June's Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite for Beading and DIY Jewelry Making

As we continue looking at beautiful birthstones, we are now halfway through the year and have come to June. June is unique in that it technically has three birthstones: moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite. The third one, alexandrite, was a later edition, added in the 1950s whereas moonstone and pearl were decided upon much earlier. This wide range of birthstones gives June babies a choice when wanting to pick out and wear their birthstone.

According to our Gemstone Meanings & Metaphysical Properties guide, moonstone represents communication, inspiration and balance. Pearl is known to stand for purity, love, and innocence. Alexandrite represents balance. 

The three gemstones are so vastly different from each other in appearance that there really is something for every taste. Alexandrite is a deep blue/purple/red stone that changes color depending on the lighting. Moonstone can appear to have a warm glow about it and is often white, colorless, or pale blue. Finally, pearls are traditionally cream or white but now you can find pearls in a wide variety of colors—and of course the pearl itself is quite different from sparkling gemstones with its luster and unique shine.

If you are wanting to incorporate these pretties into your jewelry designs, we have some good choices at Beadaholique. Here are just a few of the options:

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