How to Make a Beaded Loop Pendant in your Strung Jewelry

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner

In this video you will learn how to create a beaded loop that is integrated right into your strung jewelry. No connections needed. This is a wonderful way to use multiple sizes of round Preciosa crystals in the same design.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a beaded loop pendant that is integrated right into your strung jewelry now i have just some beading wire here and i have today i'm working with the precious around crystals and you can see that i have several different sizes here and there's a reason for that so i have some 10 millimeters i have some eights i have some six and i have some four over here so i have a nice little sort of color smattering there but what i want to talk to you about is if you wanted to create a loop that is dead center and right in the center and you can actually do multiple loops of this style how to do that with using some round crystals because there are a couple little tips that i want to point out to you okay so the first thing i'm going to do is i'm just going to create my little design here so i have a couple of these beads these are the light rows and they have that beautiful little a b to them so i'm going to have those these are going to be my eight millimeters these are going to be my little anchors but i know that i'm going to need my 10 millimeter bead right up at the top so that i can complete that loop now it is up to you if you want to add another one here at the bottom or if you just want that to be sort of your central piece and we're gonna we're this will all make sense in a moment but what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna take some of these six millimeter beads because i like to sort of graduate things when i can to have them sort of make make sense if you will so now i'm going to add a couple of these little beads here now these are the little purple beads so i'm just going to add those in so again you can see that i'm creating a little bit of a graduated circle pendant down here but let's go ahead and let's add in some more beads i want to make it a little bit heavier at the bottom so i'm going to just do this right here so this is going to be my little loop i think that's going to work i might want to add some more beads but that gives me at least a starting a jumping off point so the first thing i want to do is i'm going to push this little bead out of the way or actually that big bead so that 10 millimeter bead i'm just going to push that right out of the way so i'm going to string through and i'm going to string up all of these beads here in the order that i have just to see this is why stringing i think is really it's very relaxing for me it's very fun because you can add them take them off you know kind of do all different sorts of things with them if you want you can add a bead stopper to the other side i'm not adding one here today for this is just for this little demonstration because i thought this would be really neat i had a question uh come through our facebook about some strong jewelry and i thought this would help answer that so this one is for you all right so now i'm just adding and completing my little round here now here's the trick because i'm using lots of different beads here lots of different sizes and colors i want to make sure that when i bring it into a loop it's not it's going to look the way i want it to look it's not going to crunch up there so now all i'm doing is just i'm taking it and i'm getting my little ends here together so i'm making sure that falls dead center in my piece and now we're going to use this bead and we're going to criss-cross through that large bead not only will it allow us to use the wire that we want because we want to have enough space in there if you try to do this and anchor it with like say a four millimeter bead you're not going to have as much luck depending on the wire that you've chosen but then you can go ahead and bring that together and it's going to be this nice little loop and pendant and now you can continue on stringing but another little tip is that there's a reason i put those little four millimeters right at the top there if you did uh anything bigger you're going to have a little crunch because you can see that the first thing that i'm going to do when i'm starting my new line here is i'm going to use another four millimeter now i'm going to use a different color here but i want you to see how they can kind of sit with each other and it will push the pendant down when you really when you look at it so what happens is instead of it coming sort of just straight across what that's going to do is it comes together and it actually sort of pushes it down so it creates a little bit of a stronger pendant-like look now there's nothing to say that you can't go out on this side and kind of create another loop if you wanted to do a series of loops you could create something like that and you could do it on the same side so this is a really fun little technique but i just wanted to say a couple little things make sure that you are testing out how many strands of your beading wire you can get through the largest bead that you would like to put there also use some smaller beads there some great other beads you can integrate are some spacer beads you can also do some even smaller crystals if your if your wire will allow or seed beads are really great you can get some crystal seed beads we have some beautiful crystal ab miyukis and toho seed beads that could work really really nicely in here but that's it that's just the little technique i wanted to show you because someone was where they didn't understand how this could happen i was like oh hey it's actually easier than you think so there you go this one is for you if you guys have any questions or are curious about a certain design and how it's made leave it in the comments below and we will definitely take that into our video requests thanks so much for watching and you can get all of these beautiful precious crystals by shopping at

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