Instructions for Making the Lillian Birthstone Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, you will learn how to make the Lillian Birthstone Earrings which are available at In this exclusive Beadaholique kit you will receive all the components needed to make a lovely pair of earrings. The kit includes lovely SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal round beads, pretty filigrees, and silver plated findings.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to make the Lillian Birthstone Earring Set which is an exclusive kit from and here is the wide variety of colors it comes in one for each month and see just get to pick whatever month is your birthstone color or your friends if you're making this as a gift and then you going to put this together, it's super easy and it's a great personalized item and so what you're going to get in the kit is all the ingredients to make one set of earrings which is going to include two head pins, two earring hooks two little bead caps, two pretty pieces of silver plated filigree and two Swarovski crystal beads in the appropriate color for that month I have rose which is for October. It could be opal or rose and the Swarovski color for that month is rose and for the tools you'll need a pair of cutters a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of round nose pliers to make this set take your head pin and place your main bead onto it followed by a bead cap facing down now you're going to make a simple wire loop after the bead cap. Bend your wire to the side grasped that bend with your round nose pliers bend it over the top nose rotate your pliers, so you're now grabbing it at the top and bring the wire all the way around until they criss-cross and where they cross go ahead and make the cut, there's one we'll do one more, so again a bead followed by a bead cap, bend the wire some people like to bend the wire over with the chain nose pliers I find it's easy to bend it with my finger rotate, pull that wire all the way around and make a cut where it crosses. Open up that loop which is already partially open from when we created it. I didn't go ahead and close it all the way because I knew what I was going to do in this next step place it onto the filigree and then close it back up do that for the other one as well now all you have to do is attach the earring hook go ahead and twist to the side the loop, the little ball post loop place the filigree onto the hook, slide it all the way down so it rests in the little groove and move that loop back in place. We've got a complete earring. I'll show that one more time twist to the side, place the top loop of the filigree onto the earring hook, slide it down til it sets into that groove and move the hook back and just like that you made a very pretty personalized pair of earrings. It's again the Lillian birthstone earring set and it's available from along with some other birthstone jewelry and a whole bunch of other kits and projects. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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