Show and Tell: Swarovski Crystal Scarab Beads in 2X AB Finishes

SKU VID-1093
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will get a look at the Swarovski Crystal Scarab Beads in 2X AB finishes. These 12mm beads are coated with the AB finish on both sides to show off your designs from all angles as seen in the Khepri Scarab Earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with in front of me in particular is special because they have the a/b finish in a 2x and all that means is that that a be beautiful finish is going to be on both sides of your bead as opposed to just one side so I have five colors here and I have the jet here and this one is really beautiful it's got that nice sort of yellow golden red finish on it and this is actually the emerald finish and you can see sort of a little bit on the side you get that little flash of green I have the scarab a s which is going to be your more beetle-like color and over here is the aquamarine now I've made a little pair of earrings and I used the amethyst bead and you can see sort of on the side there you catch that beautiful purple color and I paired it with some amethyst a B bicones just to really bring out that purple shade but these are really beautiful they are all 12 millimeters and the hole is actually a good size so you can get a nice size head pin or you can thread it through a various cord as well so you can find all of these at and you'll find it fun tutorials as well as the full tutorial for my pair of earrings here and you can find more Swarovski crystal at you

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