Ask a Jewelry Designer: Circular Brick Stitch

Circular brick stitch might just be my very favorite bead weaving stitch for jewelry making. I probably use it more than any other stitch and I find it so relaxing to do. We have many videos showing you how to do this technique, but I know it’s one that still can prove challenging.

Featured Video: How To Do Circular Brick Stitch Bead Weaving

How to Add Bicone Crystals to Circular Brick Stitch

How to Add a Picot Edge to Circular Brick Stitch

Here are my top three tips for creating uniform circular brick stitch:

  1. Use beads that are even in size. If you want that clean look that circular brick stitch can provide, then try using beads such as Miyuki Delicas or Toho seed beads. Some vintage seed beads and even Czech seed beads can be irregular in size and will not line up in neat rows. Now, this can also be a design choice and I have purposely chosen uneven beads in the past so that I end up with a more vintage look.
  2. When you are about to complete a circular row and are almost to your last bead in a round, do not try to squeeze in an extra bead that does not fit. It will create a wobble and buckling in your design. It would be better to have a little gap in the round versus an extra bead that sticks out.
  3. Choose your thread size carefully. In this stitch, you will be passing through your beads multiple times and catching the underneath thread bridges. If you are using a thread that is too thick, it can bunch up and take away from the design.

Featured Circular Brick Stitch Beading Projects

Jasmine Earrings in Blue
Jasmine Earrings in Blue
White Coral Earrings
White Coral Earrings
Skyward Sparrow Earrings
Skyward Sparrow Earrings
Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet
Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet



We also have a guide all about Circular Brick Stitch in our Free Beading Patterns section.

Are there any challenges you are having with circular brick stitch? If so, please ask your questions here and I will answer them on next week’s Find Out Friday on Facebook live at 12pm PT on June 3rd.

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semi precious beads - June 1, 2022

Do you know why there are no videos that show you how to use a loom to make projects using semi-precious beads like amethyst, citrine, onyx, etc? I have beautiful small amethyst round beads that I am planning on making into a bracelet using Rick’s loom but I was just wondering why no one uses real semi-precious beads.

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