Show & Tell: Colorful Acrylic Beads and Spikes

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Designer: Julie Bean
This show and tell video showcases a wide variety of colorful acrylic beads available at The beads in this collection range from faceted drops and chunky crackled beads to sleek colorful spikes. These light-weight beads are perfect for layering or using multiples of. Great for creating statement jewelry pieces.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a show-and-tell for you today and these are some new acrylic beads that we have on our website for sale at and I just want to take a moment to show you that we have a couple different styles here we have these ones with a wonderful crackled look. It look like a black underlay on some of these. Some of these have a gray underlay with a color on top that is all cracked looking which gives it a just a really fun appearance with these bright colors. You usually see like a crackled finish with more neutral tones, not with the bright colors. I love it that is with the bright so we have a couple of styles here. We have ones that are faceted here and we also have smooth ones the smooth ones look almost like stone in some instances and the faceted ones of course catch the light very nicely. I've got little round ones which are rolling around on my paper here we have this diamond shaped. It's kinda like a square but it was turned on it's end to become a diamond, see where the drill hole is here's a nice irregular shape. I want to show you where the drill hole is. This gonna go straight down here this is kinda big bloopy rock shape which is really nice, look how big that is and these are lightweight so you'll be really able to create a lot of larger more statement jewelry with these You're not gonna have to worry about the weight of Just gonna walk you through some of the other shapes. I really like this one here that kind of burnt orange color another style that we have, well very different but it's still going to be in the acrylic bead family and it's again going to be really lightweight, are these spikes Spikes are so popular right now in jewelry and these are great because they are lightweight again so you could add quite a few of them and they're very bright and colorful which is something we really haven't seen before. We've seen a lot of the metallics spikes but it is really nice to see these with a pop of color. They come a couple different sizes. We have this larger size and I'll show you side by side the smaller size, quite a difference right there just bring out a ruler for you so you can see what we've got going here so little over 1 inch for the large size and then the smaller size is about 7/8 of an inch or so. We have the exact measurements on our website I hope that gives you a little bit more of an idea on how big these are great range of colors, even pink which is fun. So various projects you can do with these and you could load them up you could just load up maybe some beading chain with these because they're not going to weigh hardly anything and finally the other style we have are these drops. They are faceted drops and we just have them in a couple colors right now but again super lightweight, really nice to be able to use these in an layering effect or multiples of them. So this is just a quick overview a some of the new acrylic beads we have available at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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