How to Add Bicone Crystals to Circular Brick Stitch

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to add a row of tiny crystal bicones to your circular brick stitch for an added embellishment. You will also see how to add one seed bead at the top so you can add a jump ring and finish it off with an earring hook or turn it into a pendant.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to add crystals to circular brick stitch now this is a finished example here so you can see what we're going to be working with so some of the elements here that we have we have those three millimeter preciosa crystals i'm going to be using some miyuki delicas in the 110 size and then i also have my little ring here so you can just see how it starts out and this is 15.5 millimeters this is a beatable open frame link and this is a beautiful little circle design so it's going to give us that beautiful sun ray style there i have an earring hook and a jump ring there as well now you can also turn this into a pendant if you like but i'm going to go ahead and make a pair of earrings and the only tools that you're going to need is we're going to need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers that's going to help us out with that jump ring later and a sheer now i do have a size 12 beading needle on some four pound fireline over here and you can see that i've already done my three rows of brick stitch so i have that beautiful white satin in there i have that chartreuse and then i have that gray now you'll notice on my finished example here we have little seed beads in between each of those crystals now for this design i chose the pink and for the design here that i'm going to do in the video i'm going to use the green because i wanted to make it as green as possible very green on green but feel free to use whichever color you like you also don't have to use three colors you can make it all one color however you want to work it so this is the tutorial to do it with three rows but you'll see that it will be about the same uh you'll just use less crystals if you decide to just do one row of the brick stitch before you start adding on the crystals so i just finished my third row so i'm coming out the top of this little gray bead right there so the first thing we're going to do is we are going to pick up one of our seed beads here one crystal and one seed bead okay so now what we're going to do is we're going to skip over this first little thread bridge right here and we're going to go underneath that second thread bridge so just kind of right underneath there and pull through and these three are just going to kind of sit right on top just like that and now go back up through that last seed bead and it'll catch underneath that little thread bridge that we have there now instead of picking up a seed bead first we're going to pick up a crystal and then a seed bead and we're just going to repeat that so we're going to skip over one and we're going to go underneath the second one here and pull through and our crystal is going to sit right on top there and then we're going to come through and we're going to go back up through that seed bead just like so and you guessed it we're going to continue so that's the whole process so now you're just going to pick up a crystal and a seed bead skip over one go into the next one and you're going to do this all the way around and what i want to show you on the other side is how to attach a little um excuse me i want to show you how to attach a little jump ring so you can make this into a pendant or earring so i'm going to continue to do this entire thing and i will show you what it looks like in just a moment okay so you can see that i've come all the way around here and now i'm back up to this little portion right here where i'm going to add one more crystal so instead of adding a seed bead here i'm just going to pick up one crystal and go down into this seed bead here as though i had just added it there we go and now i'm going to kind of have to sneak my needle through because it's nice and tight in there so i want to make sure that i'm coming underneath that thread bridge and then what i'm can do is i can flip my work around so that i can come back up through that seed bead and hopefully i've caught it yes i have beautiful all right so let me flip over one more time so we're kind of continuing to work in the same direction now go through that crystal there that's just adjacent to that seed bead just right there there we go so now i'm coming out that crystal what i want to do is i want to pick up one seed bead here and i'm going to sew into the next crystal so just let that come through so now i have a little built up crystal there on two so now what we can do is we can just come in and tie off our thread by creating a little loop go underneath that thread bridge there making sure to not catch the crystal next to it and now i can just sew down into my piece and i am good to go now if you want if you feel that this is going to be on a pendant and you you know there might be a little tugging you can absolutely sort of weave your way back and redo this little circle piece here to ensure that that's not going to go anywhere i'm happy with mine so i'm going to just come in and snip off my thread there we go i can set all that aside now go ahead and grab your jump ring here and to be able to fit through the miyuki delica there you will need a 22 gauge jump ring so we're just gonna slip that on right through our little seed bead there and without even having to open up our earring hook we can slide that on sneak our pliers in there and close that up there we go and now we have our completed little earring so again you can do this in a ton of different colors these three millimeter crystals are so adorable and so cute and it just really adds a nice little sparkle to it so again we have the purple and the green there we also do have these beatable open frame links in gold as well so if that's more your style be sure to check that out over at if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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