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Hi, this is Kat with that is deeper than the cabochons you can actually use crystal clay to give it a boost and crystal clay will also work as the bonding agent so you see here I have this one and I just set it in there and I'm not really happy with the way that it looks there and on this bracelet I've used a little bit of crystal clay to give it just a little bit of lift so I'll show you how to do that so here I have my crystal clay already mixed so you're just gonna simply press it down into the bezel and now press your cabochons on top and just press it down until you get that nice shape and you can kind of move it around just a little bit and this will work as your bonding agent so now you can see that it sits up nice and high and it looks really great and it gives it a nice finished look just remember to leave it in an upright position and let the clay cure for about 24 hours and you're all set get all of these supplies and find more quick tips at you

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