Show & Tell: Toho Seed Bead Designer Palettes

SKU VID-1185
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this Show & Tell video see the handpicked designer color palettes of Toho seed beads available exclusively at Beadaholique. Each palette consists of 4 full tubes of 11/0 Toho seed beads which have been color coordinated to compliment each other. Use these beads in your bead weaving, bead embroidery, loom projects, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and picked color palettes that have been curated by our design team and they consist of four tubes of 11 o Toho seed beads and colors that really work well together so if you ever have a hard time choosing your colors for your projects these are a great option so I'm going to start right here this is the sundance escape color palette and you see it's got a nice mix of colors that really work well together but also have some contrast and I did up a loom bracelet which I also titled Sundance escape just to show you how some of these beads would really work up together and I'm going to show you a fun little thing to you get a lot of beads so if you imagine we've got this much left in the tubes these here on the table and this whole bracelet was done just with these tubes so you can make actually multiple bracelets out of just these four tubes of beads so again this is a sunday s escape color palette very Southwest inspired then if we go over here we have the Tuscan vineyard so this reminds us of wine tasting and bed and breakfast really warm tones up here is Cambridge flat so we've got some nice primary colors represented with the red the blue the yellow and the green over here is Pacific waterfall so this definitely has a nice water feel to it aqua and crystal and grey and then I some like a matte metallic right here I love that color over here is barri kiss so if you're a fan of pinks and purples this is a great color palette this will do really well in the springtime as well and then finally over here we have vintage lace which is really a victorian-inspired color palette so you've got the nice really shell pale pink contrasting nicely against these other beads and speaking of contrasting that's another thing we did try to do so if we go back to our original bracelet right here you'll notice it's important when you're designing to have little pops of contrast so we try to make sure that in every palate you did have beads that not only complemented each other also contrasted which should work up well if you're doing bead weaving bead embroidery loom work whatever you may be wanting to do with these pallets so you can find all of these selections here and other project ideas for them at you

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