness on the top which actually I don't mind when you're doing a stamping on it because that could you know that's the center it kind of creates a nice little flat thing and I also want to say that you can do this with let's say this wasn't attached to a necklace and you wanted it to be part of a bracelet you could Bend this as well to create a nice little curve around the wrist with this smaller piece and you can use that on a smaller blank as well if you're just doing a focal of a bracelet so that's another great thing just always do your stamping first yep so being and embellishing first and then you bend it so whatever it is you're doing we get that question actually a lot like how do you do like on a curved surface yeah people ask that yeah and it's usually I won't say all the time because I always feel like there's an exception to the rule but 99% of the time it's because your blank started flat yep and then people curved it after the fact yep so they're not trying to stamp like on a mandrel or something yeah so that's how you do is it starts flat you do all your work and then you curve it and then we have to last final tools and we've actually shown these and they both have videos so I just want to kind of go over them in case you're interested so these two little plates up here these are actually nylon plates and what they are they're called wire whackers and this is a great little thing so let's say you really went maybe a little bit too deep on one of your impressions and you got like some bubbles on the back what you can do is you can actually place that right in there and then you can either whack this with your hand I'm not gonna do it because I'm speaking but you can whack it pretty hard with your hand or you can use a rubber mallet which you would never want to use for stamping but it works for this kind of application where you would just sort of tap around there a little bit with a little bit more force than I'm using here but we have a video showing you how to do that and that will sort of flatten out your blank as well so that's a nice little tip and then this last guy here this is a stamp holder actually so one of the things that happens a lot when you are getting ready to stamp is that you are probably fearful of losing a finger well have no fear this will actually hold your stamp in place for you so that you can remove your hand and then you can whack this so this will actually hold your little stamp just right in there for you and you know it's nice and easy so we do have a video showing you you know walking you through how to use that so if that is a fear of yours have no fear we have tools for that all right well I think we are ready to announce our winner this has been a fun class this is been great this has been a nice intro to metal stamping again we have tons of tutorials so if you guys you know have missed this let's say you're maybe just catching the end of the live this video will be available for you on YouTube and Facebook so it will be there so you guys can go back and watch us from the beginning and you've had a really great tip and I never realized this before that if you share it on your feed it saves it in your feed yep which I had never realized cuz I often will look at a video be like oh that's so cool and then like where did that video go I do that all the time with craft videos cuz I'm like oh what a great idea but I'm not crafting I'm on my phone or yeah you know so if you just save the video or share it yeah then it like archive your exactly which is so clever so all right well thank you you're joining us we do have a winner and I am going to probably mispronouncing and I am very sorry Gina Villa lava villa the other lava I like it oh yeah so if Gina lagina congratulations is yours so you can go ahead and contact us as service at so Gina please contact us at service at and we will get your shipping information and get this out to you so you can begin stamping yeah and don't forget you can find all of the stuff you've seen here all of the projects a lot of videos to correspond with the projects all at so go check that out we have a really great metal stamping section we just have a product collection we put together just for this class so if you were like oh I really wanna know more about this stamp on the ammo marker I really want to know about this bench block it's all in one spot yes and we've provided that link too so I hopefully will make it a little bit easier yeah a little bit easier to start to figure out what you guys want to start to work with and keep asking us questions we're gonna be checking for questions and it'll answer them for you so alright I'm Kent Sylvia Julie bean yeah thanks so much for joining us everyone and have a happy new year and we'll see you back here next time okay but I

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