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hi everyone and welcome back to be no Holly qui our talking all about chain I'm Kat Sylvia and I'm joined today by Alexandra Smith this is gonna be a really fun class yeah we wanted to talk about just chain and different ways to use it maybe some unique ways that you maybe not have thought of yet so we are gonna be doing a whole class we've got some great projects here for you so before we get started why don't you come on in and take a look at everything that we have on our table here we definitely have a lot and it is very metal so we have a lot of different kind of styles of chain here we have some bar chain that we're gonna be talking about some different charm chain it's gonna be really great we have some fishbone chain lots of different styles a cup chain we have some beautiful little links and stuff so we're gonna be kind of talking about maybe how to break that apart how to use it in some different designs and really just showcasing all the different types of chain that we have here at now of course you can shop from pita Holly calm we have all kinds of chain and you what's great is we have a whole chain section that you can actually filter by on our brand new website so it's really easy to find exactly what you're looking for so let's say you're looking for charm chain or finish chain or gold chain or curb chain you can filter by that and then we'll bring you right down to the selection that you're looking for so it's really fun actually yes it works very well so what do you have over there cap well welcome back if you have joined us before if you're new to us I want to let you know that we do a giveaway every live class so this is our giveaway here for today so we have a lot of fun things happening we have some cup chain we have some scalloped bar chain which we're going to show you how we can use that in different designs we also have some beaded chain here and this is from Zola elements really really beautiful and then we also have some matte gold bubble chain here which i think is really fun now this silver over here this is one of our designer blends so you'll get three different styles of chain all together and you can use them in the same design or you can use them in different design so you get three feet of each of those chains that's why I couldn't string them out here and then you know tis the season I wanted to give some you little I'm chained these are little skulls so cute so you can leave them on the chain or break them apart we're going to be talking about that and another thing that people don't realize with chain is that you can actually use chain extenders and those are going to be really great for necklaces and bracelets so we're gonna be talking about how to use chain extenders as well so this is our giveaway we do have one last thing that we're giving you guys and we are so excited to be presenting it the beadaholique bead mat now we're going to be using these throughout the class so you'll get to see these in action but it's really wonderful it has that nice little guide up at the top and that ruler down there at the bottom and of course to remind you where you got your beautiful bead Matt we have at the bottom there so this is going to be our giveaway for you today so all you need to do is just leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from what's your favorite type of chain what's your favorite color and just let us know what that is and we will be here we have Bryan behind the camera to ask and answer any questions you guys have so let's go ahead and dive in what do you say very nice right so I'm gonna be working and starting today with some snake chain so this is a really fun thing to work with this is really great snake chain here and I am going to let me put one of these on so you can just sort of see how it works now I'm gonna be doing an adjustable slider bracelet so let me just sort of slip this over my wrist now this one as you can see I have fun little tassels happening here so I'm just gonna pull that and the tassels very handy for clipping oh yeah good for gripping so you can tighten that so you get a nice little delicate chain happening and some nice little tassels there at the bottom that's really pretty really pretty I love that and this one is actually the white and gold version here that you can see on my wrist but today for my little demonstration I'm going to be using the turquoise one so here's how it works so we have these little adjustable slider beads and if you look real close you can see that there's that little silicone sort of core to the inside so that hole is really nice and tight so what it's going to do is it's going to allow that to criss cross through there and really keep that nice and snug so this is not going anywhere you can really really tug on that and it's not we're out which is great so let's talk about how you use that so first things first is you take one end of your snake chain and you just feed it through just like so going through one way and then you take the other end and you're gonna feed it through going the opposite way now here's a little tip go ahead and slide this up a little further than you think you're going to need it because what can happen is you can actually use the second chain to help guide it through as you push that chain through there now are there various sizes of this to get the various sizes of chain yes you can actually see there we go and beautiful yes you can actually see a little bit on my desk here I have some other examples and this uses some other little chains here so there's a couple little different styles so there's a single-core there so you can just do one strand through and then there's also this big one here you can do that crisscross so we do have this in silver plate gold plate sterling silver so these are really wonderful to use alright so here's what I'm gonna do next so I'm gonna leave this as is and just sort of as you size it all you need to do is just make sure that it's gonna fit over your wrist and then kind of tighten it as much as you want there so that it fits over basically your knuckles there so that's a good size for me so next what I'm going to do is come in with my flush cutters and I'm gonna cut off maybe about a quarter inch down there on both of my little chains so just snipping up so you're not leaving much your middle this will be a different design and the one you're wearing well so you're gonna see what's gonna happen is when you put that off because this is as big as you want to get it you can then take these little guys and kind of pull it through there on both sides so that when you're wearing it these are the sides that are dangling down so your wrist fits in here and these are your little dangles now in order to finish off the little bottom piece here what we recommend is we have these little tubes now you can see that I've used a little jump ring to attach a little Saurav ski crystal in this case so I'm going to quickly do that for another one and here's why I recommend doing this first because you want to let it dry so this will actually allow you to complete your design before you actually do any gluing so I'm gonna slide that on there and slide my little guy in there so this is a really teeny-tiny jump ring but I wanted it to be a really delicate look there so that's why it is very tiny oops and here's a little tip go ahead and I'm going to switch my tools here because I need my bent nose to keep out of the way on this side yeah I've been finding the bent nose to be very handy mm-hmm because now I can come in this way and sort of get that little tip there there we go and just close that guy up okay so now what I'm gonna do is just add a little bit of glue to each of these ends now for this I recommend the e6000 it's gonna be a really nice glue it's great with chain so I have a little post-it note just to protect my work surface there and I'm just gonna puncture that with the tip yeah we're gonna get just a little bit of glue you don't need a lot and go ahead and just take a little toothpick and get it on the ends there now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna dip that into the little core there now don't worry if you get a little extra on the sides the great thing about East 6000 is it will actually sort of wipe off really easily and your fingers so don't worry about that a little bit like rubber cement exactly it's very similar to a rubber cement alright so that's one and let's do the second one here just kind of getting that clear down in there in that little core and now I'm gonna slip this one on so now my design is finished so I can let that sit and dry now because otherwise you'd have to let that dry and then do your jump rings I mean which you know is fine as well but that's just a nice little way to sort of finish it off so you know exactly what it looks like to see oh do I want to add tassels or anything like that and you can add little lots of fun things there you can see on this example here we have that little skull chain charm and I actually added the little charms here up at the top and you can also separate it and use a little setting in between there if you want to bring that crystal in or you can add a charm or like like excuse me what I have here is a little infinity so that's another style now this one is that single style so you can see that that chain is attached right here and you can just pull it through on that one side there so there you have that now this is a last little thing and I've actually shown this in a live class before but this is one of those adjustable chain necklaces that already comes pre done which is really kind of neat so you can actually take this and slide that through just by pressing down on that little button right there so that's another option there as well so the last thing I'll say about this is that we do have a little Swarovski beads like this that have a nice little core to them so these have a nice little rubber core as well and if you're curious if those little end caps do come in larger sizes here you go they are in silver and that fits a nice little Venetian box chain so just another little style there for the adjustable slider bracelets so that's really fun and I love I love doing that because I think you can actually add a lot of unique little charms and chain you know it comes together so quickly and so clean looking yeah very nice very nice here a nice little finished piece alright so speaking of charms and chain yeah what are you working on over there Alexander I've got something very different going on over here speaking of the versatility of chains so what I've got here is a charm bracelet and I'm using the third hand tool to help me with that so you can see I have a matte gold Rolo chain with the links going in opposite directions and what this tool is helping me do is keep the links aligned so that I know which direction to put my jump ring on and you can see that I've filled this design out with little links little stars and full moons and I'm going to show you where I got those and it's actually from this chart chain so as I continue to just finish up this design I'm going to cut some charm chain apart and the little pieces onto my bracelets so let me just slip a couple off and I'm gonna take a little four millimeter jump ring here using some bent nose pliers which are great for muscle fatigue and getting into tight places I've been really finding good use for those especially with this tool because what it does is it frees me up to then use both hands to close up my jump rings right where I want them to be out of my own way here and close that up and so I would proceed just like that with each of my pieces and I've got a exact idea of which charms go in which places using this tool in keeping track of my pattern and so that's been very useful for me and also this tool has been great for designing with bar chains so just below here you can see that we have some designs using bar chain we've got some scalloped bar chain here some a thicker style some longer bar chain and then this necklace to which the chrome triangle necklace here you can see that it would be sort of tricky to put this together if I had to keep putting it down and picking it up and so this tool was super useful for clamping into place and then I was able to configure those triangles along the right side of the chain and get them to stay put yeah because it's very easy to have chain like that that doesn't hang right and then you're like oh what did I do wrong ya know so yeah that third hand tool really is quite handy so it really husband and bar chain is really fun to play with at like building blocks for coming up with different shapes you can see down here we've got a video on this how to make a geometric pyramid using the links of bar chain to encapsulate a bead that's so neat yeah yeah and then this same tool was very useful we have a full video on these earrings the scalloped bar chain earrings and I was again able to clamp those into place and use both hands to attach each of those links using some oval jump rings and yeah like this necklace over here the Pearl trying came together really nicely just by opening and closing the little jump rings that come with a chain and what that does is it lets you put the chain together in ways that really feature the beads quite nicely so I like the bar chain it sort of provides that little natural space you know so you're not I mean you know when you are working with a Rolo chain like you're doing in your charm bracelet there you know you do get a chance to have an up and a down sort of link but when you're using the bar chain it's really nice to be able to perfectly spaced out especially those beautiful Swarovski pearls yes yeah so let me just touch on a few other things on this side of the table we've got so much to show you up here we have some really beautiful chains that are pretty much ready made and this takes so much work out of the equation but gives such a nice effect so you'll see these seed bead chains all I did to construct this necklace was clip the chains and attach everything using jump rings and it looks so fancy but it really did all that work all that wire yeah Dola elements puts a lot of really neat designs together with chains there's these types of chain that have the faceted rondelles and again it comes together looking almost like semi-precious stones but all that was involved was clipping lengths of chain and attaching it with jump rings seeing with this necklace and it comes down in a really nice tassel you can create some really neat tassel effects using this type of chain so Zola elements again down here this very intricate dangle chain it's such a nice pop of color so and what's on that other bus there that you have at the kumihimo yeah this is quite a amazing use of chain an eight warp kumihimo using delicate Rolo chain and just look at how these spirals pop especially with the black but it's just such a lovely applications yeah but you never thought you could do kumihimo with chain writes it's like yeah that's okay it's absolutely insane that we did that it's wonderful and that we do have a video for as well so if you guys are curious about that and how to it's a it's a great little neat wire wrapping trick to finish off all that but the effect is so cool I love that because I you know sometimes you'll want something that's really kind of chunky but looks like it's sort of woven and delicate and I think that sort of strikes that balance where it's like no it is you know you got like definitely some weight here it's definitely a statement necklace but you know you have it woven and it sort of twists it up just so and it's very cool yeah there are lots of ways to achieve that with chain though for instance I'm just looking at this layered piece the striking effect you can get just by putting three very different types of chain together absolutely well and another great thing is that you can use one of these little sort of strand reducers to keep them all separated so you don't have to use one big old jump ring in the back you can just use that nice little strand reducer and this is also a great opportunity to showcase the chain extender because when you're looking at some of the chain that is in here and let me kind of sort of turn around a little bit to the side there it's that really fine Rolo chain that we've used a couple of times there and then you have this nice pallet chain but this is gonna be a lot easier to get your jump ring through and to wear so you're not fumbling around behind your neck or asking a friend to help you get dressed which I've done a time or two but that's sort of another nice little thing about having that chain extender is you get that nice open chain where it's easy to just size it and you can kind of you know because you're doing it blind behind your neck so that's something I always keep in mind of is how hard is it gonna be to get dressed in the morning style like this is when you'd want to be able to size according to what you're wearing exactly a great for making adjustable necklaces bracelets well cuz you know we have all kinds of necklines so why not you know you have to kind of feel where it's gonna be upon you right so yeah so we have some lovely other kind of uses a chain you know what let's talk about this one while we have a second cuz this is very similar to the chain that I was just working late night so this is chain this is beading chain and first look at this necklace you wouldn't even think that it's a chain necklace but in fact it's a matte gold fine chain that can be directly beaded onto and though it's like a fiber you know like a gold twisted fiber and the way that it finishes off is with a crimp bead end just like so instead of gluing you would use a crimping tool again with the extender chain very handy yeah so when you first started your project I thought oh is that beading chain no it's actually snake chain they're very similar yeah so it's nice that we do have the crimps for that and then the glue ends for this so you do get that option of how to how do I finish off some of these chains because I think you know if it's not a cable chain or something like that where you're like oh obviously I can use a jump ring you know and that's another opportunity for you also to think about which jump ring am i using do I want to use something that's a little bit thicker because it's gonna be part of the clasp or a great thing is especially when you're doing a lot of a cable chain think about using an oval jump ring that way it'll kind of keep that silhouette going all the way through your designs so you don't kind of have this nice little slim and this big like root bed the mat you know nothing wrong with that but we do have oval jump rings so that's a great opportunity to just kind of keep the sleekness oh yeah the design that you're working on uh-huh yeah so we have oh and these are really fun I love these earrings here this is a great way to kind of add not necessarily scraps of chain per se but this is a great way to add a little metal element here so instead of having the whole thing be beaded what you're doing is you're tying in what's happening up here with all that beautiful metal and then you still have the seed beads which ties in that little centerline finding there and that's a great design I look I think dagger yes that was an adventure for sure but speaking of kind of a different way to use chain scraps you have some great earrings over there so let's talk about those first so these actually are made of stainless steel chain in particular three different styles and sizes and what this could be great for is using up scraps of chain like Kat was talking about you could mix metals you don't even have to get the measurements exact you just kind of go with the flow with these and they're so versatile and you really wear them with anything so those came together really nicely and then just next to those this is some tubular peyote stitch that extends down into a tassel of chain that complements those metal beads in a really fun way these are just ideas for dangly waterfall tassel style earrings this is just such a lovely little design so simple and just a perfect use of chain for tassels also for featuring connectors and beads or for dangling in sort of that scalloped draping effect which i think is just lovely and another great use for using up small pieces you may have yeah especially you know we were talking earlier about you know what happens when you get two feet of chain and you need 18 inches to make a necklace well what do you do with the other six inches where it's like well maybe it's not long enough to make a bracelet or it's not quite what I wanted but it might be long enough to make a few little chain swags for like you know make it into something new or you know cut it up and you have them six individual inches to use on something and connect it so there's a lot of different ways to think about it that way as opposed to you like oh well I guess it's just scrapped because it's only a couple inches of chain you know you have a couple inches talk about the fishbone and the Chevron canes your that we can enjoy okay so this is a great example so this is the Chevron chain here and that's that beautiful matte gold now these are probably maybe an inch and a quarter but let's say you did have just one inch leftover or two or heck even you could use just one of those little guys so if you have one left over you can have that be a little connector so that's the Chevron chain over here is the fishbone chain which is really cool again just sort of that little extra scrap that you might have left over or of course you can make these intentionally as well these don't always have to be you know your scrap earrings but this is really a nice little fun design because you can play with the orientation of it so here it's all facing down you could absolutely do those earrings where it's facing upwards as well so another really fun thing to do with the fishbone chain and this is the silver the bright silver that we have here so what we did is we use some vintage patina now this is great on metal and this is that beautiful deep turquoise color but all we did is we just sort of took a little tiny paintbrush and just painted the edges of that fishbone chain so it kind of makes it look almost like an enamel chain which I love Liana and you know it wears really really nicely this is a project we did oh gosh maybe over a year ago now and just see how brilliant that color still is it doesn't fade it doesn't really scratch it's really really wonderful it's that nice permanent permanent color from the vintage patina and we have a ton of colors of patina so there's no wrong way to do that one and another great use for chain in this necklace is using a smaller elongated what cable change and come up the back of the neck if you don't want big bulky chain it's gonna get caught in your hair and that kind of thing yeah and comfortable something less expensive just extend chain in the back yeah so you still have that really nice focal in the front and then you can kind of have that nice delicate again that sort of also helps if you don't like to wear heavy jewelry but kind of want a little bit of that look you can do that as well sort of just make a nice little focal there in the center so as we keep talking here we have this chain here which is really fun so this is the original chain so you can see that right here and it's these cool little links but they also have those little kind of ball links in there in the center and what I wanted to do was it was just looking a little dull for what I wanted so what I did is I took these really cool mustard color check fire polish beads and sort of swapped them out for those little tiny beads in there and then what was really great is as I was doing my video I realized that you know what shoot I just need a little extra length on both sides but I didn't want to add a whole big link there with another bead so I was able to bring those little guys back in there towards the back of my class so just by breaking apart some of this link and charm chain you can create really fun designs and because you get like a whole foot of it and you can actually make lovely matching earrings so this was an opportunity for me to just make a cute little pair of matching earrings there as well because I just really loved that mustard color of the bead I thought that was really fun to bring in with that antique silver so here's a here's a great example so this is a finished chain actually this gold one here and if you look down here at the bottom these are Swarovski channel charms so all I did was I just cut the chain and just add it in some jump rings and just added those in right there so I didn't even have to worry about finishing the clasp or doing anything like that so that was actually really really nice and fun - fun to do very quick project if you need something in a pinch it wonderful so here's a good example and I hope this is showing up on camera for you but this is just a little bit of wire wrapping so you know we were talking a lot about that beaded chain there well these three little buy cones here are actually all wire wrapped onto each other so if you've watched our previous class you saw me do something very similar with gemstones and I've taught you how to make your own a gemstone chain well that can of course work with any other bead it can work with seed beads and here in this example we have bicone beads now you've used to finish chain for that piece as well right okay yep so this one you can do with that finish chain so you can kind of start it here and then again use a little bit of that chain and the boss so what do you mean by finished changes for people who haven't bought one before sure so finish chain is just simply going to be a chain that is finished meaning it has its back you're gonna have a nice little clasp but maybe some jump rings sometimes there will be a little clasp hook here at the back so this is sort of the finished part so we have bulk chain an unfinished chain if you will so you can get several feet of it but you're finished chain is gonna come typically in 16 18 20 24 and so on you know so this is going to be that nice little size for you so of course if you guys buy a 16 and you want to add a 4 inch focal to it you're gonna end up with a 20 inch necklace but that way it's sort of you know you don't have any extra chain that way so that's one way to avoid extra chain if you didn't want to do that kind of example right now here's something kind of cool we have a beaded chain here and instead of using jump rings we've used slide ends now these are the Nunn design slide ends so when you have a beaded chain like that you can actually open the side there one side will come open and you just slide those in there and it doesn't move there's no glue required or anything so that's a really fun fun thing to do it's not holding it's the little feeds of the chain that are holding it yeah ok yeah so it's just a little tension that's happening there so it's really really fun so you can do that and this design here you can also do that with cup chain so that's another thing as well so I just have a little stainless steel chain here just to kind of showcase that and then here's a little fun example let me kind of uncommon so what I did is I put chain in here and I wanted to make my own beaded chain and on this side just to give it a little balance I put these Swarovski pearls this is that beautiful Tahitian look pearl so these are just little Swarovski pearl beads that I made little eye pins and simple wire loops and created my own beaded chain so you can do this as a full necklace or you know as I did here in my design I did it as half so that's a fun little option you know if you want to kind of bring that color up because I didn't want it to all be weighted down there at the bottom so I kind of created one of those asymmetrical designs right there so here's another cool chain that I love to work with and this is cup chain so if you look at my example here I've actually combined the bar chain and the cup chain because you'll see that that little tiny bar chain actually is the perfect little spacers for that cup chain really really mean and you're always probably wondering how do you attach cup chain well we have these great little ends and I want to do a quick little demo for you today just show you how this works so let me bring your intention over here so I have I've actually done one side here so if I can bring you over here so these are really cool so these are the little cup chain ends so you see how they have a little closed loop on top and then if I kind of flip it to the side they have these little sort of flags on the side there that you can fold over just like so so what I'm going to do is I might gonna actually do this side over here and bring that into the camera there we go and it's really super simple so you just take that last little link that you want in there and you just sort of place it inside and you can see that we have different sizes of course of these to accommodate the different sizes of cup chain but then as you turn it to the side there you'll just open you just take a pair of chain nose pliers you can also use a popsicle stick for this as well you've seen that we use that a lot with our crystals but you'll just sort of bend one side in just ever so slightly and let me just rotate that and Bend the other side in let's go from this angle there we go glue required no glue required and then your cup chain is nice and in there I mean that's a called a cup chain end cup chain end so yeah so again you can see that we have those in several different finishes and several different sizes but that's a great way you can just kind of create a very simple little tennis bracelet just by adding a couple little ends just like so and then you'll be able to have a nice little glittery bracelet very very simple with some cup chain well while you're over here let me just remind you if you're just joining us we do have our giveaway here today so it is going to feature some of that beautiful cup chain in a beautiful pink we also have some of that scalloped bar chain that we were talking about we have our beaded chain here so these are the seed beads and this is these are both Azolla elements and I just I love them they are so wonderful and so colorful so we have that there for you as well we also have some matte gold bubble chain which is really fun to use and then we have our designer assortment of our three silver chain so you're going to get three feet of each of these we have some of that charm chain here which is our little skull charm chain because you know tis the season and then we are giving you a beautiful assortment of all different kind of colors and styles of the chain extenders for you to use in your projects now this is something that you can always add to a project that you've already created and let's say um you know I wish it was a little bit longer or you know let's say you're selling jewelry these are great to have on hand where someone's like oh you know I just wish it was maybe an extra two inches it doesn't feel comfortable for me and you go wait just a second let me add a jump ring and a chain extender there for you yeah any I mean not even change'll Regis any jewelry yes absolutely you know I know it it's one of these actually has a clasp attached as well yes that's a nice addition yeah so some do you have the clasp and some just have the little dangle you can also just remove one of these little dangles and maybe add a crystal if you wanted to something kind of fancy there to tie in your design anything you know no all bets are off so you can do whatever you want back there really just to clarify what you would do is open up this jump ring at the base of the clasp remove the clasp and then hook that on to the opposite side of your necklace and that clasp hooks onto that extension chain mm-hmm mm-hmm so and the only last little part of this giveaway is we have our betta Holly feed mat now this is a really beautiful mat and you've seen this work with us before so so I don't have to show it and see you in plastic I just want to keep it nice and pretty for a giveaway winner hopefully and so this is that bead mat here so you can just really see it's a nice nice feed mat it's got that anti slip on the back and these are available for sale at it's got that nice little guide up at the top and our little ruler there at the bottom which you know it's a full foot ruler which really helps with you know doing that foot of chain work so yeah so that is sort of some cupchain ideas and Alexander you actually have a really neat little tip that I'm excited to tell people one of my favorite things to do actually is find open chains that have links that have splits in them so for instance let me find the opening on this one I would grip on one side and the other open the link up and you can use these as jump rings and so particularly Nunn design makes a lot of open chains that work that way so each of these has open links and you can open and close to attach your clasp charms whatever it is that you're adding rather than having to use separate jump rings it's a very handy little tip I like that yeah especially because some of the chain is really neat we have some cool chain here now this is some really like thick heavy-duty chain but what's great is even this big chain here these are open links so you can use these in your designs which i think is really nice if you buy a foot of the chain you can absolutely use it as chain but think about it this way you could be getting all those really cool like flattened style jump rings there and just really really neat so we have some other kind of styles of chain we've talked a lot about gemstone chain in previous classes but this is a great opportunity to show you again this one comes with those little pellets there that you can sort of break apart or use as a focal or use as a base all kinds of fun chain I love this as a so spiky this is our little these are a little like kind of flags or pennants this is a little triangle chain and we have some more chain here this is again zola elements I just love that little pink color again perfect to break apart and then here's again as you saw earlier that kind of style of that seed bead chain so lots of fun things happening you know there's all kinds of different charm chain and you know it's really interesting to look at a chain like this so this is these beautiful oak leaves and what I love is how it lays that when it's like this and then it's totally a different chain when you turn it on its side there mm-hmm you know so you can kind of think about it in that way as well like oh look at it how it like cascade it's very nicely that might be great for like a pair of earrings or something but then you have it as a little necklace and it's just it's totally different beautifully so I'm in it out if you want to have not so many leaves it whatever you want with all of those little components yeah that's like that's a good tip - you can always thin out some of the charm chain if it's like oh it's just a little too thick or it's not quite what I wanted for my design you know take a few of these little babies out and you know put those in a different design because it's on every other it's on every little link here on every other side so you can really play around with how that sits on there it's also nice that we sell a lot of the charm chain by the inch so you really don't have to buy very much a little goes a long way with that absolutely so you can just buy one or two inches if you're just looking to use the charms for something so that's another thing to keep in mind often our gemstone chain is sold the same way so you can just buy the exact inches because you know gemstone ring can be pricey to make your rings like this again a little goes a long way perfect don't need very much to have some really lovely earrings yeah and this is the Crescent chain I think this is really really fun I actually did a video with this because they open and close almost like little duck fills so you don't have to cut them apart so always keep that in mind you know and it works reminding me while you were talking about your jump ring there is that some of the chain is easier if you can just pry it open just very much with you know with a couple of tools like you would a jump ring so you don't actually have to waste any links by trying to cut it so keep that in mind too before you cut go ahead and check and see if that is an open link or see if you can kind of separate it enough to slip in a head pin an eye pin whatever you get see any questions you guys have about any of this stuff feel free to continue to ask us we will continue to monitor this feed but gets your last comments in and the ten seconds here and then we are going to come up with our giveaway winner the last design I wanted to point out which I thought came together so nicely using a technique we have it a video I think it's called your lime spritz necklace that yes this is another way of using chain in between beads and just by stringing cord in this case it's actually leather cord under there with some wooden beads it gives that lovely ruffled effect which actually I think looks a little androgynous could be great for guys or girls so I really liked that and then this huge one tone here is a real statement piece that was so much fun to put together using some very big chain and you gotta flip it over you can do lots of things with lots of different sizes this used some faux suede to to weave that together with a video on that the black bullion bracelet I love adding in a textile to and I think that's that's really mean it really changes the design because then it feels more like a textile bracelet with a little bit of a metal element as opposed to a chain bracelet so I think that's actually it looks very mean Sam I like that style yeah so we hope you have gotten some great inspirations from just all kinds of different chain and be sure to shop at we have amazing selection of chains so you will be gladly overwhelmed I hope all right so are we ready to announce our giveaway winner wonderful congratulations Pammy Jones you are our winner today so Pammy all you need to do is just let us know where we can send it your giveaway you can send an email to service at again that's service at let us know where we can send your beautiful giveaway and congratulations so thank you so much you guys for joining us today this has been really really fun and again keep those comments coming we're still going to be checking through to answer any last questions and be sure to shop our entire chain collection and we also have a product collection so if you're curious about any of the projects that you've seen here today those will be listed there in one easy place for you alright so thank you so much you guys and we will see you back here next time for a very next live class bye

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