Product Spotlight: Beadaholique Jump Ring Assortment Finding Kit

SKU VID-0518
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn more about the exclusive Beadaholique Jump Ring Assortment Finding Kit. The video gives you a chance to clearly see all the different sizes of jump rings and Julie discusses some uses for them. Also demonstrated is how to open and close a jump ring.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a product spotlight to show you. These are exclusive findings kits that Beadaholique has produced and we've produced them to try to make life a little bit easier for you when you're making jewelry designs and this is one kit and this has assorted sizes of jump rings in it and it comes in a silver plate or a 22 karat gold-plate. When you look on the back you can see what's included in each package and you can see there's twenty-five of each size and then you've got five different sizes totaling 125 jump rings and these are some of the more common sizes that you're going to use for jewelry making and this is nice because then you don't have to buy a whole lot of four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and then maybe for a clasp you want an eight-millimeter jump ring don't have to buy a whole lot of that. You get 25 of each and buy one package and you'll be able to complete a lot of different designs I'm going to open up a pack real quick. slip this out, open it up and show you all these jump rings that you get and you can see the variety of sizes and gauges and like I said you can use these for earrings, necklaces, bracelets. A whole different jewelry projects you're just going to be able to buy one pack and you're gonna be set and then if you don't know how to open a jump ring I do wanna show you how to do that real quick here. Whenever you're opening a jump ring again you'll need two pair of pliers and I have two pairs of chain nose pliers right here. So I'm gripping one on the right side of the slit and its actually up top and these are all open jump rings in this kit by the way I'm going to also grab the other side and I'm going to twist and then what you do is you link onto whatever object you wanna have included. Link a couple jump rings here and then to close it, twist back in place now one thing you never wan to do with jump ring and I'm gonna do it just so you know not to do it You never wanna pull it apart because you're gonna miss shape the ring. Do what we did just a second ago twist and then twist back in place. Easy as that so this is just one of the new exclusive Beadaholique findings kit and this is the jump ring assortment you get 125 jump rings, 25 of five different sizes and these are great to use in your jewelry projects. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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