Product Spotlight: Beadaholique Earring Finding Kit

SKU VID-0516
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn more about the exclusive Beadaholique Earring Finding Kit. The video gives you a chance to clearly see everything that comes in the kit and Julie discusses some uses for each finding. Also demonstrated is how to quickly make an earring with the findings from the kit - just add beads!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you a product spotlight here of our new exclusive findings kit that we've produced. It' an earring finding assortment kit and basically what you get in here is everything you would traditionally need to make a pair of earrings. I'lll flip it over, on the backside and show you want you're going to get and you get 10 pairs of earring hooks 22 two-inch head pins, 22 two-inch eye pins and an assortment of four millimeter and six millimeter jump rings twenty of each so these are the traditional pieces you'll need to make a standard pair of earrings. Of course you'll be able to vary your beads, do whatever you want for your earring design but usually you need an earring hook, a head pin, an eye pin, jump ring or some combination of those pieces so this here is a 22 karat gold-plated version of the kit and here is a silver plated version I'm going to open up the silver one and I'll quickly show you how to make a pair of earrings using just what's in this kit and some beads of course so what's nice about something like this is you get a lot of variety all in one package so you're not having to buy individual lot sizes. We've got a couple sizes of jump rings and they're open jump rings got this great classic shaped earring hook and then you've got eye pins and in here you've got head pins. I just pulled some beads from my stash I'll show you how to really quickly easily make a pair of earrings with these findings I'm a start with a head pin and slip on a bicone, then this pretty pearl another bicone and then using my wire looping pliers which are great I'm just going to make a simple wire loop trim it straighten that up now I'm going to take an eye pin, put onto it a bicone and make another simple wire loop and open that loop just like you'd open a jump ring by twisting it out, link onto it the loop I just made to another little segment, another pearl now I'm not going to use a jump ring for this particular earring but a lot times you want to create multiple dangles so they're great for that I'm trying to go as quickly as I can here. You can kinda see what we're doing, we're just building pretty dangly earring. One more bicone and I'll attach the earring hook at the base of the earring hook there's an open-loop, you're gonna open it just like you would open an jump ring as well, link onto the loop we've just created there you go you see you've got just a pretty fun little earring. We did that super quick just working ingredients in this kit. You just add your own beads and you're set. Again they come in a gold plate or silver plate you can find them on along with other finding kits as well. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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