Instructions for Making the Zelda Necklace Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make the necklace in the Zelda Necklace Kit which is available at This classically strung necklace features lovely glass beads and bead caps strung together in a pretty pattern. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make string a necklace, crimp a crimp bead, and apply a crimp bead cover.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I wanna show you how to make the exclusive kit which is the Zelda necklace and this actually comes in two different colorways you've got one which are these with these purple iris beads and then we have the other one which is with the green iris so two different looks same necklace and these are really easy to make and they're a classics stringing technique. So if you're not with familiar stringing and you're new to jewelry and you want a project to get you started this is a great one. You're gonna be able to take the skills you learn with this project and apply them to all sorts of other ones and those skills are going to include how to string a necklace use a crimp bead and crimping pliers and how to use a crimp cover and you'll end up with the finish necklace now what's nice about the exclusive kits is you get everything you need to make that piece of jewelry included in the kit. The tools are not included but get all the beads and the stringing material. That's going to include for this particular necklace and I'm going to do the purple one 36 of these pretty purple beads, 17 of the fluted black beads, 18 of the small round pearl looking beads, 34 bead caps, a lobster clasp, a closed jump ring, two crimp beads, two crimp bead covers and you're going to get enough wire to do a the necklace. You'll actually gonna get 36 inches you're going to need part of it to do your necklace. You'll have enough left over to do a bracelet or another necklace even. In terms of the tools you're going to need, these are not included but they're great basic tools if you are making jewelry, a pair of crimping pliers, I'll show you how to use those at the end the project, a pair of cutters and then you'll need something to hold your beads onto your beading wire. I like bead stoppers, they're really handy to use if you don't have one though. You can just use a piece of tape. So let's get started go ahead uncoil your beading wire be gentle with it when you're uncoiling it. You don't want it to kink or bend just work its way out. There we go and now place a bead stopper a few inches from the end. Now if you didn't have a bead stopper just take a piece of tape I know it's a little hard to see on camera and just put it over the end like so. Squish it together and that will stop your beads from falling off If you plan on doing a lot of beading bead stoppers are great. So to begin we're gonna start with a crimp tube. Put that right onto your beading wire, let that slide down to the bead stopper now we're gonna go ahead and add one of the purple beads, one of the Pearl, another purple, a bead cap facing up, fluted black bead you see now because that bead cap was facing up that is cupping the fluted bead, another bead cap facing down and this here is now our first sequence. See we've got purple bead pearl, purple bead, bead cap, black bead, another bead cap and we're just going to repeat 17 times so again purple, pearl, purple, bead cap facing up, black bead and another bead cap facing down. Just keep doing the same pattern until you have strung all of you're black beads and then we're just gonna add a few more purple beads and another pearl at the end and then the other crimp bead okay so we've repeated our sequence. We have a total of the seventeen black beads strung on and you'll notice now you've got three beads left. So you just wanna make the end match the beginning. So we're just gonna take those last three beads put them on at this point go ahead and lay out your necklace and make sure that all your beads are correct because its very easy right now to just take off your beads and put them back on in the correct order but once you crimp those crimp tubes and you'll apply the crimp covers you'll be kind of set, you could of course undo it and restring it but you won't have probably enough supplies. So go ahead and make sure that everything is correct right now and your pattern is consistent so that looks good. It's time to attach our clasp and I actually forgot at the beginning to mention you'll need a pair of chain nose pliers which I just went and grabbed. You'll use those for your crimp covers I want to keep as much beading wire intact as possible if you use it for another project go ahead and scoot my bead stopper down a little bit just so I can get another inch of beading wire that I'm going to be able to preserve now going from the end that you just strung take your tail and put it through your closed jump ring slide that down, take your tail go back through the crimp tube and the bead next to it. We just made a loop and pulling my tail through that bead you can see what just happened we've got the close jump ring attached, got a little loop. I have room for it to breathe so we don't want a big loop like that, we want a nice little loop. Now we're gonna crimp the crimp bead you've got a crimping pliers and you can see they've got two notches one is being shaped like a crescent moon and one is more oval-shaped. The one you're going to use first is the one which is closest to the handles and that's going to go ahead and depress the crimp tube and make it is this crescent shape and then you'll go ahead and finish it off with the notch from the handles actually these kits come with picture instructions on how to do things like crimping a crimp bead. So you'll be able to see that visually. So I've put my crimp tube into that notch and it's secure in there as closest to the handles and I'm going to just squeeze. You'll see what happened see how it turned it into more of a Crescent bean shape. It's got that depression in the middle so now I'm gonna rotate it, see I put it into that notch furthest from my handles and I'm gonna squeeze and it fold it over so you've got a nice secure crimp. At this time I'm going to trim off the excess beading wire just like so and I've got some left over for another project. Now you wanna go to the other end remove the bead stopper. Make sure all your beads go down towards the end that's finished and do the same thing and go ahead and thread a tail through the loop at the base of the lobster clasp loop it back around, go back down through the crimp bead and the bead next to it and pull so at this point you wanna check before you crimp it make sure you don't have any large gaps I think that's a pretty large gap, I don't want a gap that big so gonna just pull it a little tighter cinch up that gap now gonna go ahead and crimp the crimp tube on this side so again put it into that notch closest to your handles and squeeze and then rotate it put it into the notch furthest from the handles squeeze to fold it in on itself. Go ahead and trim your tail Almost done. We've got a necklace now we just need to apply the crimp covers and the crimp covers are just gonna make it so that all your findings match. They are antique brass color for this particular project. They're gonna cover that silver crimp tube. Take my crimp cover, put it into my chain nose pliers with the opening facing outward take it, put it over my crimp tube and squeeze together it's almost like I just made a bead it's like an open bead, the crimp cover do that on the other side as well. Go ahead Put it over the crimp tube and squeeze and there you a finished necklace. I'll show you how long it is this one here is about 18 inches which is a good standard size if you're considering giving this as a guest to close it just attach the lobster clasp to the closed jump ring and you have a finished necklace. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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