Art Deco Design Style for DIY Jewelry

One of my absolute favorite design styles has to be Art Deco! It's probably why I love Paris so much with its abundant examples of Art Deco architecture. From fashion, to architecture, to home goods and furniture, everything Art Deco calls to me. Art Deco design is characterized by its use of geometric shapes and stylized forms, usually with a very clean and sleek aesthetic. This design style originated in the 1920s and flourished into the 1930s. It was very modern and bold, a stark departure from the opulence and frills of the Edwardian and Victorian eras which preceded it. 

I was inspired to write this blog when I saw the latest creation by designer Deb Floros. Her Zola Statement Necklace captures the essence of the Art Deco movement with it's geometric shapes being combined to create new shapes and interest. 

After seeing her beautiful design, I was curious to find other shapes and elements on the Beadaholique website that could also be used to create Art Deco inspired jewelry pieces. After a very fun search, I have found the following: 

I hope you enjoyed this quick look through some of my favorite Art Deco inspired components. Brands that have a lot of pieces that would work well include Nunn Design with all their triangle shapes and Zola Elements with their bar pendants and acetate shapes. Don't forget Czech glass cathedral beads too! 
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