Show & Tell: Beadalon Instructional Booklets

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, Beadaholique designer Julie quickly goes over 3 of the Beadalon instructional booklets available on There are many more available and this video does not show a lot of the contents of the books (you will need to buy them to get the detailed instructions) but it does talk about the books and gives a brief overview for those who have been curious about them.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to bring attention to an item we carry on our website that I think gets lost and a lot of people don't know we actually have so this is kind of like a show and tell video but mainly it's just a did you know we have this. So these are different instructional booklets by Beadaon. They're nice, actually pretty thick and what they've done is they've contacted some of the really well known designers in the beading industry. This Wyatt White Katie Hacker and there's actually more booklets then these three. I just pull three though to show you and they've worked with them to create booklets showing you how to create various projects or to do different techniques and these are really handy if you like to learn with something right in front of you on your beading table as you're working. I just wanna show you what's included in one of these books. They vary each a little bit but it's gonna show you in this case beginning wire wrapping with Wyatt White. It's going to show you how to do an open loop, links, a ball head pin, briolette and fancy bead caps It's show you what tools you'll need and I don't wanna actually show you every page of this book because that's what the book is for but I do want to show you that in it there's gonna be wonderful, very close up pictures and full instructions for you to follow and these are nice thick books. You get a lot of information in them and they're really a very affordable price point and it lets you really learn a technique at home on your beading table in your own time and with some of the expert knowledge from some of the really all-star outstanding people in the jewelry making industry. So you can find these three books a Katie hacker one which is memory wire made easy, wire wrapping components on stone settings that is a challenging technique which is wonderful to be able to have such nice detailed photos for it and then a beginning wire wrapping and other ones put out by Beadalon on the website Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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