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hi everyone welcome back to be the Halik I'm cat Silva and I'm joined by Alexandra Smith and today we are diving into our live class all about getting organized so we have lots of stuff to show you lots of tips and tricks that we've sort of come with come up with over the years of trying to organize our space continuously so hopefully you guys will be able to share some of your tips with us as well so we are here we're live we're answering your questions and we're going to talk about everything you see here so if you want to kind of come in and go ahead and take a quick look here I know we got a lot of big pieces so we are going to be focusing on you know tool storage bead storage needle storage we also have some great solutions for keeping your jewelry nice and pretty with some anti tarnish and some cleaning solutions here as well hmm how to stay organized on the go mm-hmm very key especially you know if you don't have a like permanent craft space you are kind of always on the go even if you're just in your house yeah so I know that's how I started out it's like oh I got to move it for dinner at the table yeah so yes we have some great stuff for that so if you've joined us live you know that we always do a giveaway so let's start off by showing you the giveaway and I'm actually gonna be showing you a couple of pieces that will dive into a little bit further later in the class all right so let's bring it out here and you can see this is a big kind of big bulky one so what we're gonna do is we're gonna give you guys one of these now this is the beadsmith storage and let me kind of flip it over on the back so you can see this has all little boxes and things in here and I'm gonna actually showcase this in just a moment but we're gonna give you one in our giveaway here we're also going to be giving you some anti-tarnish bags and these are going to be really great for keeping your jewelry nice and pretty and tarnish free we're giving you a silver right polished pad we're also going to give you some of those little tiny anti-tarnish papers and those are going to be really good to use and the other bags as well we're giving you a couple storage pieces here now these are really wonderful they have nice little removable pieces here so you can make them suit your your sizes and your needs you can put eye pins jump rings anything you want in these guys so you're gonna get a pair of those we're gonna give you a scoop and this is a really fun tool I'm going to show you how to use this is gonna help fill all your little tubes we have the seed beads and sort of organize your space and then the last thing we're gonna give you is this is a wood plier block and you can actually see an example of that right down here so you can see that I have pliers and I have some bead tubes in there as well so we're going to be giving you all of this and all you need to do to win we're gonna announce our winner live is just leave a comment leave a question let us know what your favorite solution for keeping it your stuff organized is and we will be here and we're gonna just going to be talking throughout this whole hour and just leave a comment and we'll announce our winner live at the very end very good well where would you like to start well let me start by actually showing you this beautiful storage case that this is this is really fun this is one of the first things that I bought when I started here and I needed storage solutions so these are really cool they're little boxes here and they have large boxes and small boxes and I actually have a couple examples over here of some of the sizes with some beads in there just so you can see how that works so there's some big ones some small ones there's even smaller ones here nice and tiny and cute and what I love about this is they're clear so even though they're filed vertically you can see what you need and you can kind of color coordinate things so let's say you wanted to put all your jump rings in front you can have all your gold together and all your silver together and the other thing that I did with these guys is in the bottom what you can do is you can put a little sticky note if you need to be reminded oh these are my five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings so you can just bang it right in the bottom and then it's removable so it's not like you're writing on top of it with like a sharpie you can do that as well but you know that way you kind of remember like oh these are my 8 millimeter beads or what you know what you might need so and it also comes with a couple of larger cases like this and this is really fun because you actually get a couple little tools in here so let me just pop this open and I love that these have really stick to your little pops too you saw it it's hard for me to get that open at first so you get a nice little pair of tweezers in here and you'll also get a little scoop now this is sort of really perfect for scooping out your beads and your small little cases here so you can get your little beads out there as opposed to having to dump the whole thing so it's a nice little sort of metal scoop you'll get a nice little pair of pliers so this is a great solution if you're doing a lot of head pins or you know longer pieces or chain or anything like that so you can use the larger pieces as well so this is a really really neat thing and like I said I really do enjoy how they are filed vertically in there so when you close it up and you kind of set it down in there you'll be able to see from the top down what you need now it's great that they all fit in the box but that's not to say you would have to keep them in there I think those could be very handy containers for putting in all different configurations on your shelves or wherever you need them absolutely yeah because some of these are actually nested into each other so what you can do is you can actually you know take out several pieces and if you wanted to like stack them up and have them you know maybe your most frequently used ones like I said if it's jump rings or a clasp but you know like you have your lobster clasps in one place so you can utilize those as paint so individual containers like that are an alternative to say tackle boxes or tool boxes or other sorts of alternative ways that I have used of storing my beads but I think that this brings up a good topic which is visibility yes keeping things where you can see them because I know out-of-sight out-of-mind been talking about if you put things away you sometimes you forget you have them absolutely yeah yeah yeah yeah and you know I know a lot of people kind of start with that with a they're a tackle box or shoe box shoe boxes yes I used to keep things like filed in shoe boxes and you know and then it's all kind of in there at once and it's hard to see to the bottom I like how this is nice and shallow so you get one layer so that's really nice and this is also something where I I always had craft drawers but again like you'd have to open each drawer to see what was inside so this is sort of again I just really like the the clarity of this in particular yeah but yeah tackle boxes those are a great place to start and then this I just like because you know feeds are tiny so you don't always need the big the big pieces that come in those as well mm-hmm oh yeah so that was what it was in the giveaway so I just wanted to start there at the very first topic but let's move on and let's talk a little bit about backing things and some of the anti-tarnish and some of the cleaners that we have here at bata Holly so this is the shine bright now this is a silver dip but you can also use it with other metals as well this is going to be very typically you've probably seen stuff like this before where it has this little basket in this little solution so you place your piece inside the basket and sort of dip it down into the solution and then you rinse it off and let it dry so you can wipe it clean with like a nice little soft cloth there now I will say this they recommend it for silver but you can also use it for like a gold filled and it says that easily removes tarnish to restore shine and brilliance to all metal jewelry so this is a nice easy solution however please any time you get a something like this read the warnings because on the back I'm noticing it says do not use on pearls opals or other porous materials so this might not be the best solution if you're trying to clean at gemstones and for that we do have this one over here now this is a little bit more of a spray so this is a liquid jewelry cleaner and this is something that you're gonna want to use for your sterling silver your 14-karat gold platinum copper it also will clean diamonds rubies sapphires all of those types of pieces and it does say on the back that it will clean at lapis lazuli turquoise quartz malachite onyx tiger's eye hematite and a great leaf for those those stones because so often you see do not use for these stones but that way as it can so that's good and this one also says do not use for pearls and opals so I think what is happening with a lot of those is they'll take on the porous material or being porous they'll take on the solution and it'll kind of it'll make it what's the word I'm trying to look for kind of like it'll make it look tarnished and sort of crusty but it also leave like almost something that looks very similar like a water spot so you want to be careful with that so if you are doing something that does have pearls in it what I recommend is actually using a pad like this because this actually doesn't have a liquid to it so you can use a pad a polishing pad like this now I'm going to show you how to use this one in just a second and we also have this one here as well so it has like that dual layer and this outside layer really is just to protect your hands make sure that you are keeping this inside layer and nice and ready to clean your silver jewelry so I'm going to show you how that works in just a moment but one other thing that you can do to protect your jewelry is you can use the Renaissance wax now this is a wax polish so this is something that you would put on your jewelry once you've made it so this actually will give it like a really soft Sheen and you just buff it on really lightly with a soft cloth and this is going to provide just a little bit of longevity to your pieces this is used by museums to sort of restore pieces as well so this is something that's really neat for that we do have a full video kind of going through exactly what you'd want to use this for so you guys can check that out at beadaholique.com and the other thing is we do have this little guy here now this won't necessarily clean your jewelry but what this is is this is an allergy so this is jewelry shield and you can see that it kind of looks like a nail polish there and what this does is you paint it on to your metal piece let's say you have an earring post and you have sensitive ears to metal so you can paint it onto the earring post and you can paint several layers the heavier the coat the better and what it does is it acts as a little sealant or a shield to use on your jewelry so that it doesn't irritate the skin so this is great if you do have allergies you can use this on rings as well you can just sort of paint it along the inside you can use it on bracelets eyeglasses watches all kinds of fun things so we do have a video going through exactly step-by-step how to use that but it's pretty self-explanatory just let it dry for 20 minutes in between each coat and do as many coats as you feel is necessary to protect your skin all right so we have that as well all right so let's go back to the polishing pads here so I have a couple pieces of sterling silver jewelry here now this one here you can see that my infinity is a little bit dull I've kept it in my drawer but I realized that the bag wasn't sealed so unfortunately that meant that air was able to get into it so it has a little bit of kind of dullness to it so we're gonna see if we can shine that up so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take it in my pad here and very lightly I'm just gonna kind of take my fingers and just rub it over and I'm just holding it steady with my other hand just rubbing it over there trying to get in all the little crevices let's see if I can't get this baby to shine oh yeah that actually that works really well all right very nice yeah so it's nice and shiny now now if you have something where it's like a chain and that's why I brought this one out now unfortunately I couldn't find a tarnished chain because we do try to keep our jewelry really nice here but if you do have a chain that is tarnished what you can do is you can kind of place it in in there place your fingers on top and kind of run it through a little bit and this will help sort of get that tarnish off of there so you just again and you can do this several times this is sort of a boxy chain so you can rotate it and it'll restore that nice little shine to it so it's really nice and easy this is a great little piece to have this is also something that I bring to shows with me in case I need to kind of polish anything up and you can use this yellow side just to sort of add a little extra buff and a little extra polish without adding to it so let's say you had a piece that you know just needed a little extra love so you can do that as well so yeah so it's actually quite a bit shinier alright so here's another piece I want to show you guys this is another great solution this is a polishing pad now what this is is actually has a little bit of it feels like a really really fine sandpaper but it's actually this nice little foam here but you can see that when you polish on it it does take away that tarnish now here's a piece and I wanted to show you what happens because we get a lot of questions on how do you clean plated jewelry now on this side I have buffed it a little bit and you can see that it's still really gold but you can also see a little bit of that base color coming through because this is just 22 karat plated so this isn't gold filled so it's gonna have a little bit of that base metal coming through now let me show you the other side here so this is how the other side was now this has been around for a number of years I think this isn't maybe a piece that's almost ten years old now so I'm gonna buff this and I'm gonna show you how you can try to clean some of your jewelry now here's what here's what I'll say if you're unsure of what the base metal is or hey it just looks tarnished try on like a small little side piece of it so that you can see how it works and if you do end up buffing it so you can see right there it kind of became shiny I'm really hoping this is coming through on camera there but you can see how that tarnish came out on the pad there I can see from here yeah any so but you can also see that it's not quite as brassy it's a little more gold but here let's go a little further and let's keep rubbing and these pads you can just use and use and use until they are totally soiled and then you can throw them away alright so now you can see all of that tarnish coming off but you can actually see that it's almost turning silver and that's because I've hit the little base metal on this so you want to be careful if you are cleaning plated jewelry to just sort of give it a nice little gentle buff so here's what I'll do because this is plated I just want to give it a little bit of shine so let's just go back and forth just a couple of times you can see I'm not even pressing as much as I was before so just a little bit of shine so you can see how much it took off there and how much I took off the other side but all that and all I wanted to do is just give a little bit of shine to it just to kind of restore that so you guys can sort of you know buff it until it starts to come off so you can see that silver there or if you just want to give it a nice little quick little shine go nice and gentle and really light and then again if you are doing this on multiple pieces find to that little side piece or a little piece on the bottom or the back that you can test that out on so you want to be careful when doing plated jewelry and sometimes the best solution is really just to try to see what you can do with one of the jewelry cleaners and I know that this one this liquid jewelry cleaner says that you can use a soft brush and the brush that I often use is I will go and I will get a children's toothbrush because they're small and they're really really soft so that's a great little solution especially if you are trying to get inside diamonds if you're cleaning wedding jewelry or anything like that and you're trying to get into a setting those little soft bristles will work perfectly for that so yeah so that's a couple of the cleaning solutions so that's if your jewelry has tarnished now if you want to keep your jewelry from tarnishing we have a couple of solutions for that and let's with these anti-tarnish strips and little tabs here now these are really cool it's just basically a little piece of paper and it's been coated with this solution so you can put this into your bag and these big ones here these are going to be great to put into some of your storage solutions so let's say you take this and you can actually place it into the bottom here of this piece here and it's underneath there because all of these while they do snap they are not totally sealed and even this but what you want to do is you can have that in there and you can replace it every six months so you can actually write on there the date it's inserted and replace that every six months to keep your jewelry excuse me nice and tarnish free now let's say you had a bag here and you wanted to put your piece in well let's say we can open that up and I want to put my little bracelet in there instead of just sealing it which is a good solution but one step further is to actually add one of these little tarnish pads now this is a really big pad for this bag and you want to make sure you get all that air out so you could maybe cut that in half you could cut it in half so you kind of get a little extra bang for your buck especially if you're doing small pieces like this or you have small pairs of earrings you can cut these little guys in half and they'll still last you good good long while now the reason that this will last you I would say about a year is that it's not exposed if you put the pad in to like the big tarnished strip into a box that's open it will still kind of eventually sort of the the gases will evaporate so if you do it like this though this will last a little bit longer and even if you cut that in half I'd say it'll last you a good year and you can just sort of do this as a spring cleaning thing just kind of replace your jewelry or especially if you are going to shows and many of the shows that I've done here in California have been very hot and heat is not jewelry's friend so you can actually keep your jewelry nice and clean and tidy just like that that's a great solution for keeping silver beads from tarnishing also because I know in the past I've tried to polish individual beads and that's no fun I set and rubbed them against I wish I'd had these when I was yeah well and I you know I have these in the bottom of my jewelry case at home just where you know it is a little more open air but you know just especially if you live in a place that has any kind of humidity if you're in Florida or you know the Midwest you're gonna have humidity it's just gonna happen here's how you can kind of prevent that now if you want to take it one step further we do actually have anti-tarnish bags now these are really cool they do have a little color to them so they have like a little milky bronze color and let me just show you how this works so this is gonna work the same way so you would just take your piece and stick it in there and then that's it so you want to make sure that you again kind of get all that air out and then you can close it up now the good thing about this is because it's a bag and because the solution is all over the bag this will last you about three years before you need to replace it so this is a really great solution and I do like that it still is fairly clear so that you can still see what's inside so it's not like one of those coated bronze bags I know on the website they don't look as transparent as this but I did want to take a chance to show you exactly how that looks but these are good for three years and these come in several different sizes as well which is great and it's helpful that it says here if you're concerned about the chemical aspect of it it says it's non-abrasive non-toxic and environmentally friendly so I'm always whenever I touch stuff like that I kind of wonder in the back of my mind it's yeah but there's no there's no film there's no wax there's nothing to this that's really going to get on your jewelry because that's the other thing too is like you don't want to you know come out and then it has dr. okay some solution or some sort of liquid on it or anything like that but these are these are totally dry it's not like there's some solution in there it's just what the bags are made of that are perfect for anti-tarnish and again I can't stress this enough make sure you get all of that air out of your bag that will help keep it just even even more because once you let Aaron then your bag isn't doing its job you know very good that's it also particularly good yeah you are selling your jewelry or making gifts yeah I willing I'll include I don't have one hour our little craft boxes here but we have these little craft boxes and I'll always put one of these underneath a little pad in there if I'm selling a piece of jewelry and that way at least for them getting at home and I have I also include a little business card size of hey here's how to care for your jewelry especially because it's different for each piece so that's sort of keeping your joy pretty once it's been made oh I didn't want to show you this so this was something and I just spoke about a few live classes to go and I showed it in a quick Facebook live but I wanted to show you guys one more time so this is a really neat thing so when I travel I do the straw method so this is one of the necklaces that I've made here and because I don't know if you've been traveling and you know you stick it in a bag or you stick them all together and they kind of end up getting like that and they get all tangled so here's one solution to make sure that does not happen so I'm gonna go ahead and separate my clasp there and on the smaller side of my clasp what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna feed it through the straw and these are just little paper straws you can get these at you know a 99-cent store or just any kind of craft store what have these and then I just bring the two ends together and now there we go so now my jewelry is a lot easier so if I have several necklaces so now I can use my jewelry roller to just kind of roll them up and they're all gonna stay separated and they're not going to get tangled which is great and then because they're paper you can cut them in half and do the same thing with like a bracelet yeah so that is my straw tip eye everybody thinks I'm crazy but when you're especially when you're traveling it's it's not like this is gonna add weight to your no to your bag I know we're also concerned about the weight of carry-ons and everything like that so especially if you are bringing several pieces you can just kind of bring them all together and then kind of roll them up as you pack up your jewelry so that is my official strum and speaking of portability yes there are some really good options over on this side of the table that I wanted to share as well I think that's great yeah this is what my favorite thing yeah there we have the beadsmith storage bag it's a crafters totes and won't believe all this stuff it's gonna fit in here okay so there are velcro inserts that are removable and exchangeable so there's one with these smaller pockets you can fit all your tiny stuffs stringing materials you can figure seed bees or other beads your tools in the larger pocket flip it over and you've got more on this side for needles components wire stringing all the good stuff and then what you can do is take these out and if you need to switch what you're bringing we have these sold individually as little replacements and they just go right in as well so this is the same thing just empty so you can see what that looks like and this was one of the first things that I got when I started working there actually didn't realize the tote existed and I would just carry my seed beads around in this handy little velcro insert so that's pretty fantastic kind of wish I had known about a lot of this stuff when I started out so that's one wonderful thing that's really cool and is also one of those things where if you wanted to you could just take this and this could be a sort of on your table if you only have you know enough space for one of these you know you can just take this out know that you kind of have a project so you can actually kind of place one entire project in here with the tool a needle a thread of beads beads beads you know and then kind of have that and then that's sort of your to go back you know so it being bit away the same way that you could do with for instance these pads that keep your beads from rolling around exactly so yeah these are good tips for how to arrange your space so I also want to show you this cool thing and we have here here's a small version and this is a portable bead tower and so on each side there are these elastic loops that you can store tools and bead tubes and so that's the smaller one would fit portably in this bag and the larger size and they come with these bags which I think so yeah yeah so out comes this largest size and the parts you have attached can fold on the inside and then out like so this velcro the edges together and have this wonderful way of just lifting up whatever would be cluttering your space and keeping it off of your work area that's always the big thing for me is how do I keep my space clear especially if you do have just a very small space you don't have to have all your beads out like you Hanafy and vertical I know let's start it does well then it's like easy like okay I need my blue one I need my orange one you know so it's just right there and they see also I think that it gives you a visual representation for when you're shopping it's like oh I did buy the yellow I need a different you know orange or something you're getting low and so I haven't even filled this to the max this is half of what this side would hold it'll also take the larger size tubes or tools tools as well that's really that's a neat solution yeah and it folds up nice and easy cuz it does have like little kind of expandable sides there so I love that yeah yeah so speaking of portable and tools we've got just a couple of a lot of different tool sets we carry here at beadaholique like these have organ AMA candles and let's open this one to these come in a whole bunch of different colors these really pretty little leather at cases and then the tools match the bag that's a nice little beginner tool set as well cuz you can competive all the all the essentials you know you'll get your flat nose chain nose your round nose pieces split ring opener nylon bent nose and cutters so that really is a great cover system nylon we look at that yeah I think also what I like is knowing visually but I've put everything away and then it's easy to take back out cuz one thing when I you know especially when I first started doing this I had I did it on the kitchen table and my mom made me clean up before dinner ever every time after school so it's like I have to come a lifter school set everything up do my work and then put it away so it's like having something like that where it's like I know everything gets put away and then it's easy to take it out I think that's one of the things because if you put it away and it's not easy to take out it's so hard to set up everything is all over the place you're not gonna do it and that's kind of the sad thing about being a creator and especially working with tiny tiny pieces is that you want it to feel like you can set it up and have it be really creative for you and just get to the creative part you know like ESMA I mean I know a lot of creatives are not organizationally savvy right for some of us for instance for me I've got three kids at home and no work space and you know I'm very big on the packing up of stuff putting it in a bag and taking it where I can work like a coffee shop or the library but for those people who want their stuff out and not packed away I think over here are some really good options for keeping your tools out where you can see them because that's the other important aspect is yeah so this is something that actually sits on our desks you've probably seen it this is a really nice little tool rack and I like it because it fits all kinds of different sizes of tools so I have in here I have like the baby Weber's and then I also have some like larger ones here all kinds of different handle sizes and they just sort of all kind of come in and sit up against here and then it also is if you can look it has these little holes here so you can have things like tweezers staying up there as well and then let's say you wanted to kind of move a couple of these out of the way this picks up just like a little toolbox so it's actually kind of it's really nice and so this is still portable but then you also get a visual representation of what you've got to work with so you can just reach in and just grab your round nose pliers or grab your bent nose pliers and they're all right here for you I also love that little box on the far side this one yes that's a beauty yeah so I pulled out the little drawer there in the bottom but this is really wonderful again the sort of sits a little lower you can have papers this almost looks like like a letter box type of thing but you can have some of those smaller tools in here as well and it'll accommodate that you can put some larger tools of course as well but you can kind of have everything filed let's say this is where you keep your bags and then it has this nice little space down here for you to keep extra tools and one thing that I always do and I either have it's a little mason jar or a little box like that where I keep like the three extra seed beads that I didn't use that I couldn't that I'll find later so I kind of have my little seed bead box you know right there and then of course a nice little drawer to help push anything in any other little tools and then the last tool solution that we have here is one of the things that's in the giveaway so this guy here this is what I have on my desk again you've probably seen it probably hidden I try to keep my desk fairly tidy when we do we'll talk about maximizing space I mean that's how you do it right there so these are my four tools that I use most often it's my cutters my bent my round and my chain so I use these four tools all the time but you have extra spaces in the front and that's actually a great solution to have these tubes so we have these and typically they're used for sea beads but don't be afraid to use them for whatever you need so this is gonna be great for keeping head pin so you can also even keep jump rings and we're gonna go over some of that stuff in just a little bit here but house is a great tool solution yeah and we do sell the empty tubes is that right yes we don't have a course yes yes yes so one other thing I want to talk to you about as we talk about traveling is this little guy here now this is a really neat thing this is the beadsmith this is the travelers edition of their beadboard so you can see that it has this nice beadboard here and this is gonna be great for you know kind of doing all of your bracelets and figuring everything out but what's nice is this actually has a plastic cover on it and not this piece but the actual plastic thing so this is a tray with a plastic cover so you can put it away and it's going to be smooth on top so it's not just a beadboard you can actually use this to travel and keep your tools and whatnot in here so this is a great another little solution for traveling or if you are just even moving stuff around your house let's say you want to use this and then kind of put everything away and snap it down so it'll stay nice and secure so that's a that's a great little option if you're if you're mobile as well stick that under there alright well we're over here let's just remind people of the giveaway because it just featured a few of those items I just spoke about oh alright so we're gonna give you the beadsmith storage and then I have one of those wood blocks there and then we're going to go over these pieces again here in just a moment we have some of those anti-tarnish bags you're gonna get a shine right pad some of the tarnished pieces here and then a beautiful bead scoop so all you need to do to win this is just leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from or what your favorite storage solution piece is so that's our giveaway and we'll announce that in a little bit here at the lot at the end of our live broadcast is there a question and we don't question oh ok so Mary is asking if the Renaissance wax can be used on polymer clay I my instinct says no it doesn't say that it can't let's see ok I'm gonna read it to you guys to you so you know so protect valuable furniture leather paintings metal Marberry marble marble ivory and many other services so I worried that it would react not positively to the clay it doesn't say clay on there but it does say leather yeah it does say leather she's kind of porous and it does say paintings just say other materials I know thanks wax polish you know what I'm gonna try it out give me give me a day I'm gonna try it out join us on Wednesdays I usually do a little recap because I want to know I haven't I haven't thought of Chinese a time polymer clay I know it'll make it kind of kind of not dull but like have a like a little soft Sheen to it so yeah let's just that out sorry I'm sorry I can't answer your question officially but that is a good thing and possibly a video so thanks Mary alright and our next question aluminum is tough to clean so we're getting the question of if we have it cleaner for aluminum items what I would use for that is I might want to go back to the polishing pad because this you can actually sort of adjust how much you press on it aluminum is such a soft metal it is really difficult to clean but I would recommend using the polishing pad because again you can control how much you're pressing on that aluminum especially if it's I'm picturing like an aluminum wire if you have that so that way you can kind of just smooth down what you need and it depends on what is inside that aluminum usually it's aluminum throughout but this should be a good solution for that I wouldn't recommend dipping it in any solution I think that might have a vers effects in fact I think it'll probably end up blackening the aluminum which I would hate to see have you suppose the anti tarnish methods here would help once the aluminum is polished to keep it so I think so I think actually in that instance I would probably use the bags just because it's going to give you a little bit more protection overall as opposed to just a little pad inside there so yeah that's what I recommend for all right so we are going to start talking about some of these other solutions that we have here now these are the little bead boxes and you guys have probably seen these in our beadaholique basics but now we are offering the empty boxes and this is really fun because they have these little removable pieces here so you can actually put larger beads and you can just sort of set that inside there so you can do longer beads now the centerpiece is firm so that's set in there but you can remove the little side pieces there so I have one that's been sort of set up with some lovely beads you can just sort of see and again I love how you can see through the top it makes it really nice and easy yeah so again you can have your longer beads in here and you can see that I've just set that extra piece in there you can have all kinds of different beads in there crystals all the way to findings and if you wanted to if you have a lot of metal pieces in there as opposed to peds you can put one of those little tarnish pads in there as well at the bottom and would putting one of those tarnish pads in like you did protect all the different compartments it should yeah because again this isn't fully sealed but it will at least help for you know the friends that are next to it and if you do put it in there and you do put something on top of it let's say you wanted to you know make this whole big thing all of your clasps you can absolutely have this touch the metal it doesn't hurt it to touch it so don't worry about like oh it needs to have its own separate compartment it's like no if it's if it's on top of it it won't hurt it at all that's it so that yeah so that's a good little solution there all right so yeah so Alexandre was mentioning that we do sell the tubes these plastic tubes separately so what's nice about these is they come with their little caps and you can fill them with whatever you like so I have some jump rings down here some larger beads it's not just meant for the smaller tubes and you know a lot of the things that you'll buy from bead stores or even from us will have big stickers on them so that you can identify what they are but perhaps you want a solution where you can see a little bit more of what's in each tube so you can do you can buy these and then sort of replace those tubes as well or yeah if you don't want to buy the tubes then if you buy seed beads obviously you'll have to flip over that can be repurposed and I think a lot of people really like to make use of what they have and absolutely even if it's got labels and stickers you can get over that but you can take it logo stickers off with a little googan like if you don't need to indicate what it is like if you just know what it is or if you want to you can actually write on the top of these on these little extra pieces here so you can say like oh this is my five millimeter 20 gauge jump ring you know that Sharpie pen would be good for them perfect and then the other little thing that we have here is we have these little guys and these are really great again you get that visual aspect of being able to see what's inside and this is going to hold some possibly larger beads for you which is going to be great and then we have and they come actually in this little solution here so you can see that I've taken tools out so again you get that beautiful representation of what you'd have in here so you can have all of those little indications in here as well and let's say you did want to house some of your metal pieces in here again you can pop one of those little tarnish pads in there at the bottom and then place your pieces on top those actually look a bit more you're tight did they screw clothes do they just pop hot yeah see you can just pop them out yeah and then they just pop closed I do have a good a good seal to them so they're not gonna fall out too easily unless you have really heavy heavy gemstones in there but these are really really good for that all right just ahead of this let's please talk about this amazing thing you've done here which brings together the best of both worlds you have decorated a needle case in the most brilliant way okay all right let's just take a minute just take a gasp here at what Kat has done I yes I its tastic I love you this is coated in a peyote stitch and what I like okay so it comes like this and it comes where you can take the top off and it's just separated and I don't know about everybody else but I tend to lose things like crazy so when I was creating this the first thing I wanted to do was make sure that I knew how to connect it so I added this little chain to it so I can you know just get my needles out from the top there it's brilliant and I come out it's just beautiful and then I I know you're making fun of me but I love it this was actually it was really fun and also I mean you know among all the things on your table you're gonna see that you're gonna make you might lose that guy but you're gonna see that and this also I have a little hook on my desk so I can actually hang it oh stop I know I know I know it's brilliant so why the two different sizes so this one is going to be great for your size your beading needles which are probably going to be like a 12 or a 10 and this is going to be great if you do a lot of loom work because this will accommodate a loom needle so you can kind of have both and I clearly have so I really like you think oh that is fantastic okay so next to that yeah last level needle solution we have this cool little magnetic thing and it has magnets on both sides so you can see that there's my little needles right in there so this will keep those nice and tidy cuz I don't know if I feel like at some point if you're a sower or a beater you've probably stepped on a needle and it's no fun hmm so this will keep it on your table and safe locked away this is my big takeaway from all this I'm embarrassed to say that I still store my needles working here in a little baggie and there's no reason for that there's just no reason for the baggage that you have thoroughly inspired me there I hope so yeah so what else do we have to cover we've really talked about cuz I know this isn't the giveaway so we want to talk about it really fast this is a bead scoop this little guy here it actually kind of looks like one of those things at the waist you like for the crummers at the table and like you can scoop and then this is easy to fill the tubes here you can scoop and fill the fill the tube so let's say you pour out your tube and you only use a few beads you can easily scoop it and put it back in there as opposed to trying to scoop with the tube which is you know always fun to watch people do it's cuz I'm just like I'm trying to get it in there and then I just grab my bead scoop and it's like I've done very handy well along those lines you also have a handy little oh yeah here that is these are little whelp storage containers basically but the design of them is such that you can put flat back stones in and when they are upside down on you you just give a little tap and it kind of does all the work of bringing a lot of them facing upwards so that's that's kind of what it's designed for but then there's also the magical pick and this with the little resin tip will pick up your flat bags and probably work with other seed beads and other stones like that as well so that's kind of a handy tool my other main go-to for saving space particularly is the caliper and so this will measure your millimeters on one side and your inches on the other and I use this day in day out working here for sure so that's another handy tool to have and then actually over in this corner another handy thing is we're going across is the shoot remind me what it's called cats it's the spool tamer right so I have soft touch beading cord here and it comes through the hole of this elastic band that just fits right over the top and then you can dispense yourself some wire without it all flying off and so oftentimes these spools will come with a plastic sleeve that snaps in but if if you've lost it or prefer to be able to pull your cord off easily without kinking that's a great solution Kaymer so what have I been doing over here I have been using the polishing pad and I know that these cases are aluminum so this is what I've been doing so I've been trying to rub and rub and rub and go through that and you can see that it's coming off here all that tarnish there I mean it's not really turning it's just just kind of cleaning the metal you can see that it's really shiny at that one spot now as opposed to over here where it's a bit more dull so this is my little shiny spot so this does work really great on aluminum because I was like you know aunt Dan I'm gonna figure this out so yeah so if you just take it you can actually see let me find a clean little spot here okay so we have that clean little spot there and I'm gonna rotate it so I get to one of those more dull spots there so all I'm gonna do is just kind of rub it over just very gently you remind me of one of those nice people at conventions who are demonstrating some great cleaning product when they take your jewelry and they do such a good job I mean just throw there to watch them yeah I went to a convention once where it was a gosh where was I but this guy had this like shoe cleaning solution and he only cleaned one shoe and then he wouldn't clean my other shoes I bought it and I was like oh you sneaky sneaky sneaky of course I had to buy it because I needed my shoes clean yeah walk around the residue of one clean shoe all right fire all giggling areia okay so this actually does work for aluminum so I'm actually glad I tested that out so the other thing I like I was really trying to rub this and obviously this is not jewelry this is a this is a piece so it's like a storage piece so be careful when you do it with the aluminum but I think that does solve the question yes the polishing pads should work for that and you can just see that this is getting all nice and soiled and sometimes it'll get on your hands don't worry you can just wash that off it's just I'm rushing this fabric one would do the same thing let's see let's test it out so this is probably more for your sterling silver so again I just don't want to rub this off but let's go ahead and kind of see what we can do and giving it a nice little clean so it's not cleaning it as much because this is probably meant a little bit more to buff in terms of just kind of giving it a little extra shine it looks like the other one with a bit more effect the other one is a bit more effective here you can see that it does start to come off on the on the pad there just a little bit it's just a little gray but yeah I if you want it to be shiny your polishing pad is going to be your better bed so there you go testing stuff out here now wait answers our question but yeah I will check on the on the wax on the polymer clay because we do have several pieces that are like the crystal clay so let me go ahead and check on that I do wonder how it would look if it because it says that it doesn't add fingerprints or anything like that and you can just really do a really thin layer it should work I just don't know how it would work because it's a porous material but furnitures porous and so we're gonna find out alright so we're gonna wrap things up here you guys if you don't have any other questions oh did we talk about our bead board here why don't you touch on that because I just don't know well we're waiting for our giveaway winner so get your last comments and really really fast all right so this is a cool little bead board here and let me move some of this stuff off of here because I want to show you what it looks like underneath yeah now this mat is really probably one of the most important things I ever use yeah so this kind of feels like it's it's like a thick sort of felt type material but it's really great for beating and underneath here you can see this is a hard bead board now the great thing about this is if you do have beads and let's say you are working on a project here and your beads are all on your table just like so you can actually kind of move this and it's almost like a TV tray so you can actually sit on the couch with this and but then all of your beads are going to stay as you move it so the other thing too is that you can buy the board with the perfectly matched mats and you'll get three of them and they're just different colors slightly different thicknesses but yeah so that's a great little solution there so then this can be the piece that you sort of move around all the time on your on your tour you get a project going and then you stack your next mat on top and you start your next project and that way you're not having to put everything away from every project you can have multiple mm-hmm multiple things going at once yeah uh yeah I like these things I know well I well I have a second so you just kind of get your beads scooped and they go right now isn't it sighs I it's so satisfying to clean well that's the other aspects its organizational conversation is yeah I think that as beaters it appeals to us the whole sorting and cleaning and keeping things tidy and then bringing them out again what else oh I can that you know it's just it's so easy to start something and get all excited and then everything is everywhere and then you don't know where it is and you're frustrated so you don't want to do it so there is sort of you know I mean I know a lot of the stuff appeals to the you know the OCD inside of me that keeps everything nice and tidy but it allows me to go oh I know exactly what I want I can do this it's not this whole process to go and hunt down the where was that shoebox with all my seat where you know where was this you know and it's all in my crafters tote like I can kind of pack it all together and it's all all in one space also that way you feel like you actually have the time to create something as opposed to it's gonna take me like 30 minutes like find everything and pull it all out and you know it's like no no it's like three minutes oh here we go right wherever I left off you know and I've seen people you can actually on these little bead mats you can sort of put a little needle down into it so it's like your needle will stay there lots of different things that I've seen people do over the years and it just it really is a very personal thing but it's also a great way to just just make it easy on yourself you know this is smarter not harder works Matta yeah with your case all right do we have a giveaway winner all right so congratulations to Trish Perry so congratulations Trish you are going to win this amazing giveaway all you need to do is to just send us an email at service at beadaholique.com that's service at beadaholique.com and we will find out where we can send this giveaway to you and we are so excited this is a great little giveaway so lots of storage opportunities here for you I'm a hapless bags and the scoop what you're gonna love so yeah so thank you so much you guys for tuning in this has been really fun we've just you know kind of shared some of our little our little tricks and you know I know it seems like there's a lot of a lot of stuff here but you guys can shop our entire product collection over at beadaholique.com where we've listed everything that we've used here so it's a nice easy solution and you know again we do have specific videos that should walk you through exactly how to use some of the cleaners that we were discussing and some of the other pieces all right now to find the product collection they go to the new and trending tab yes that's at beadaholique.com we have a little new and trending tab we also have it in a beautiful banner there at the top visible alright thanks so much for joining us you guys and we'll be back here for the first Friday of every month with our next class so join us in September as we talk about I don't know yet all right bye everyone thank you so much bye you

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