Favorite Bead Mixes!

Have you ever felt like designing a new piece of jewelry but didn't know where to start? I think there are times when all of us are looking for that burst of inspiration to get our next project going. Have you ever considered looking at a bead mix and then designing around it? This is a trick that many designers do—they find the beads they want to use and then they come up with the design. Bead mixes go one step further in that they are usually curated so they all coordinate well and their colors all complement each other. This is also great for those new to beading because it takes some of the guesswork out of selecting beads.

I particularly love seed bead mixes because they look so scrumptious when all photographed together. With bead mixes like this, you can easily make strung necklaces, loom projects, and bead woven designs (not to mention memory wire bracelets and wire wrapping too): 


In addition to seed beads, there are great mixes that feature a variety of types and sizes of beads all in the same mix. With these mixes you can usually make multiple projects and really only need to add the findings.

For some ideas on how many ways you can use just the beads from one mix, you can check out the video I made where I took one Czech Bead Mix Recipe Box and created 7 different pairs of earrings. At the end, there were still a ton of leftover beads to make even more projects with!

Featured Video: How to Make 7 Pairs of Earrings from 1 Czech Glass Bead Mix Recipe Box

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of some of my very favorite bead mixes. They are so fun to work with! Click here to see our entire selection of bead mixes and designer palettes. - Julie Bean 


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Tarah - January 30, 2024

I see several of the seed bead mixes are out of stock. Will this be replenished soon?

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