Designer Julie's 5 Favorite PRESTIGE Pearl Colors!

I have been making a lot of projects with PRESTIGE crystal lately. The crystal colors are so pretty and sparkly, perfect for spring and summer jewelry not to mention bridal jewelry for both the bride and bridesmaids. As I have been designing with the crystal beads and pendants, I have also been using the PRESTIGE pearls as well. Not only are these Austrian beads wonderfully uniform in shape and size, but their holes are all clean and easy to get wire and stringing material through. But above all else, I am drawn to the colors of PRESTIGE crystal pearls. Some of the colors are ones I have never seen in another bead and the finishes are simply breathtaking. Here are my very favorite PRESTIGE pearl colors: 

Iridescent Dreamy Rose

This bead feels magical to me! It has almost a glow that radiates from the bead. Depending on what you pair it with, the bead tends to take on the other colors in the design; pair it with white and very pale pink, and it looks like light pink. If you pair it with a dark rose color, it seems even more pink than usual or just on its own. 

Iridescent Light Blue

Another gorgeous iridescent color, this bead is very soft and subtle. It is understated elegance personified. You could easily pair this with neutrals for just a slight pop of color or you can pair it with darker blues and greens. It would look lovely with both silver and gold findings.


Here is a very rich pearl color. It feels elegant and regal and adds a wonderful saturated color to your designs. I tend to use this color in fall and winter designs, but you could partner it with golds, creams, and greens for a summery design. For a high contrast design, even consider pairing it with white! 

Light Grey

If you are looking for a new neutral, consider this light grey pearl. It is very clean and simple but supremely elegant. It blends with almost any other colors and can be used as the focal or an accent. It's incredibly versatile and adds a luxe feeling to any design. 

Iridescent Purple

This pearl is interesting in that it is called purple, but it definitely reflects green tones as well. It seems to change color depending on the lighting and angle you are viewing it from. It's so pretty! I love using multiples of this pearl in a single design and seeing them all lined up together. 

Do you have a favorite PRESTIGE crystal pearl color? What is it?

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