Show & Tell: Wooden Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
This show and tell video showcases the new collection of wooden beads available at These beads are nicely finished and uniform in shape, which is hard to find in wood beads. These beads would be great to pair with clay, ceramic, or gemstone beads for a Boho chic look.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with i would and i'm not sure if this pookal a or pou colette if anyone knows who was watching this please let me know because i did try to research it and find a pronunciation and i could not but what's really nice about this type of wood is it's very lightweight which means you're going to be able to add a lot of these to your designs and not add a lot of weight to them also it's surprisingly hard to find really good quality wood beads that don't splinter aren't rough around the edges these are really nice and smooth you can see that they've got a little bit of like a sheen to them from where they've been polished you can see that their holes are really nice and uniform and also quite smooth so these are going to be perfect for all your boho chic designs you may be your more earthy designs if you're combining them with ceramic beads or clay beads they would go great with clay River which is a designer that we carry at buta holla week ladies I mean you're braiding and knotting projects your hemp cord all of those type of supplies these are going to work really well with so I want to walk you through the collection real quick you can see we basically got three finishes in every style with the exception of this little guy down here we have this really nice honey-colored we have a darker one and then we have a nice light one which will allow you a lot of different versatility in your designs and they look nice combined together too so really quick we have these round rondelle's they're four millimeters long you can see they've gotten a nice hole which is about two millimeters across you're gonna be able to get some cord through them next we have these rounded tubes which are ten millimeters and they've got a 2.5 millimeter hole again that's going to be great if you're doing any type of braiding or knotting then we'll go over to these which are our rounds it's a smooth round that's six millimeters in diameter and a two millimeter hole we've got these oval tubes I really like these because you don't see them all the time and they've got a two millimeter hole I just want to hold this up for you so you can see how nice and smooth and round that is then a coin shaped one which is got a two millimeter hole in it as well again super lightweight really easy to with we haven't been a large around this is an 8 millimeter round and then we also have smaller rounds which is a 4 millimeter round which is are nice like spacer bead and these are a little bit different than the other beads here these cut the color on these ones is very uniform it's very even these here is a little bit more variegated a little bit more happening with it a little bit more rustic and then finally we have these which are these little haishi spacer beads and you can see they got a little bit of different color happening on the interior where the cut is versus the outside and on these ones they're not all uniform you can see that some are a little bit wider some are a little bit thinner and we do only have these in this one more of a natural color so I hope you enjoyed seeing this overview of these new wood beads that we just brought into beadaholique you can find them along with other beading supplies at you

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