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(soft music) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique. And in this video, I want to introduce you to some recent additions to our gemstone collection. Our gemstone pendants, beads. As well as, our pearl selection at Beadaholique. So, there's quite a few different shapes that we have. So, we've got nice big rounds, coins. Gemstone chips, like you see in these turquoise ones. As well as, some nice squares. And then, for our pendants. I like this one. I absolutely love this big teardrop. It looks great on both sides, it's got a bezel setting. It can easily hang an earring hook, or make it into a pendant. There's some great ones with two loops. As well as, single loops. And then, over here you'll see some itty-bitty briolettes. And, I've got some nice pyrite beads. Amethyst, lapis, labradorite, a lot to choose from here. These would be great for earrings. We have some gemstone chain, actually, that this would look great just hanging from the base of. And then, up here we've got our pearls. And, I love these so much. We've got round ones, like you see here. We've got coin shaped. We've got stick pearls. And, I do want to show you, just some of these shapes. They are so interesting and organic. So, they just really are wonderful free farm shapes. I love them. And, of course, all different colors. And then, what I've been dying to do since I set this table up, is I want to scoop these guys all together. Because, I think they're going to be so gorgeous. So, these are great if you're making heirloom quality jewelry. Jewelry that you really want to last. And, maybe you're making it for yourself, maybe you're making it as a gift. But, they really do add a unique, one of a kind, component to your jewelry designs. So, you can find all of the beads that you see here at Along with a lot of projects showing you how you might incorporate these into really pretty and unique designs. I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of some of the recent additions to our gemstone and pearl selections at

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