Show & Tell: Czech Glass Piggy Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
This show and tell focuses on Czech Glass Piggy beads. These beads have two holes which allows you to combine them in unique and interesting ways. Their overall shape is round, with a domed top side and a concave underside. Several examples of use are also shown in the video.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I am focusing on piggy beads. These are great new czech glass two hole beads and you can see they've got a really interesting shape. It's almost like a a round pedal and they measure 8 millimeters in diameter by about three and a half millimeters deep and you see that they've got two holes and they're actually off centered drilled. You have one in the center and then you have one that's off drilled which means when you incorporate them into your designs they create a really interesting pattern I want to show you before we start looking at the different colors just a couple examples of use. So here's a bracelet that I'm working on. It's not yet finished when it is finished it'll have a free pattern available on which is also where you can go ahead and buy these these piggy beads and what I've done is I've bead woven them into this kinda, not quite a petal pattern but almost is they're cupping interior smaller beads and I just think this is a really pretty application for them. I'll create a video for you on this stitches because I kinda made it up as I was going and if you're not into bead weaving but if you want to use these piggy beads, Karlin our other designer here, made this ring and she just took some crystal clay and she stuck into it and she made a flower which is a perfect application for their pedal like shape when they are strung onto a strand they're gonna look like this. I left some of the beads on the strand. There's kinda of an cupping action happening and really a fun way that they're stacked together. So those are some examples of use. I want to kind of show you some of the colors available. You'll see that they're available in Opaques as well as transparent and also some really pretty picasso finishes as well as some pearly kinda luster finishes as well. You can go on to the website and see these various finishes. I do want to just pan over the colors really quick so you can see the variety now as we're panning over them I want to tell you a little bit more about them. Their holes are approximately 2.5 millimeters apart from the center of the middle hole to the center of the side hole and then when you're stringing these you can use up to a 20 gauge wire of thread which also equal to about .8 millimeters thick for a cord. So I hope you enjoyed seeing these piggy beads I do just wanna show you their shape one more time nice round dome on one side and nice concave interior on the other. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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