Product Spotlight: Beadaholique Necklace and Bracelet Finding Kit

SKU VID-0520
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn more about the exclusive Beadaholique Necklace and Bracelet Finding Kit. The video gives you a chance to clearly see everything that comes in the kit and Julie discusses some uses for each finding. Also shown is a project example that uses all the findings and you just need to add some chain and beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want showcase a new product that we have. This is a new finding kit that we've developed exclusively for and this is a necklace and bracelet finding kit. We have other ones as well but this is the one I wanna show you today and you'll see inside of it you get an assortment of findings the back side is actually going to tell you exactly what you're gonna get or our website will as well. You're gonna get 6 sets of toggle clasps, an assortment of jump rings both four millimeter and six millimeter you get 10 two-inch head pins and 10 two-inch eye pins. I'm going to open it up so you can see exactly what these look like and the advantage to a kit like this is you're not going to have to buy individual lots each of these so you're getting 5 different types of findings but you're getting fewer of each so you can complete your projects without having to buy a lot and have a lot of leftovers too. So you get these great little toggle clasps We've got the two sizes of jump rings and they're open jump rings, then you've got the eye pins which are a nice length so you can cut them down or use them nice and long and you've the head pins as well so I want to quickly put together a jewelry example which I used a silver kit for. All I added here was I bought two feet of chain and I bought some beads or no I actually had these around but if you didn't you can buy beads but all the other components come in this finding kit. I have the toggle clasp which I've attached to the chain using one of the four millimeter jump rings you can see how that works. It just slips in and out of the ring. and then down here at the focal I again just used two of the four millimeter jump rings to attach to my main bead which I used an eye pin for then I have one of the six millimeter jump rings down here and then I just used 5 of my head pins. So I used all of the different components that are included in here I still had a bunch leftover so I'll be able to do other projects with them and all I had to do is buy the chain and the beads but I didn't need to buy any additional findings so these are just one of the kits that we do now have at and you can check them all out. See which ones might work for your jewelry projects or if working new to beading this is a great way to get started. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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