Gemstone Meanings & Metaphysical Properties

We love gemstone beads for their natural beauty, lovely variations, weight, and feel. Gemstones have been used as jewelry by humans for centuries and over time, different cultures have assigned various meanings, healing attributes, and metaphysical properties to these semi-precious stones. Just for fun we've gathered the most common meanings and metaphysical properties associated with many popular gemstones.

At the end of the day, your jewelry creations, and the meaning behind it, is whatever you want it to be. Get inspired with our entire selection of gemstone beadsincluding premium selections from Dakota Stones.

See our Birthstone Guide and Anniversary Stone Guide for other meanings associated with gemstones.

Gemstone Meanings/Properties
Agate protection, strength, balance, safety
Alexandrite balance
Amazonite soothing, calming, healing from grief
Amethyst calmness, clarity, peace, courage
Apatite communication, health
Aquamarine protection, courage, clarity, calming
Aventurine prosperity, luck, opportunity
Bloodstone patience, detoxification, confidence, motivation
Carnelian energy, vitality, courage
Chalcedony goodwill, friendship, calming, stability
Citrine prosperity, wealth, success, optimism, vitality, energy
Diamond purity, love, success, strength, protection, courage
Emerald fertility, hope, love, vitality, balance, intuition, truth
Fluorite focus, learning, intuition
Garnet trust, friendship, loyalty, passion, vitality
Goldstone ambition, drive, energy, courage
Hematite protection, stability, grounding
Howlite patience, peace, perspective, clarity
Iolite self-awareness, financial responsibility
Jade serenity, luck, prosperity
Jasper relaxation, compassion, balance, contentment
Labradorite transformation, clarity, protection
Lapis Lazuli honesty, harmony, self-awareness, wisdom
Malachite healing, spiritual
Moonstone communication, inspiration, balance
Morganite innocence, joy, peach, confidence, romance
Opal mystical, spiritual, imagination, dreams, healing, hope, love, purity
Pearl purity, love, innocence
Peridot prosperity, growth, openness, luck
Prehnite dreams, mystical, meditation
Rose Quartz healing, balance, harmony, love
Ruby love, wealth, wisdom, vitality, safety
Sapphire protection, honesty, inspiration, intuition
Spinel joy, innovation, creativity, vitality
Tanzanite positive energy, vitality, intuition
Tiger's Eye protection, confidence, balance, strength
Topaz peace, healing, love, faithfulness, loyalty, clarity, intelligence
Tourmaline confidence, stress relief, emotional healing, grounding
Turquoise protection, grounding, friendship, prosperity
Zircon wisdom, spirituality
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