Quick Tip: How to Use a Long Head Pin to Make an Eye Pin with a Simple Wire Loop

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn a great tip for making your own eye pins from scraps of wire from head pins. This simple technique will come in handy for many jewelry designs, where you need both styles. You will also see a neat trick to help orient your wire to suit your designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com but then i needed an eye pin on the top and I needed my loops facing in opposite directions so what I did is I took a very long head pin and I strung on my bead here and using my wire looping pliers I made myself a simple wire loop and you can see on my pliers here that I just have some blue painters tape and that just helps to keep from marring my wire another little trick within a trick so I have my simple wire loop on my head pin there and now I have all this extra wire and I want to make an eye pin so what I'm gonna do again is just take those wire looping pliers and I'm just gonna curve one end of it just until it comes to make a little bit of an eye pin and then jog it back just a little bit string on my bead and now I'm gonna sort of twist it and make sure that my wire loop is going the opposite direction just like so and I'm gonna twist that around and now trim off my wire and you're all set and you actually even have a little bit of extra wire so if you needed another eye pin you could do that as well but it's a neat little trick to help keep from wasting any wire so from one head pin I was able to get a simple wire loop make an eye pin and do my loops up here so that's a nice quick and easy way to get one product to do the job of two I hope you enjoyed this quick tip if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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