Product Demo: Printed Beading Mats

SKU VID-1123
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Printed beading mats are a great tool for building your jewelry designs. Printed on each mat is a necklace guide measuring 24 inches and a bracelet guide measuring 8 inches. Centimeters are also listed.
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Hi, this is Julie with and i didn't actually know that we had and they're quite handy so it's a beading mat so it's going to help to prevent your beads from slipping and sliding but it also is imprinted with these measurements so you see here this is the inches and this is great for our necklace as 12 inches down to the midway point and then 12 inches back up and then on the inside we have centimeters and then here we've got this little guide which is great for bracelets so we've got eight inches here and we've got the centimeters along the top now I do like that you can see the midway point especially if you're designing a symmetrical necklace it's really nice to know where it's gonna hang on your neck and what's gonna be in the center and here you can see I've just put some beads here that you can start your design work you can do a lot of the trial and error without having to actually string them and then restring them and when you purchase these you're going to get a pack of three which is pretty handy and these beading maps are available at beadaholique you

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