Beadaholique Live Class: Handmade Holiday Decor

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In this Live Class, Beadaholique Designers, Kat Silvia and Julie Bean show you how to deck the halls and make this your best gifting season yet! They will be demonstrating how to make snowflake ornaments, memory wire ornaments as well as how to make your own ornament hooks.
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hi everyone welcome to the bina holic design space I'm Kat Sylvia and I'm joined by Julie beam and today we are talking all about handmade holiday decorations I am so excited this is this is so timely obviously because it's the holidays when everybody is probably just starting to decorate the trees I know a lot of people do it on Black Friday or that weekend but we're gonna be talking all about different different things and some great gift ideas too so absolutely I know in my family every single year I make a handmade ornament and I love seeing them year after year I love putting them on the tree it kind of becomes a like a yearbook of Christmas it does so it's really it's a nice tradition so if you have that tradition I know a lot of people do we hope to give you some new ideas this year because I also am always looking for ideas well and you know you think like oh well it's Christmas so it's the same stuff year after year but it's like no there's different ways to do things new stuff comes out so we're gonna be showing you some some new projects that we made this year and some old favorites of course as well yeah and so we're gonna be like really taking techniques that you might already know from your jewelry making skills and applying them to ornaments Ireland's decorations wine charms lots of fun things yeah so why don't you come on in and take a look at our table here we're gonna kind of do a little pass and kind of show you what we're going to be doing here today so if you're just kind of joining me we are talking all about holiday decorations so over here we have some beautiful kits and lovely ideas for that that's a great gift idea and as you can see you'll kind of see it along the bottom there that's a beautiful vintage Christmas garland so that'll be really beautiful around the tree we're gonna be talking a little bit about some wine charms that makes a great little gift we also have some individualized ornaments here and you can actually put your little initial on the back or maybe the date of a year so there's that as well we have some brick stitch ornaments we're gonna be talking about some wire frames here as well and as julie was talking about one of the our favorite techniques here is kumihimo so we've made some kumihimo candy canes which is so cool and then Julie take it away what do you got over there over here I have also done some wire wrapping on some filigree so I've used some pretty quick stills and you have these nice pieces and I know for me when I'm doing a handmade ornament I'm looking at scale mm-hmm and I love that these are already pretty big yes very nice so you don't have to do a lot to mucosa glue some flatbacks on them of course and then here I have this really pretty I think very elegant cross ornament you see right here is done I just imagine that with the Tonka lights oh yeah and I just was able to use some illusion cords so this is gonna be a great little tip we're gonna give you here if you are looking for our way of stringing your ornaments illusion card is a great way of doing it I need to apologize my voice is a little gravelly today I have one of those winter colds and then up here is what we're gonna be making so not this one here we do have a full video tutorial on it but over here maybe making a memory wire ornament using a bracelet memory wire and another memory wire ornament using ring memory wire and all the supplies you see here can be purchased at and we have a lot more tutorials as well at Beauty Holly absolutely yeah it's a great resource for you guys if you're looking to learn something new I know a lot of people who aren't generally crafty all year round all of a sudden try to want to make handmade gift and it's a great thing so we have from beginner to intermediate to advanced so anything that you're looking to get into or you know potentially you're looking for a gift for a beater that you know you might not beat yourself but we have lots of gifts and great ideas there yes they'll go ahead look at the beadaholique website and you're gonna be able to find everything you see here mm-hmm including like even caps amazing patterns for these bricks it's oh so yeah so unities these great colorful patterns there so you can just kind of see you'll get a nice easy to read pattern it's a great image and then you can make it your bricks experiment so it's it's wonderful wonderful and if you've joined this before you know we're going to talk about something fun here right now because it's the holidays and even if it wasn't the holidays we'd still do this because every live class that we do we do these once a month we do a giveaway yes and but it's even more fun because it's you know and that's why we wanted to give a trio of kits because this is gonna be great and I'm gonna actually be showing you how to make something very similar to this we have our snowflake Christmas ornament kits and this you actually get a set of six and these are beautiful crystal snowflakes and they're so fun at your your in your window so wonderful and then if you're into a little bit of bead weaving we have the odd count peyote and the Christmas parties you're actually gonna get all the supplies and the patterns to make both of those bracelets which is really really fun and then we also have a beautiful trio of earrings and this is a great little gift so you can give this whole thing as a gift or you can make all three pairs and then you have three gifts knocked out all in one so it's great so those are featuring Swarovski crystals and frosty crystal pearls so this is to give away and we argue about giving it away live at the end of the show so to enter all you have to do is comment so you can say Happy Holidays you can tell us your favorite handmade Christmas ornament you've ever made or what you're gonna be doing this season so afraid our Christmas song whatever you want yes say hi or say hi to us tell us where you're probably always loved and reading those comments so leave a comment and your comment can also be a question that's also why we do live classes is so that we can answer questions live here but that will enter you to win and at the end of the show we will randomly draw one name and that person it's very exciting and yeah we wanted to do some great kits you guys will have everything you need and I am gonna talk about this right now because we're talking giveaways mm-hmm we are starting our twelve giveaways of Christmas on Monday so check that out you could go to the blog so you could go to and then there's a link at the top of the page towards the top of the page to our designers blog and in that we have just posted our twelve giveaways how to enter posts and we do this every single year is our annual giveaway we do twelve giveaways and we have so much fun putting them together and yes we already have a lot in store for you guys this year we went a little overboard just just a little bit we were playing to Santa's helpers yes check that out we will reveal a new giveaway each weekday start Monday so please check that out and we will have all that information on Facebook as well so as you guys are thinking about posting or maybe you forgotten will be definitely reminding you every day to post alright shall we begin with some making yeah let's start into it so as we were talking I was going to do these Swarovski ornaments or excuse me the snowflake ornaments so I have one here and now this uses Czech glass now this is actually a little project that I did so this is a really fun little thing and it's a great use of maybe some extra beads that you might have around you can do this with seed beads crystals if you want to be really nice and fancy but this is a great little ornament that can go on your tree but it also works really well is a nice little gift to topper so I'm gonna show you guys how to make these and it's so easy because you already get the form for these in the snowflakes so this is the size that I'm going to be working with here today we also do have it in several other sizes this is one of our larger size here and yes I've actually you guys may have seen these before I've done these several times throughout the years I've made red white and blue ones as little fireworks or I've made little butterflies with these so these are great little forms and you can see that they're really nice and stiff you can't really bend them around too much they're really gonna hold their shape and they pack flat when you're sort of packing away your Christmas decorations at the end of the year alright so I have in front of me here just some different sizes and different shapes of some Czech glass beads so what I want to point out to you and you can kind of look here on my example the interior beads there that's probably the most important that you're gonna deal with you're gonna want to go with a three millimeter bead regardless of what color you have or you can of course go with a CV but because those guys are so tightly packed in there you can't really go with a super large bead so I'm gonna start with some three millimeter beads and then I also have here I have some beautiful teardrops in like a crystal a B here I have some donuts and just some other fire polish beads here I have some fours and sixes and these are just wonderful and some eight millimeters here and I love these these are actually two different blue mixes so if you're wanting to create like a kind of frozen crystal icicle II kind of style just go ahead and get the mix and then you can mix and match you know you just no flake is individual mm-hmm all right so I'm gonna just show you guys how easy it is so let me start by like I said putting on one of my three millimeter beads here and I'm gonna slide that all the way down to the bottom and you're gonna work one spoke at a time so as you're building up your first one just kind of decide what design you want to work with all right so I'm gonna take one of these sort of icy blue colors and slide that down there I think that's pretty and how about a doughnut just to give a little dimension you can see that it kind of is starting to come out and create some great dimension there can I add another blue bead and let's put one of those teardrops on here there we go that's nice so you can see it start to come out a little bit and I want to add some silver in here as well let's do a silver and I think I'll do another doughnut and maybe let's go in with a three millimeter I'm just designing this as I go just whatever I feel like I want to do um let's see it's no wrong way of doing this and that's kind of the wonderful thing is that you know everybody can kind of sit down together and make their own this is a great Christmas party thing you know I know a lot of people decorate you know Christmas cookies or if you want to do this this is a really fun little little technique oh it's nice is Christmas cookies are wonderful and Geneva houses are wonderful but they're gone after yeah well after a few hours of these cookies but not in my house yeah and you know if you like I said if you're doing a little party your situation it's really nice and easy because the only tool that you need is a round nose plier all right so I've kind of loaded up what I think is kind of pretty they're got some blue and some crystal and some silver I think that'll look really nice with some with some sparkles behind it a nice little tree so I you have about a quarter an inch to a half an inch probably a little bit closer to half an inch I'd say just kind of eyeballing it so what you want to do is you want to just take your round nose plier there and you're going to come at the very tip and what you're gonna do is you're just gonna kind of hold your beads there and you're just going to bend it around and create a little loop that's just going to bend all the way in and you can just kind of rotate your pliers and see get a nice little loop there and bent all the way down there we go and now my beads aren't gonna go anywhere on that and they're gonna have a little bit of freedom to kind of move around as they twinkle so I'm gonna I'm gonna close that loop up a little bit better I don't like that as much there we go yeah here we go a little bit nicer there we go little tighter all right now I'm happy with it so that's it so I'm gonna continue and I'm actually gonna make the rest of this so I can show you my finished snowflake here but I'm gonna toss it to Julie because she's gonna be talking about sort of her ornaments that she's gonna be making we're gonna be doing a little bit back and forth yeah we can cover a lot of different techniques so I'm gonna start with my memory wire ornament that uses the bracelet memory wire so it does have a nice kind of classic ornament round shape and if you can see here we've also got this dangle with the little charm again pick which ever charm you like I like this one because it actually has a left and right facing one I'm going to do a set of two ornaments so if you go to this is actually a set of four memory wire ornaments that you can make so two of the one using the bracelet memory wire and two of the one using the ring memory wire and let me show you how to make this so for your tools you're gonna need a round nose plier a memory wire cutter a regular cutter and a chain nose so you probably have a lot of these tools at home the memory wire cutter might be the only one you don't have if you haven't already done memory wire but this is a great tool and you definitely want to use it to cut memory wire because memory wire is very strong and it can cause damage to your regular cutters if you use them so what we want to do is we want to cut a little over a full loop and I'm going to be generous here cuz I'm going to trim it later so I'm going to cut right here see see I've got one full loop and then probably another almost two inches and I know I'm going to trim it so I might as well cut it a little bit extra so just as cat made a little loop at the end of hers I'm gonna make a little loop at the end of mine again using round nosed so I'm just gonna grab it and rotate so there I've got my little loop all set and now I'm gonna start loading beads and for this one I'm going to be using an assortment of I've got little Czech seed beads I've got these little rondelle's and silver and red this actually large hole bead is for my next ornament so are these little green ones and then I've got these pretty emerald color bicones so I'm gonna use my first ornament kind of as my guide and I'm gonna string on a clear Czech bead a red one a clear one and a red one so I just put that right on to the memory wire and memory wire is great because it holds its shape that's why we love it so much and then I'm going to put on a bicone followed by another clear bead red bead clear bead red bead slide it down and now I'm gonna put on this rondell and this is just a check last one actually I think it's the same one cap might have used in her sample oh yeah we love these are so sparkly all right and then another red I mean I'm sorry another crystal red crystal red so I'm almost doing like a little candy cane stripe then another bicone and this is my sequins so let me show you what I've got when they slide down you see they're not coming off over the end because I've got that nice loop there and this is my pattern so it's gonna be the forecheck seed beads the bicone for czech seed beads the rondell the for Czech seed beads the bicone and now do four more Czech seed beads and another rondell so I'm gonna keep on doing this pattern and I'm just gonna repeat it until I make my full loop and if you have any questions about this please do write them in the comment section we've got Brian who you might have spoken with already he is actually one of our awesome customer service team members so when you call him to you know are when you call him to be to Holy Week and ask a question you might be getting him and he helps us here he is the one answering all these questions for you and providing links when we're doing these live classes I just love working with a lot of these Czech glass beads they're just you know it you can get a lot of different colors and variety and they're just really wonderful and versatile you start realizing there are a lot of ways to use them absolutely and we always have fun this time of year doing like we love making jewelry but it's fun to kind of challenge our brain yeah you know it's a think outside the box and you know like I said a lot of people you know they do Christmas the same every year we have our traditions and I love our traditions but you know the other thing too is that you're always looking for a unique gift for someone and sometimes that is hard to come up with so yeah all right so while he is focused on me I have actually finished my little ornament years I love this is actually turned out really cool but I love the combination of the blue and the crystal there you know you can also see just that kind of sparkles you know is it that's why you want to not make that loop too tight you want to give it a little bit of room to kind of move around but yeah this is a really nice thing this is a great little gift topper you know if you're making a nice little packaged gift and you want to just go the extra mile and sort of add this but yeah this is a great little craft for parties and everything as well so and you can actually see how many beads I still have left over so you're gonna be able to make a ton of different styles and you know go you can do some red white green you can do you know even more blue you can like I said you can go with some Swarovski crystals and if you're really you know feeling the the snowflake you can actually add little dangles to all these little simple wire loops that you have there at the end or you can add a big crystal at the bottom or another snowflake charm just go crazy and have so much fun with these and when you start to do them in different sizes you really get a really unique decoration so yeah so that is sort of that and kind of while I have you guys here something similar to this is these holiday wire frames now this is a really great little set you can create your own sort of one-of-a-kind and you get these lovely little frames here in the back and you get some wire so this is gonna involve a little bit of wire wrapping if you like you can also just sort of finish them and we have some great examples of some of our finished pieces right here so you can see that there's a beautiful star a bell and a little heart there so again this is using a lot of those Czech glass seed beads these are 6oc beads and we come they come in lots of different mixes so we have the sort of lovely little Christmas mix and then we have this great metallics mix as well so yeah so lots of fun stuff there and I've almost finished my whole day with this and I know you also have a question so I'm gonna quickly get to the next stage here real quick as well sure yeah other Selena's asking other than in it other than wine charms what can you use ring size memory wire for well Julie is actually going to be showing you an ornament using ring size memory wire in just a second but yeah we do have wine terms we can also what are the other things too is that I want to kind of point out to you and I can maybe kind of show you guys here so I have this is some ring memory wire here one of the things that's really nice about this is you can you see that cut right there you can actually come directly across and create a nice little sort of frame with these so you can actually create your own beatable frames with memory wire which is kind of what Julie's doing here you can also do it with the ring memory wire as well because this you can actually kind of set something in too and you can wire up onto this which is really really wonderful and you know Julie's going to show you how to stretch it out and you can actually wire wrap in between this as well so and also make rings you know you can make rings I'm going to show you how to make a ornament hook out of it yep cats gonna show you some really nice fancy ornament hook and I'm gonna show you a little bit more of a basic ornament hook using the ring memory wire and then something that we saw that we didn't have time to prep for this class which was so cool it was decorating candles with memory wire that's been beaded mm-hmm so hopefully we'll get that project up on the website I just didn't have time for it but I would definitely recommend using one of the faux candles because you're gonna have Lacs and and fire yeah everything you do a real candle but it was people because we've seen people who have actually spun the memory wire around candles which is really cool and you could use the ring memory wire because I've seen they have the faux the pillar can add the tall I'm sorry excuse me the taper candles you could actually kind of run that around there and beat it up if you wanted to because once you I mean I didn't this is pretty flexible because it's supposed to be but once you really stretch it it'll hold that shape so it'll kind of look like a nice little coil so you can do that as well and again it's all about that presentation so if you're giving it candle and you want to just give a little extra memory wire a little beaded thing that they can put on another candle that they might get throughout the year it's perfect all right you know I just thought how about ever on the top of a wine bottle actually just take this exact thing yeah put the tassel on it and put it around the top of the wine bottle and that would be cute cuz you can actually put maybe like a little initial charm or something mm-hmm all right I'm ready to show the next step here yes and you look at what I've got on my table here so you see that I've come to basically the end I've made a full circle here and so what I'm gonna do this just as cat left about a half an inch to do her little loop I'm gonna do about the same thing here and I'm gonna cut this with my memory wire cutters again and I'm gonna hold this so it doesn't fly off and hit someone I know sometimes it shoots across the room all right and I'm gonna try to make about the same size loop as I did here and you'll notice I'm betting it backwards because I want these loops to stand upright versus curved inward am I trying to make that loop about the same size there we go so now I've got the two loops and right now they're side-by-side I am gonna just pull them to overlap them here in a minute but to make my little Dingle so I've got two more pieces to finish up this ornament I want to make the little dangle that holds the angel charm and I want to make my little ornament hook so I'm going to start with a little dangle and for that I'm going to want to use an eye pin so I just have a regular eye pin and on it let me grab the beads so we don't have to move the camera I'm gonna do two of these little Czech glass beads two of my little bike cones and another one of my rondelle's so I'm just gonna put that right on to the eye pin just like so and now I'm just going to create a simple wire loop right here so I've just got that little loop pull it around it's so easy yeah it is but you know what I did kind of forget I think I want to make that loop a little bit bigger to be easier to grab those I'm so used to making my loops match Oh so we'll see if this works I might have to redo this one but where it Criss crosses we're just gonna cut it and I love that you can put any charm in there and you know really just make it your own and again like an initial charm is always lovely around the holidays it really shows that you went the extra mile to personalize it yeah initial or date charm this is then time to use those date ones cuz I know often we go ahead and we do mark them with dates cider baby's first Christmas or first you know Christmas together yeah newlywed and it's fun to look back at that I love that I just put some on my tree that said like 2012 and I was like oh I remember that alright let's see if this works guys I might have to make this loop a little bit bigger to capture or it might work yeah I have a little computer ornament that says mm cuz it was back with though the y2k oh yeah a little broken screen on it and it's really cute all right guys I'm gonna make this loop bigger walk walk okay I mean there's so many eye pins yes it will be easier to capture it alright so I just cut that off same process you see you're just showing it again it's good yeah so in case you guys missed it alright so now on this one I'm gonna make this loop bigger so to make it bigger I'm just gonna go further down on my pliers and now you can see we have a nice big loop which should hang better that'll make it yeah nice and easy to get on there okay so again pull it together so they overlap I was actually just thinking I bet you could do a circle within the circle with the ring memory wire I was just trying this trial ideas and I was like oh you could do a little circle within a circle I kind of still attach it the same way that was much easier there we go all right now to attach our charm so to attach our charm we're just gonna open this up here at the bottom slide on the little loop for our charm and close it back up and speaking of the memory wire now I'm gonna grab the memory wire right here and I am gonna make a really simple little ornament hook so to do that I'm just gonna take the memory wire stretch it out force it into the shape I want trim it so I just made like a big s now you can trim it here you can trim it here you can make it as big or as little as you like and then we're just going to a little smaller make another loop okay so we made a little loop so we have a hook and you can always manipulate it more to wrap around your Christmas branch a little bit more to main tools all right and then open this guy up slip him onto both loops and close him up and there you've got your ornament and so here now you have a pair so you've got the two angels and you've got the two loops I love that it's so neat and it's really fun because you get twelve loops in one of these memory wire packets so you could make about eleven of how you say you're gonna lose a little bit aware of the process so that's four eleven and you definitely get plenty of the ring memory wire as well so you can make yourself some wine charms absolutely yeah there's there's a lot of projects here and you know we always try to be aware of this it's like oh how many can you make if you purchase you know the project bundle or all the supplies you know cuz I know we all hate to have leftover beads but it all happens you know but then we end up having and just like little bits and bobs of everything and this is a great way to say you know hey if you have some red seed beads left over from a Valentine's Day project yeah whatever let's use them again or gold or silver yeah gold silver anything you know blue and white is also a very common you know holiday color it's very wintery you know as this with my snowflakes you know so there's lots of ways to kind of use up what you might already have and then just supplement it with a few different things like if you just want to buy the the snowflake forms you know that's great you might already have some beads at homes yeah it's fun to kind of go through your stash yeah Christmas all exactly the pre-christmas yes so now you're gonna show us yeah a fancier what a fancy mine might not wanted to use the materials that we have and that's perfect I'm going to show you how you can make your own hooks here by using some artistic craft wire now this here is 18 gauge so we have some really fun colors we have a beautiful red here and then we also have a lovely Christmas green but if you happen to have some gold or some non tarnished brass hanging around or even some rose gold perhaps you're trying to coordinate with another piece that you might be gifting this is a great way to kind of go the extra mile because I know there are a couple beautiful ornaments that I know a lot of people like to collect and they have nice little hooks on them and they sort of display them not on the tree they have their own sort of little ornaments stand so this is kind of just going the extra mile there all right but it's really easy so I have a couple of examples here I've done like a really big one and this is the example I'm going to do here just sort of that traditional s hook and then I have some here where I just did that traditional effect but what I did is I bent it in a little bit at the center to make and add some Swarovski crystals so again just sort of doing a little bit extra embellishment there and these are beautiful these are the new shimmer from Swarovski these are the erinite and this I am I'm stating excuse me the lights I am shimmer so beautiful Christmas colors and you can just see how they would just really Sparkle really beautifully on that wire all right so I'm going to guys show you guys how to do this all right so I'm gonna use the Christmas green color because I want to and that what I'm gonna do first is get maybe about six inches or so you can kind of eyeball this I'm gonna use some nylon jaw pliers and I like to keep it on the spool as I do this it just gives me a little bit more grip because I just want to kind of just straighten that out just a little bit I don't want to work hurting it too much right away we'll do that later I just want to kind of get it nice and sort of somewhat straight it's a little bit bent but well that's okay we're gonna bend it anyway all right take my flush cutters come in and clip it off now again this is 18 gauge wire so it'll be somewhat stiff but not too bad I'm gonna actually move that out of the way now all right so the main tool that we're gonna use to do this is going to be our round nose pliers and then I'm going to be using bail making pliers now these are Weber's and this is a nine millimeter and seven millimeter here and this is a great tool if you're going to be doing a lot of these however I have noticed that if you don't have this tool but you still want to do this technique you can use a dowel or something else that you might have the pliers will make it a little bit easier though so just a little tip no pressure but just a little tip that if you are gonna make a whole bunch of these I'd go with the pliers you won't miss him all right so let's start at one end we're gonna grip our round nose pliers and we're just going to make a simple wire loop but we want to make it a nice tiny little loop there at the end because this is just an embellishment we're not going to be attaching anything to this so go ahead and make yourself a nice little tiny simple wire loop and then I'm gonna use the big side here the 9 millimeter side so what I'm gonna do and I know this is kind of upside down for you guys but I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna set it in just like so so that my little loop is right up against that plier and I'm gonna take the wire and I'm gonna bend it all the way around that bail just like so and what I want to do is I want to kind of bend it all the way across because little sort of spring back just a little bit okay alright so now I'm gonna come down maybe about a half an inch or so and what I want to do to create that s-curve is hold my pliers just about like so and then I'm just gonna curve this going back the other way and you can see that I'm kind of curving it around almost making what looks like a little bit of a figure eight so just around those pliers there all right and then I'm gonna come in with my flush cutters and we're gonna cut it off probably about there I'd say so it's just sort of just crossing and then with my round nose pliers I'm just gonna turn it out and just make another oops another simple wire loop coming out there just to turn that around there we go so that is how easy it is to create our little hook and again this is 18 gauge wire but if you want to what we call work-hardened something what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our wire whacker tool so I'm gonna slide this across here so these are the wire whackers there are two plates and you can do this with your hand or you can do it with a with a hammer so if you want to and warning about sound I'm gonna be hitting this and so does is like alright so what you do is you just kind of hover it over and you give it one good smack watch your fingertips make sure they are out of the way you don't want those to get hurt and what that does is that's kind of work hardening it so that it becomes nice and stiff but if you don't want to do that what you can do is set it on top and again watching the fingers you can just sort of take your hammer and give it a few little taps again warning outs out here we go alright and now it is actually you can feel like I can't even move it is actually quite a bit stiffer so this is gonna be really nice especially if you are planning to hang something a little bit heavier from this but that's sort of this sort of natural little you know s-curve that we often see with Christmas ornaments so the other thing too is that what you can do is you can slightly bend this in a little bit further and if you want it to sort of close off you're just gonna want to cross it and then you can kind of bring it back a little bit so if you have your ornament at the bottom you are good to hang this on something and you're good to go so and I just I feel like I should say this just to be cautious please don't make one with crystal and use it in your work hardener if you need to and you want to work harden the tips of this once you've created it you can take your nylon jaw pliers and just kind of come over and give it a few good squeezes this is also work hardening it without hurting that wire at all so you just kind of squeeze over the top and you're making that wire just a little bit harder but what I love about this is the wires inexpensive so you can again this is a great chance for you to use some beads that you might already have some crystals and go and have fun and then again it's just about going that extra little mile you know just a little something extra yes there's so many and I love them with that colored wire you know yeah it's it's the perfect use for it it really is so while we're kind of in the middle here I want to take a quick break so if you're just joining us we want to go over our giveaway again if you guys have joined us before we always do a wonderful giveaway for you guys so as you saw me earlier I was making some of our snowflake Christmas ornaments but we're gonna give you guys our full kit to do so so you guys are gonna make some beautiful crystal snowflakes there you get a set of six and if you're into bead weaving we have our odd count peyote duo and Christmas parties you'll make both those bracelets or two gifts if you like and then we have our Swarovski pinch veil earring trios and again three gifts or you know maybe to give someone to wear for your Christmas party so these make great gifts as kids or if you want to make them and then gift them as kits it's wonderful so all you need to do is leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from what your favorite holiday song is or what you're giving this year maybe you guys can share some great gift ideas with each other if we haven't shown anything or you know yeah just leave a comment and we will announce the winner live in in a little while here as we are kind of wrapping up so yeah so let's go over some of the other great things that we have on our table here do you want to maybe you should start you know what yeah let's go tell your ornament started because I you know I was looking at the memory where I want to talk about those but let's start wearing let's start with you yes this is going to be using that ring memory wire that we were all right here we go and I think we're just gonna start this and then what I can do is I can do the beating while Kat is talking about there may also be a little bit of splitting again so here is the ring memory wire and we have just talked that you could also put this on the wine bottle you could spiral this up a faux candle so lots of different things you can do with it and on this one I'm gonna start with a little dangle first so what we've got is we have this tassel and this actually comes already like this so I love the tassel I made a pair of earrings out of it earlier in the year and I'm like oh I could use it for a holiday ornament so to start I'm going make the little extension here so I'm going to take a bike out a large hole bead and another bicone so if you like large hole beads and you want to figure out how to stabilize them a really great tip is to put a six millimeter bicone in there and what that does is when you sandwich it it stays nice and even and straight that's a great tip so you can make a pair of earrings doing this too so now we're just going to make a nice little simple wire loop and again where it Criss crosses is where we're gonna cut it with our normal flush cutters and we're gonna open that loop up with our chain nose pliers so at this point this really could be an earring oh yeah that's like a little yeah yeah earring you could make this in here and we're gonna turn it into the little dangle at the bottom but there we've got our dangle so we've got that nice large hole bead and we have the tassel and now we're gonna do the memory wire portion of this so like cat said you get a lot of coil yes you guys so many coils it's really fun I'm gonna do what you don't normally do I am gonna stretch it out so see if you start to pull it out it still does hold its shape but it holds it stretched out shape that's actually really neat you think like that stretch out remember we're but once you do it does stain yeah it stays that way which is really fun so I want about four coils worth but again I'm going to cut myself a little bit extra and then I'll trim it down later so just like the bracelet memory wire you're gonna cut this with your memory wire cutters and I've got that nice spring now oh nice so I'm also gonna create a little loop at the base and these are all really basic tools so if you guys don't have any of these tools a round nose plier a pair of flush cutters chain nose plier and Julie's using the memory wire cutters but yeah really great tools just to kind of always have on hand you'll use them oh yeah you don't find lots of products you'll be like how did I do without that all right so we've got that and that access our little beads stopper so I'm just going to start to bead and for this one I'm gonna do a crystal bead or a clear one I should say an emerald II colored one we're going with that real classic Christmas palette here and a red one and I'm gonna repeat that so another clear one I am world red and then one more sequence of that okay and now I'm gonna do this great little Czech glass round bead followed by another one of these rondell's and the silver and now a nice big red rondell another silver and another green and this is gonna be my pattern that I went over Pete so we'll just kind of fine get him on down so there's my pattern so we're gonna do the nine seed beads we're going to do the Czech glass around the silver rondell the red rondell the silver rondell and the green round and we're gonna repeat oh very nice so as I repeat that sure we don't like to the wine charms because I love those wine charms and that uses through the ring memory wire it does yeah and that's kind of a that's a neat little gift I know often times when were gifting things for the holidays we don't know what size someone's wrist my knee or what size of necklace they might prefer so you know if you know someone who enjoys wine or you know is just kind of throwing a holiday party this makes a beautiful hostess gift because the great thing is that you can personalize all those charms to that person you know or this is one of those great little things where if you're having guests come over and they get a glass of wine you can have a wine charm and then that can be their little take away gift for you so this is this is actually kind of it's really really easy uses a Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal pearls and some beautiful charms there and what I want to show you is that it's really easy to kind of get on to you can kind of see just looking down the top there it's it becomes like a little S curve but it kind of snaps back into shape so this sits around the base of your wine glass but this is just a loop and a half of memory wire and it's really easy and it doesn't take that many supplies so again even if you wanted to get all kinds of different charms and make them all the same color I sort of coordinated mine here I wanted to really make my my piece colorful but yeah this is a great little use of that ring memory wire because again you are getting so much so this is one of those things where you could you know you don't even have to include a charm if you're gonna use different colors so that's also an option as well but a great little hostess gift or kind of a last-minute little gift for someone I know often times you know there's some one that comes up or you know they'll give you a gift and then you're like oh shoot it so you'll have some wine charms at the ready they really do work if you've been to a gathering and you're like there's six glasses of wine yeah this table which one is mine then you you know which wine charm to look for so that is what their point is they're very pretty but they're actually really functional too well you know I know I brought back some some wine charms from a recent trip of mine and we gave them as a gift and they became a conversation starter because it was where did you get them there's some meat you know just that kind of thing or it's just like oh I love candy cane so I'm gonna choose the candy cane line right it shows that people's personality just a little bit christmas party alright so one of the other things I want to show you guys here and this is another great little gift and this is a beautiful little beaded bead ornament and you can just imagine what this looks like on a tree with that light sparkling through the back this is an ornate beaded bead we have an entire video that walks you through every single step to make these they're really fun and again a great use of some these are all Czech glass beads here but you can also use crystals as well so this is sort of a big Daddy version of some of the earrings that we've made in the past I'm just using slightly larger beads so that is the beaded bead ornament and if you are looking at these brick stitch ornaments we showed you these in the beginning here but these are really fun too you can create your own little patterns I created the form for you guys so guys will know exactly how many beads each one is but the great thing about this is this is a trio here and if you purchase all three colors the red the green and the light you'll actually be able to make all three so that's a great thing I'm I spent a lot of time on those patterns to make it red you could make at least three I thought that would be kind of fun and then this is actually really cute here this uses these Swarovski crystal hotfix now these are crystals here but what I did is I kind of stuffed it and I put two pieces of ultra suede together and just created a bead embroider and beaded edge and what was nice is I created a fun little pattern on the front and a nice little initial on the back you could put a year you could put a name whatever it is so it kind of is a nice little poofy ornament even is something that won't come crashing down to the floor I know we all have those shatterproof ornaments because we all have pets and children you know so but this is a nice little sort of squishy one that won't come crashing always on the lookout for that alright so Julie's doing pretty good there yeah I'm done and I actually can can just go ahead and wrap this up because you can make this as long or as short as you want the phone so what I can do is I can show you what I've got because you get the idea here you just keep repeating it and this one here is is longer but we're gonna wrap this guy up so what you'll do is once you've done the coils that you want again you're just going to take your memory wire cutters trim it so you've got about that half-inch again then take your round nose make the little loop and for this loop what I want to do is I want to bend it up a little bit and I'm just bending it and I want to bend this loop down a little bit so you're just really kind of making the memory wire do what you want it to do that's cool and it stays it stays perfectly yeah no other wire will really do that for you the way you need memory wire - yeah it'll end up distorted you don't get like the nice round loops especially because this is something you're gonna be you know probably putting in a box and bringing out here after year you know all right so I'm going to open my little simple wire loop here on the little dangle I made and I'm just gonna connect it to the loop here for the memory wire and now I'm gonna do one of my little handy dandy pre-made ornaments so I cut this our automatics I cut that off and then maybe I'll be easier to see this time I'm just bending it so I'm almost making like a mesh shape like a figure eight and again I'm just forcing this memory wire to do what I want it to do there we go make a loop so I got that little loop now I'm just gonna open that up and put it on to our little ornament close it on it and there we go so you've got that ornament now so very easy to do and another fun project to do with friends or with family well anything everyone likes yeah putting the beads in exactly I was gonna say and it's nice to see that you can make it in different little length see now if you're looking at oh I ran out of beads okay I'll just finish this one on to the next exactly there's no wrong way to do this one - well you know it's funny as you know as we're decorating for the holidays I know a lot of people you know growing up my mom always we had our traditional tree with all the kids ornaments on it yeah and then my mom always had a white tree so it was all white and silver really beautiful and you know so I was just kind of looking at the filigree that you have over there and I was like that would be really beautiful on that tree you know because a lot of people go you know maybe vintage style or you know they they love the color red I mean we had friends they had a beautiful red and green tree and that was all that was on that tree it was gorgeous you know so it's great to do some color coordination too when you're thinking about your holiday decorations absolutely if you know someone who has that white exactly you can make something specific for them exactly yeah all right so I think we're almost ready to get art give away dinner so I'm gonna just show you a little bit more up close to filigree pieces this is your last chance get your comments in there and then Brian will pick a winner at random yeah all right I'm gonna show you what's on this half of the table and I'll go ahead and pick the giveaway winner so another thing you can do with Czech glass beads and these are actually the same beads that I used for these ornaments is you can make little napkin rings so we have this project on the website it's very easy to do it's just a little bit of bead weaving and you can make a nice set of them so you could do four or six so that's another great little hostess gift or just a regular gift if you are looking for that person kind of has everything you can be like I bet they don't have these pretty little napkin rings and then I've got this ornament here too and this uses a big frosty crystal at the base and this is just simple wire loops so these are just Ivan's and simple wire loops which is really nice and then here we've done the wire wrapping of the filigree and if you look on the back you can't even really see the wire and I doubled this one I made this one a little bit sturdier by putting two of these together and I just got some charms and you've already seen this one and then over here a little classic beaded ornaments Otpor and again we have the full tutorial as well as the video on how to do this guy you can make it bigger to go on a bigger ornament if you like and then these were a kit from last year actually these little of Fringe earrings in the Christmas color palette so a lot of fun things you can do for the holidays yeah lots of great giftable items you know Christmas ornaments do make a great gift if you don't quite know someone's style that they might you're where year-round or something but you have this is wonderful and don't forget you know if you are giving jewelry as a Christmas gift don't forget about New Year's so if you're thinking about like oh maybe I'll do like a black and silver thing that they can wear for New Year's you know maybe a pretty headband or a necklace or you know just whatever it is but yeah cuz they will want to probably wear it beyond their that's a great little tip as well so if you're you know thinking ahead not that I want to think ahead two years yet you know give them something that they can wear into the New Year or something that has perhaps a wintery theme yeah great because it's winter everywhere but Los Angeles sorry it was high 40s this morning I know and it rained yesterday right read quite a bit it's a little bit more seasonable yeah just a little bit all right fine do we have our giveaway winner all right all right so congratulations to every Dean ever Dean Jones yeah congratulations all you need to do is email us at service at and we will get your shipping information and send out this beautiful giveaway and if you guys are curious these are all kits you can shop these at we still have our holiday sale going on right now and speaking of giveaways our twelve giveaways of Christmas we'll be starting on Monday so be sure to check out the designers blog for that information and of course we'll be posting that on Facebook as well it's very fun time of year happy holidays everyone have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you back here in the new year bye

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