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In this special Live Class Event Beadaholique Designers Kat Silvia and Alexandra Smith share their ideas for making the perfect gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season. Everything from jewelry kits to crafts to decor, you can get inspired by our quick and easy projects and free project designs. We also have lots of gifts to get for the beader in your life and maybe a few things to add to your wishlist.
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hi everyone welcome to the feed AHA League design space I'm cat Silvia and I'm joined by my fellow lady in green Alexander Smith we both wore green today 11 so we are talking today all about just holiday gifts we have lots of inspirations for you you have lots of kids to show you all kinds of fun stuff we're gonna be talking about you know a little bit of maybe some of the things that are on our wish list as beaters so if you have a beater in your life and maybe you're not yourself and you need some inspiration and what to get them we have that here as well so yeah very exciting stuff I'm I love the holidays I love the holidays me too it's a great time to just create and you know even if you haven't gotten to a chance to do it all year long this is that perfect time to shift over and start making gifts for everyone and it's early enough we wanted to do this not in December in November so that you guys did have time to buy some items make them and make sure that your holidays are stress-free yeah it takes a lot of preparation I myself was up at 5:00 this morning assembly lining some projects because I love it I mean this time of year is just it's a long-standing tradition that my mom and I would do handmade gifts and I stayed with me I like that yeah always always love it and assembly line is the key for sure absolutely yeah so we'll be talking about some projects where you can make more than one of something like several if you buy all the supplies then you're good to go yeah it makes it nice and easy because like I said stress-free that's that's my cue that's my word for the holidays this dress this year but just enjoy it you know then that's what this is yeah exactly so if you've joined us before on our live classes you know that we do a giveaway so today we're actually doing a little bit more of a unique kind of a giveaway so let me show you really quick what we're gonna be doing here and the way that you can win this giveaway is to just leave a comment here ask a question let us know where you're tuning in from hey let us know what your favorite Christmas carol is you know something fun in the comments so for today we're actually giving you a nice tool kit so if you don't have a great tool kit or if you want to gift this to someone else that's a great thing this is the micro grip so it's gonna be really nice and I love the yellow there so you have four different tools here and these are going to be really fun pliers this is gonna help you with jump rings simple wire loops all kinds of basic tools that you need to do that and easy to find them if you lose them in the couch because they're so bright exactly alright and then we have three kits here so I have two now this because it's a November Class I'm giving you guys the November birthstone earrings kit and for a little added bonus you're gonna get the necklace kit as well so you have a really nice little set here so if you know someone who has a November birthday this would be a great little opportunity to give them a little gift and then I do have the Hamptons necklace kit and this is featuring Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal pearls in the beautiful emerald and scarlet color so this is going to be perfect for the Christmas holiday so you'll be able to get that build it and wear it throughout the whole season I love that design thank you so you'll get all three kits and this tool kits and it's over $50 value so all you need to do like I said is just leave a little comment below and say say hi you know you have a question about something we have Brian behind the camera there and he's here to answer everything and send you guys links so if you're like hey what's that that they just showed he's here to let you know exactly what it is and send you to the website alright so speaking of that Hamptons kit I want to actually take this opportunity to show you this is what the finished piece looks like so you can see just how really delicate it is it's got those beautiful Swarovski pearls and that emerald there is sitting in a lovely little Geeta setting so there's no glue that you need it has that beautiful prong setting there so this is that Hamptons necklace kit in that emerald and speaking of some other kits that we have so we have another of the Gita kits here this was launched last year for Christmas and this actually comes as a set so we have this as well as the earrings here as well and that comes with the little beautiful Swarovski earrings now just to reiterate from the beginning these are holiday versions of kits that come in all sorts of different colors that are available year-round exactly so what we do every year is we take our most popular kits and sort of reconfigure them into some great holiday colors you know one of the kits that I actually really like and it is a holiday color but if you look here this kit here is really fun because it is actually a pair of earrings but you have that the green the red and the white on that one and then the pair is actually that just gold and pearl so what I love is that you can wear the gold and the Pearl year-round it's not necessarily Christmas specific so you can see over here if you're wanting something a little heavier we have a couple of bead weaving kits and of course we do some Christmas colors but I also love these ones these are gonna be great for like New Year's so that's another thing if you're giving or if you're thinking about giving a gift that someone will open on Christmas Day a great thing to do is give them some beautiful sparkly New Year's jewelry because then they'll actually get to wear it cuz sometimes you know Christmas jewelry tends to die off right after the holiday you want to wear it before and of course you know we encourage you to wear it year-round I don't know I don't care but the New Year's one is gonna be really really lovely cuz I don't get to wear it you know what we're in time for here doing this in November is if you want to make joy for yourself get these kits and do it now and you can go there for the next two months yeah yeah so that's I mean that that's my plan who's always man yeah so just to talk about a few more kits you know before we get into making some stuff here these are some of our latest kits so I have the memory wire kit here and this is actually really fun this was one of our most popular kits so I was excited to do it in Christmas colors here so you've got the lovely red wood beads and the metal seed beads and these lovely little pearls here so that is a little stacked memory wire and of course we wanted to do some kumihimo so again this is that 12 spiral that we launched earlier this year but now it's in a heavy metals kind of collection so it's a little more luxe for the holidays we have some carrier beads we also have a couple of our loom bracelets here and these are some of our most popular kids these are the Calypso earrings that we've launched just a couple months ago so we did a Christmas version and again you can see that we've done a New Year's version and speaking of sort of not doing it in traditional Christmas colors I have a loom bracelet here and the another kit and this is the first snow kit and I wanted to do something that was just really it deluxe but really kind of snowy in just very wintry so we're going to talk a little bit about you know how you can take some of like the winter items and sort of again that's an opportunity to carry that through the year so here are some of the other kits that we have lots of different techniques and you know we do have refill kits as well so you can you know if you already do have a loom you can just get the beads and the patterns so we have some beautiful loom earrings we have a couple of more loom pieces down here I love these peyote pieces this reminds me of like a nice little Christmas sweater and the colorful pattern is included in these so that that's a great value there too yeah we have some more snowy and Christmas more kumihimo there and then let's move on from the kits for just a second I want to take time to talk to you about a different type of kit that we have and those are the pallets so we have exclusive designer pallets and these four seed beads here that's one of them that's our traditional classic Christmas and this one here this is actually made from a pallet so you can see that there's four different colors of seed beads here and I was able to make two loom bracelets so it's a dark blue and a light blue and a white and a silvery color like a silver lined crystal and that's a great little thing so you can kind of stock up on these seed beads and then make your own little patterns with them so the pattern is a free pattern so you can just download that from our free PDFs so that is an option there as well and then a great thing to do it just mix and match you get several of the palettes and then use them in intermingle exactly because you'll find a need maybe you know later on in the year you'll need some extra gold beads and you'll have already have the palette so that's great yeah and the palettes are wonderful because you get 10% off from if you were to buy all the four pieces individually so that's a little tip there we do have some other great little projects up here here's another one of those kits that we were talking about this is a little blue and silver version so again is that any beautiful wintry color just love that we have our little Christmas ornaments here and just little swarovski pearls with some little swarovski crystal round dolls and i actually did that in a video so these are live on the website now just some other great little projects here and what i love is that we can take things that we've done throughout the year and just kind of make color variations of them so this was something that was done in a silver and black version but we also decided to do it in a green and red version so just kind of fun little things that you can do take you know and get inspired from other designs that we've done throughout the year and they can be kind of made into Christmas and I love this loom that you did Alexandra this is so pretty this is Christmas and Taos yeah yes I know if I invite your design abilities and I'm inspired to try myself so yeah that was really fun and just any excuse to make more jewelry it's a when we're told we get to make different color variations for the seasons it's like yeah so yeah it's just some other Swarovski pearls this is that beautiful and this is a great Christmas color this is that Eden green and this is one of those Swarovski pearls from this year so just really gorgeous and beautiful hmm all right so that's gonna be a great green for Christmas all right so we have some more patterns here this is peyote and then down here I want to take a second to talk to you a little bit about some of the finished jewelry that we already have so we actually have these little post earrings so if you really need something quick and easy and don't have time to make something we do actually have a great section in our holiday gift Center that is all about ready-to-wear so that includes a lot of these earrings here that you're gonna see that our post earrings stocking stuffers exactly it's so wonderful to be able to have that because sometimes you're just in that much of a crunch and you don't have time to make anything so there you go and then this is another great example of seeing a Christmas version and I like that this one is very frosty so that still goes with sort of a wintery theme but you could wear that one year-round to of course you know there's nothing saying you can't wear red and green year-round and but also we do have some beautiful Star of David and some Hanukkah stuff if you celebrate that holiday as well so it doesn't have to be Christmas all right so Alexander why don't you take it and start talking about some of those beautiful crafts that we have all right so just over here we're starting into the wine charms you can see I think these charms come as sets of six is that right five out of six of charms come in a package so then you just make up a whole set and again with the packages of beads if you just buy everything then you can make multiples of stuff some really fun brick stitch projects you probably remember from our last Facebook live if you tuned in and then more wine charms we've got some kumihimo candy canes that are wonderful for the tree and some some other ornament ornament ideas up in the front there and then coming along back here some more ornaments as well let's see so these are with filigree stamping and you can see that it's the same stamping just done two very different ways and there will be a video coming soon with a gold version of this one here so I'm looking forward to doing that I love that you can see how different the same filigree piece looks just really different beads there and there's a lot more the white patina yeah you can say and you were able to color is that's actually really beautiful hmm so I'll show you how to do that and then over here is an ornament I'll be talking more about with a little demonstration I'm using that wire wrapping there's a video for that as well that technique and some fun variations on this seedbead Rose on the wood beads video for that as well and what else Oh these Christmas tree earrings are so darling my eye just keeps going back to them so easy to make to really fun so let's start making some alright alright so one of the things that I found really helpful last year and I'm probably gonna repeat this year is I made a lot of jewelry using migite jewelry findings and Swarovski crystals why because Swarovski crystals are really sparkly and we all like to get sparkly things and migite is so easy to pop in a crystal we have the great tools to show you and I'm gonna show you how to use one of them but it's a really easy thing to personalize you can personalize it with birthstones with favorite colors with Christmas colors you know you can really go all out so if you just buy a whole bunch of crystals and then you can just kind of fit them in where you need them to be and then each person gets a little bit of a unique gift but it's easy on you to kind of create and just sort of design based on the colors that you want to get right now the shopping experience is easy too because whatever prong size it is has the matching stone size for the crystal is that right exactly I have to know what to get to fit with you get one and so we've made that pretty easy yeah and that's that's the other thing that I want to talk to you about as well because we wanted it to be super easy so if you're looking at one of the Gaeta settings it'll tell you that this is for Swarovski ss 39 or SS 29 or you know the 10 millimeter cushion the 12 million your cushion whatever it is but it's going to be very easy for you to line everything up so that you know exactly what you're buying you know exactly how it's gonna fit and there's no kind of question also the other thing that I like about much of the gita is that it is that prong setting so it has that nice elegant touch to it we do also have some glue in settings as well and those are still absolutely lovely no no disregard to the glue ends but I always like the kind of prong setting I just think it's really nice and elegant for me so alright so I have a project that I've started here but I have not finished because I wanted to finish it for you on camera so this is using this Rusk you know this is the stone size 39 or what we refer to as ss 39 so this is a great little set so I'm looking at these earrings here and it started out as a bracelet and then I have some extra crystals so I was like oh let me make a matching pair of earrings and what a lovely gift this could make for someone so I'm using that err blue opal and if you look closely and I'll kind of get my hands out of the way here this crystal here this is actually the patina so it's got a little bit of sort of like a rainbow effect kind of happening on top of it but they're really unique crystals and they really really Sparkle and shimmer but it's not quite that bright brilliant white crystal it has a little bit of pink tone to it so I actually kind of like that is that different from the ad finish because I'm yes it is yes the ad finish is going to be a little bit more over the entire top of the crystal if you kind of see this almost looks like it's splashed paint that's probably the best way I can describe that Lily mm-hmm yes oh it's really really nice so and then the other thing too is that I have this great tool and this is perfect for the 39 SS and this actually comes for some of the other sizes as well you can get the 29 you can get the cushion stone as well and just looking down the barrel of it it kind of has that little concave thing and this is a nice little brass piece so it's nice and strong so all you do is you just take this and you place it on top of the crystal and you just give a little press down and it sets your crystal and then you can just kind of pop and go all the way down and this is great and you're gonna want this tool if you're doing multiples like this so you can just go and you can just press and my my bead is set and then if you wanted to if you didn't have the tool you can always use a popsicle stick and I'm gonna come to this side and hopefully my crystals won't fall out but you can just individually just kind of roll it over the top to bend each prong individually so just giving it a nice little press and then working your way around in a cross pattern and I don't want to do that too much because I think all my little crystals are gonna fall out so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of finish this off camera here and then I'll be able to kind of pick it up and show you guys what it really looks like but yeah so that's actually a really easy thing and the Ghita comes in a lot of different ways we have these rings and when it comes to sizing the Rings are adjustable you can see in the back and actually the front piece of this is adjustable and that just you can see side by side that's the SS 29 and that's the SS 39 so you can just kind of see how that different size works oh and speaking one more thing about sizing so this piece this bracelet is actually a finished piece from Gaeta and it does come with that chain extender if you wanted to eliminate that you can just open that jump ring and kind of remove that so you just use the lobster clasp here but I actually really like that it has a sweet little heart charm there at the bottom of it so yeah so that is the Gina setting so I love to make snowy jewelry I think it's just it's always a really lovely gift and before I toss it over to Alexander I just want to show you one other thing and this kind of goes with some other crafts and this is a little snowflake that I made and this features Swarovski crystals as well and it just sparkles you can just see you can kind of rotate some of those beads but just to put this on you know on top of a gift let it be a little gift topper for someone and then they can use it as a little ornament just by hanging a little string from the top and it starts out as this little wire frame right so it's customizable yeah went to her desk with this and then half an hour later I look over and she's got this and I'm wondering how in the world you put those beads together so quickly in all those shapes and sizes you know it was so funny I fully intended to finish one of these loops on camera and I just I just went through and I just made made it all because I was just so excited just to just to trail it around and just to see how it goes but it's just a little simple wire loop there you just kind of pinch together just enough to kind of make sure that last bead is secure but that's it there's nothing else to it it's really fun and this is something that you can actually do we've made flowers we've made fireworks so Anne this comes in several different sizes so this is one of the smaller sizes here here's another larger size that I have in my hand and then I also want to show you the super big size which is actually really really fun if you want to do window ornaments here and that is this size so you can just see how big it is next to my hand my hand is bigger than my hand so it's nine inches wide but it's really fun and you can add all kinds of beads to it doesn't have to be source key crystals you can do Czech glass you can do all kinds of things really big beads so this is a great thing if you have just a big stash of beads and want to kind of throw something together and make something really fun and colorful children too I have three kids and I'm thinking oh I really like to do that absolutely and you'll probably just need to help them with those little loops there but have them load one up and yeah they can hand it to you and you can make that little loop for them and it's wonderful it's actually a really great little craft yeah because I always like getting together at the holidays and making things as well yeah so yeah so that it was just one of the other little kind of snowy things that I wanted to talk about my favorites speaking of these wire frames there's actually a variation on those over on this side of the table so when y'all take it oh absolutely show you a few other varieties of shapes that we have so these were made into Christmas ornaments by stringing the outside and then you can see there's been some wire wrapping done down into the Centers of these and it's just a matter of wiring together the ends once you're finished in the star the bail and also this sweet little heart and another version of this snowflake she was showing you so yeah so much bigger beads right so speaking of ornaments shall I launch into my yeah cuz I I'm dying to watch you do this purple in this this ornament here and just show you the variation of color and the fun thing about this is I used the size 20 gauge wire assortment and had so much fun putting together different combinations and you can really make a lot when you buy the package so I found some complementary beads and just this is actually going to be my Christmas gift a lot of people I love it I've done a video for you on how to create this petal design using a mandrel set a wooden mandrel set and in the video I showed how to connect the two flowers but here I want to show you how to embellish that by adding a little Rose Monte and so these are Swarovski crystals that are in a prong setting and when you flip them over you'll see that there are actually four holes and they go intersecting in these little sort of tube tunnels across the back and so traditionally they're used to sew on or use in like beadwork but in this case it's great for my wire wrapping project so I'm going to go ahead and take this 22 gauge wire and cut about I'm gonna use our mat here and cut three inches and I'm going to put my Rosemont II on to the wire just going through any one of those holes and bring it into the center of the wire and then they Bend the two sides of the wire down against that bead toward the back and I'm gonna take up my flower and just stick the two ends of the wire through the Centers of both flowers so that the Rosemont II sits on top then I'm going to actually hold that with my thumb and bring it over to the other side and just bend those wires across the back in opposite directions got my little bead on down the way pull them across and stabilize that Rosemont II and so I'm only really going through one direction in that bead but it does a fine job of holding it on there once I clip and tuck the ends of the wire and this design is almost cage-like and so it's a nice way of just tucking in these wires into a wide Center that it's very forgiving it doesn't doesn't show a lot of all that wirework it gets hidden so I'll tuck those in and then give you a glimpse of that there so that's just a nice way to embellish that that design straight and it seems to be a tradition now that we demonstrate how to make an ornament hook I just think this adds such a nice sort of artisan handmade touch so I'm going to demonstrate that for you as well and for that I'm going to use this 20 gauge wire that came with the assortment now for attaching the Rose money I did use a slight slightly thinner gauge of wire to make it a little easier though for my own projects I'm actually using the 20 gauge because that's what I've got available so for the ornament hook I'm going to cut four inches of the wire and then I'm gonna bring in my nylon jaw pliers and straighten that out and it's also using a wire from the assortment because you can actually use green wire as well so it kind of is hidden in the tree if you have you know obviously a green tree so this is work hardening the wire also and cat has done a video on the ornament hook that shows the use of a wire whacker and that's a good thing too for a stiffening your wire or so next we'll just bring in our bail making pliers actually first we need the little loop on the end right there you go all right so I'm going to take my little round nose pliers let's start from the beginning here and I'm just gonna turn the end over and a little loop like so and just match that end up with the wire and then with the bail making pliers I'm gonna grip just off of the end there so it's not quite touching the loop I just made and this is a 9 millimeter diameter and this is a 7 millimeter diameter is that right yes let's go okay so I'm coming around the larger side in the opposite direction of the loop that I made so it's coming around in that nice sort of curved hook look just down around the base and then I'm gonna do exactly the same thing on the other side by taking the tip and curving it in the same direction as this is curving and if you're curious the the bail making pliers those are from Webber's and they come in different sizes mm-hmm so this is the nine and the seven as Alexander said yes well I make sure I'm going in the right direction here yeah you know what did I do that opposite of what I should have I think the loop let's see what happens when I go around if I curved this yeah yeah that's how many of a done of these already yeah it happens so what I can do is just clip off that end and get it in the right direction go you can see the idea this is the idea okay all right so let me correct that little loop direction there and then I'll adjust the size of the of the hook just by setting my pliers in again and creating this loop that I want we just make it work yeah all right so once I've got my little hoops made and you can practice and perfect and Nikhil your micro-adjustments okay then I'm gonna embellish the center with the colored wire and just create a nice accent to go with my ornament so for that I'm gonna guesstimate about another four inches stay consistent clip that and I'm just gonna start with maybe a half inch tail just down below at the end of one loop and I'm gonna start to rotate my wire right around the center fingers are a little slippery but we can adjust with the pliers too once we're done I love that little pop of color that's nice and you're right it does help to kind of just tie the design together yeah I'm actually in a grip with my pliers and give myself a little bit more stability here so let me take that on one side I'm just gonna stack my coils along here now a word of caution with the the craft wire is if you scrape the edges with your metal pliers it might take the color off so you do want to be gentle with that and use the nylon jaw pliers whenever you can that's a good tip and you know we did a great class about wire wrapping 101 and we didn't talk a lot about in the nylon jaw pliers because sometimes if you do find yourself you know wanting to use the color the colorful wire that's a great opportunity to really utilize the nylon jaw and that's something that you can replace you can replace the nylon pieces yes yeah just the tips without having to buy a whole new set of pliers I'm working upside down so that you can see so I hope this is coming across on camera and I'm gonna take my pliers and kind of so it's hard to work up so I'm gonna just here too cuz you can see I've got a little bit of space between my my prongs so I don't want to scrape the wire I just want to squeeze it together a little bit alright so I'm gonna keep working on that and just get it the length that I want I'll clip the two ends and then I'll show you the finished finished look when I get it there well while you're finishing that up I was able to finish my Akita bracelet and so I just kind of want to pick it up and take an opportunity to just show you how it looks and it's just it's really again it's very sparkly but it's very winter it's very frozen you know it's very icy so I just I really I love working with the kita and I think you know this is one of those things where you can present this to someone to be very proud of what you've done and it didn't take you a lot of time and you can just do it really nice and easy now I did notice that we had a little bit of question as to how long this was so I'm gonna measure this out on my piece here so the shortest distance was gonna give you a nice seven inch bracelet now unfortunately you can't remove these guys here but they do sort of crunch together and so it can be a loose where for someone like that but then the extender will extend so you can wear about an extra two inches or so so yes you can also remove this and add an extra extender if you wanted it to be a little bit longer and what-have-you so yeah so that is that little nice set and I think that would just be lovely for someone so let me know what you guys think I like I like I like the sparkle that's just me I'd love it actually I don't tend to think of myself as a Gita person I don't gravitate toward it I'm more of an organic earthy look what I have on my wrist so yeah here we go yeah for me it's been a bit of an acquired taste but I totally know what you mean there's just there's a richness and equality to this forest crystal that's pretty special and don't forget a lot of the Swarovski crystals that we have we do have the big sparkly the crystal but we also have pieces that are a little bit more like this they are a little bit more of that saturated color so you do kind of still have those lovely little facets there but it's a little bit of a richer color you know so it's it's not matte per se but it has that nice lacquer backing to it so that's the color that you're seeing coming through that top so this is a really good option for someone who might want just maybe a little bit of sparkle who doesn't want to go crazy with it but the other thing too is that Swarovski pearls are really eautiful and i think those work up really nicely and this is a i'll kind of bring this back and i'll show you this guy here this is another little example where you kind of see side by side the the sparkle and the pearl so you can kind of see so this is a little bit more of an a Matt kind of a finish so it's got that iridescent to it but you know and this again is one of those kids that comes with both so if you're in need of two quick pairs of earrings for two different people say oh you know Mary would like the pearls but you know Trish would like the sparkle so you can kind of separate them out so you can make both so you had them two gifts in one if you will yeah all right let's see how yeah yeah so here we are it's pretty much just the blue version of the green and that's the fun thing about that wire assortment is just mixing and matching I had tried the the red with the white and that looks very pretty with some white pearls down below and so forth so it's just a lot of fun to play with those again that's lemon my secret for this year is I'm gonna be giving these as gifts so now one other little gift idea that we didn't touch on just yet is those bookmarks over there yeah and I did those in a little video and Alexander why she bring those over here oh so to come up how sweet are these with the inverse colors I love it thank you so yeah so I thought this was really fun and this is just some chain so this is a great little thing if you have some little scraps of things or if you have like you can add a little crystal down here or a charm but you can also do like an initial charm and really personalize it but you know a lot of people will give cookbooks or books or you know whatever it might be a journal something like that so this would be a great opportunity to kind of add a little something extra to that gift because sometimes you know some will ask for a book and it's like oh but I can make a really cool like bookmark for them with their initials or maybe like a holiday charm or something like that or a little crystal because I know their favorite color so that kind of thing so this would just sort of fit in the book and then kind of hang down the spine like just like that Harry yeah so just be really pretty and like I said it's a great way if you have just some little little bits of chain you know that kind of doesn't go with anything else you can mix metals so there's no wrong way to do it but I just I love these I think they're so cute wonderful so yeah so so another thing I wanted to say about the kit is yeah part of what makes them so special is that we have the honor of test driving these beads and finding different shapes textures colors sizes that go together in ways that you wouldn't really be able to tell doing the online shopping and so by putting these together the way that we do in the color variations that they're available in it's just it's very special way of sharing that artistic flair and I it's such a wonderful process to come up with these and play with all the beads that are available here at beadaholique like you just said kind of test-drive everything to to make sure it works so you know that you know if you really want to learn how to do a technique it's great to start with a kit and what I love is that we do have the refill kits so let's say for example I wanted to make this loom bracelet and I wanted this one in particular really love this pattern so I buy the full kit which is gonna come with the loom and the glue and all the beads and everything needed to make this and what's great is this is one of those another adjustable bracelets or excuse me adjustable clasps so you can give this as a gift but let's say I wanted to make this one now let's say I also wanted to make this one here well what I can do is I can buy this one as a full kit so I'm gonna get that loom in the glue but I'll have obviously the loom and plenty of glue to finish this piece as well but in this refill kit what I'll get is I'll still get the beautiful pattern that's designed for this kit I'll get all the beads I'll get the thread and I'll get the clasp so there's that opportunity as well so let's say if you receive one of our kits you can always get another refill kit and we do this for several of the designs that we have here at beadaholique we also do have the baby jewel loom which is what we use to make our loom earrings here now you can absolutely use a regular Jewel loom to make these the baby loom is only going to be about this long as opposed to like the larger size of the loom which is about give or take that long but the nice thing is is that if you did want to do it you can you'll just end up using a little bit extra thread because you kind of have to loom the whole you have to set up the whole loom as opposed to just the baby loom so there's the added bonus there with using the baby loom but it works for our loom and for our kumihimo and it's just a really fun way to kind of explore more designs more patterns and not have to go oh well I don't need six different looms you know so you just need the one what more is you can get the refill kit for one project and apply that those colors to another project yeah pattern exactly exactly I know married to the pattern it cause wigs so yeah you know if you if you bought something from the past year you know find out what the refill is or you know and kind of mix and match and all those things but yeah you always get that beautiful pattern because that's one things that we one of the things that we really like to provide for you guys here is the patterns because that's the biggest thing that we get asked about is oh where can I get the pattern where's a tutorial where's the video so we try to do as many video tutorials as we possibly can but we also have great PDF downloads for all the projects and then obviously if you purchase a kit you'll get that download there or you'll get that printed in your kit so so it's printed but what makes it so unique these kids is that they all come with those videos yeah I don't know of another company that does that we walk you through from start to finish so you know everything what you do you think that is a gift somebody can do that like you're giving that as well yeah yeah you're giving it you're giving full instructions the full video so it's it's not like oh I'm giving you this thing that I don't know if you'll know how to make but you know yeah so we have the video and everything else ready to go so yeah there anything else don't want to kind of talk about or touch on ID I'm just so excited some of the things that I'm looking forward to getting this year is I definitely need a new tool kit so that's one of the things that's on my list and we have a lot of great tool kits if you shop the holiday gift Center there's gonna be all kinds of great stuff in there but you know there's stuff that sort of wears out for if you know you're really into beating you know there's stuff that you're always gonna need we have great Vita holic basics which are gonna be you know a whole big thing of jump rings or head pins all that kind of stuff that you're gonna need as a beater just throughout the year so it's a great time to like stock up on that stuff it makes great stocking stuffers um but yeah one of the things that I'm looking forward to is getting a brand new tool kit I kind of have my eye on some of the Lindstrom's I must say those are really lovely lovely lovely I love working with them as a designer and because I designed so much they're really easy on my hands and that's one of the things that I really like about the Lim's Linstrom pliers and the tronex pliers as well yeah yeah those are my favorites you'll see me use those most often so anything on your list that you want to receive as a beater I know we've got some great you know organizational stuff we did a great class about that too and the mini bead tower yeah anything coming to mind my excitement more so than wearing jewelry or selling jewelry is giving it and so yeah it's the making of it and the giving of it I love the best in the morning making jewelry yeah I'm excited I think I'm gonna you know every year I say this I want to I want to focus on packaging and really making everything look really pretty so I feel like there are gonna be some some Swarovski snowflakes in my future that are gonna go on some big beautiful packages or some luxe and lovely to do that but I think that in itself makes a wonderful gift so whether you're doing that on top of the package or wrapping it has its own wonderful thing that's really neat and that's about the ones that I'm making too is you could just hang it on the top of a gift but really I'm just gonna put them in little bags and give them yeah I always like you know cuz I'm always invited to so many holiday parties and so I was like oh what do I bring you know because you want to bring them some sort of a hostess gift and a lot of times it is some sort of a Christmas ornament or something like that well you can always bring jewelry you know if it's if it's a lady host but you know the idea of like the bookmarks or the snowflakes or the candy cane kumihimo or down here and I'm actually gonna try to reach over and grab it this is some garland here and I'm gonna pick the whole thing up so this is some vintage glass garland but this is just really really pretty and imagine trying to put that you know together in some sort of a fashion for someone to have in their home or they can kind of wrap it around a tree or you know just kind of have just a little extra sparkle there so I mean men celebrate Christmas too so I'm fully planning on getting ornaments - oh absolutely yeah yeah I you know I always struggle because there are some there are some men in my life that do enjoy jewelry but sometimes it's always hard to figure out exactly what to make for men but I always like to look towards we do have like the rapid loom so we you know we have gemstones and leather so that's always really nice and you can still make it sort of in like a Christmasy color but maybe go for like a really dark green like gemstone like a really dark agate you know there's like that Moss agate that we have so there's always there's there's fun things to do there - so don't go Oh guys don't wear jewelry oh it's like just a quick little sneak peek of what's coming - we've got a lot of wire in our future yeah thick wire hematite wire where work like that would be great for men too yeah that's about why I like that next week right next Facebook Liza yeah more stuff coming soon all right well yeah so last little chance to leave any comment to do our giveaway here so one lucky winner is going to win our lovely giveaway of three kits and a tool kit so this tool kit is also available on the website too in case you don't win but I do want to take this opportunity to let you guys know and remind you that we do the twelve giveaways of Christmas and that's gonna be starting the first week of December so we are going to have twelve different giveaways and actually there's one giveaway where we're gonna choose three winners so you're gonna have a lot of opportunity to win some great giveaways we have some really exciting stuff this year this is something that we've done for for many years now and it brings us so much joy you know we send the packages out and then people send us pictures of them opening in seeing the giveaways and it's always really exciting I mean it's a such nice stuff it's like what you would want to buy anyway oh yes and it's not just leftovers this is like high quality merchandise and let me just say for the twelve giveaways it is over two thousand dollars pain yeah yeah so it's your own against that yes there's a lot of wonderful things in there so and there's something for everybody so if you're kind of interested head over to the blog that's where we're gonna be doing it and I will provide all that information for you guys so there's no question of where to find it where do I enter how do I enter how do I win because that's really what you want to know how do I win so we're gonna have provide all that information for you guys alright so Brian do we have a giveaway winner for today alright so congratulations to Linda crunk so Linda all you need to do is just email us at service at beadaholique and we are going to get your address so we can send this out to you so congratulations to Linda crunk and again that's service at beadaholique and a beautifully calm and we will get your information and send this giveaway out to you right away so you can start making it and you know gifting in do whatever you want with it alright thank you so much everyone for joining us today and this is our last Facebook live of 2019 so our big live classes will continue in 2020 and we're very excited so if you have any suggestions of anything that you want to see in the new year let us know in the comments below we've taken your suggestions before as you know but we are so excited to you know just wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year and we will see you guys back here in 2020 so thanks so much for joining us guys have a great week bye you

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