Designer Julie's Top Tips & Tricks for Jewelry Making

Top Tips & Tricks for Jewelry Making

As we near the end of 2023, let us take a lot back at Beadaholique designer Julie Bean's top 5 most popular posts of the year containing her expert tips and tricks for beading and jewelry making.

5.) Top 3 Tips for Working with 2-Part Resin!

A more advanced technique that is rewarding to learn, resin allows you to create custom one-of-a-kind jewelry components.

4.) How to Make Morse Code Jewelry 

Learn how to create jewelry with meaningful (or just fun!) hidden messages.

3.) Choosing the Right Needle for Your Next Jewelry Making Project

Whether you are new to beading or a seasoned pro, the number of needle choices can be overwhelming. Julie breaks down some of the most popular needle styles and sizes and discuss why you might choose them.

2.) Substitutions in Jewelry Making – What Works and What Doesn’t

Sometimes the component you want to use is out of stock or has been discontinued. Learn what to be mindful of when making substitutions.

1.) Top 5 Jewelry Making Techniques You Should Know!

Whether you are new to beading or a seasoned pro, these are the top 5 techniques to master.

For more tips, design inspiration, and project ideas, see all entries in our design blog and be sure to view all our free beading projects and our instructional video tutorials.

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