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Hi, this is Julie with pieces that you can incorporate into your jewelry designs i'm going to start over here with these little etsy charms now these are adding to the previous etsy charms which have been released by Nunn design in the past and these three new designs all feature a spiritual element so we have the yin-yang symbol the Star of David and the cross and you'll notice that they come in four different finishes we have the antique gold antique copper antique silver and bright silver and the back side is blank but it just has a really nice hammered finish to it I'm going to move along up to these horizontal flat tags so these are nice because they've got the two holes up top which is perfect for turning them into necklaces you might even want to consider hang some gemstone chain from them that would be really pretty you'll notice that there's a long one and a short one so let me hold these side-by-side so you can see the comparison now the long one has a hammered finish on both sides and the short one is a bit smoother so it still has a little bit of variation to it but it is a much smoother finish and you can definitely metal punch on those so that's a great way of doing some personalized jewelry maybe a name or a date something like that here we have rectangular open frame pendants and this example piece we use some crystal clay which is an epoxy clay and we just did a marbling effect with black and white and again these come in the four different finishes and we have three different sizes we've got the small one the medium and the large and we have a lot of tutorials on the beadaholique website that show how to use the square version of this pendant so you can just adapt those ideas to the rectangular one we actually found a lot of uses for these they were very fun to work with and I like that the small one is a great size for an earring actually they all could be an earring I'm going to move up now to a really unique piece so here we have these open back bezel and they actually have a channel setting along the outside that you can embellish and they are open so there's a nice deep ring here now in the example I actually filled it with some artists concrete and I just put some packaging tape on the backside here filled it let it cure and then I peeled the tape off and this was the side with the tape you can see this perfectly smooth and it wasn't at all gummy and then I just rubber stamped it but you can also fill these with resin and do a whole bunch of other different things with them and they come in a couple different sizes now last but not least we have some sized rings so you see here that they've got these nice hammered bands and the bands themselves are four millimeters wide and this little tiny bezel and this one we've gone ahead and filled it with that crystal clay again but you'll see is a nice bezel to fill maybe with a flat back crystal or a sheet on or something like that I'm going to put one on here so first show you the different sizes 6 7 & 8 so those are ring sizes I'm going to put the six on my finger so you can see what it looks like and I really like how antique almost ancient these look much like you found them in an archaeological site in Rome or something fun like that so all of these pieces that you see here are available at beadaholique use them you

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