Show and Tell: Byzantine Bracelet Kits by Weave Got Maille

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Any Level
The Byzantine Bracelet Kits by Weave Got Maille include all the components you'll need to construct a beautiful chain maille bracelet. The kits are available in a variety of color combinations, and come with detailed instructions. The only tools required are two pairs of chain nose pliers.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique Intel these are the Byzantine bracelet kit by we've got mail so you can see here I've put together one of these bracelets in the caramel latte color variation and they give you enough jump rings for a full eight inches of weave plus the clasp adds an additional inch so it's great for a longer bracelet so it's a really nice men's project so I want to show you what comes through the kit is it paper clip for starting out for project construction and your packets of color jump rings and a clasp and the instructions Peppard pictures go with each step you'll want to pay attention though because the instructions come with this color variation regardless of the color that you bought so you'll want to make sure that you have your a B and C in order as I've said up here at the table you can see that I've got some jump rings that are tightly shut and some that are open in my a B and C order and the paper clip to start out the project so all you'll need are two pairs of chain nose pliers and be sure to keep the colors in order um we have some really nice color variations different kits on our site so take a look at those and that's at thanks for watching you

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