Instructions for Making the Crystal Decadence Earring Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make the earrings in the Crystal Decadence Earring Kit, which are available at These earrings feature a cluster of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS round beads on top of s stunning crystal drop bead and would be a great project for a beginning jewelry maker. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make simple wire loops, wrapped wire loops, and how to open and close jump rings.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm gonna show you how to make the Crystal Decadence earring. This is actually a complete kit from and I show you how to make it. So I already used half of the kit ingredients to make the sample earring and then I got the other half left to make the the other earring, it's matched pair in the video here so I got a beautiful Swarovski Elements drop, I've got 11 of these lovely round beads I have an earring hook, 3 jump rings and 12 head pins. The tools that you're gonna need you need a round nose plier chain nose plier and a pair of cutters. To start with let's start with our big bead. Go ahead place it onto the head pin and now we need to create wrapped wire loop. To do so grab the wire right after the bead and bend at a 90 degree angle. Grip your bent wire with your round nose pliers and bend the wire over the top of the pliers, rotate your pliers here gripping the top of it and create a complete loop go ahead, now you wanna switch to your chain nose pliers again and now you're going to create your wraps once you're done wrapping go ahead and trim off any excess wire with your cutters See if you have a rough end right there, if so you just wanna take your chain nose and press that rough end into your wrap So that was the first step. Now we want to place each of these little round beads onto a head pin, one each so one bead per head pin, create a simple wire loop right after it. To do that instead of bending it at a 90 degree angle just gonna bend at a 45 degree angle, take a round nose pliers bend the wire over the top of the nose rotate your pliers and create a loop just like that now you just need to trim it with your cutters and if need be straighten up your loop. We're going to do that with all 11 our little round beads alright so we've got all of our simple loops done right after our little four millimeter beads and now we need to create this great cluster effect which has a lot of fun movement to it to do that we're gonna open up a jump ring. When you open up a jump ring you never want to pull it apart you wanna twist it apart you wanna push the size away from each other so the slit in the open jump ring is at the top here grab one side and twist it up now for this particular design I'm gonna put one of my little dangles on and I'm gonna put a nice big drop, another dangle and a dangle and I'm gonna close it up to close it I just twisted the sides back together open a second jump ring and I'm going to put two dangles on this end and I'm going to attach it to my previously attached jump ring add two more dangles and twist it shut and you can probably predict what I'm going to do next, attach a third jump ring and then add two dangles, attach it to my previously attached jump ring and add two more dangles and the hook that goes with my earring now I just need to close it up and I'm gonna be all thenI'm going to be all done You created that fun cluster effect. One quick thing to note and it's totally up to you which side you prefer, if you do have a pretty bead like this, it has an AB finish, you'll know it's a little bit more apparent on on one side than the other side. You can just choose if you want that side to be the front, if you want it to be the back or if you want to be varied because this will move when you wear them so it could might be something you want to pay attention to but it could be and to reverse it so that the front becomes the back simply attach your earring hook in the other direction at the very end and you have just completed the Crystal Decadence earring set. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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