Instructions for Making the Vintage Parlor Earring Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make the earrings in the Vintage Parlor Earring Kit, which are available at These earrings feature lovely SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS faux pearls combined with Vintaj natural brass elements and would be a great project for a beginning jewelry maker. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make simple wire loops.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with Today I'm going to show you how to make the Vintage Parlor earring out of this earring kit so I've half of the ingredients and already made my first earring so I could show you what it looks like and I've got half of the ingredients left so just remember when you get this kit it's going to have double the ingredients that you see here so that you can make your matched pair and what you're going to get is a 12 millimeter Swarovski Elements crystal faux pearl as well as an 8mm. Just remember you're going to get two in the kit of each size so that you can make a matched pair Your going to get these large bead caps and smaller bead caps and also this pretty drop and these are all by Vintaj which is a lovely company that makes wonderful brass components I've got an earring hook and you're gonna get some eye pins The tool you're going to need to create this you're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers round nose pliers and cutters this is really very easy to do and they go together so quickly so you're going to take a eye pin and place onto one of your large bead caps facing up then you're going to put your temperature 12 millimeter pearl on top of the bead cap and you're going to sandwich that with another bead cap and you're going to make a simple wire loop go ahead and bend your wire right after the bead at about a forty five degree angle pay attention to the orientation of your bottom loop because you want them to match you're going to grab the wire right after the bead cap and bend it over the top of your round nose pliers than rotate your pliers so your grabbing it the top and then finish bending it around I like to use my fingers to do that, some people prefer to actually grip the wire with chain nose pliers, up to you whatever is easiest so you've got a loop and you need to trim that loop and then I also like to go back and straighten it out because there's usually not astray as it could be when he first week and put that aside for one moment came into the exact same thing with the smaller bead caps and a smaller pearl nick and helen straighten that out shares close now we need to connector components together sweep at them now and now we need to lincoln today so you're going to open your simple wire loop the same way you'd open jump ring to not to be pulling out and stretching part you're going to be pushing the sides apart just twisting there's a little bit at the top of your dropped attached time menthe chain nose plier to close that back up compare the other side connect our loop connect it another simple wire loop concludes that one up as well diskeeper working your way up the earring now we've got are really pretty dangle happening we just need to be open last simple wire loop and attach it tour earring finding and then we just need to close it up as well and just knowing how to make simple wire loop and how to open close them well I used to make a lot of different pretty pair of earrings in different jewelry pieces and this particular one is cut into Vintage Parlor and it comes as a complete kit from Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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