Instructions for Making the Pave Crystal Birthstone Earring Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the Pave Crystal Birthstone Earrings, a pretty pair of earrings featuring Preciosa crystal pave bead pendants. This kit is quick and easy, and it's a great gift or project for beginners.
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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make the earrings for the pave crystal birthstone earring kit. You can see here all the different colors that we have. We have one for all the first birthstone months and here I have one each color just to show the example and I'll show you how to make one earring and then you just repeat the steps to make your second earring so your kit is going to come with a head pin, earring hooks bead aligners, little crystal bicone beads and these precioso Czech crystal pave beads it will come with two of these. I just only have one here pulled so to make your earring first take your help pin. If it's a little bent go ahead and just use your fingers to straighten it out and onto your head pin you're going to place a bicone bead, then place the bead aligner with the narrow end facing up and then one of the pave beads when you're going to place your bead aligner with narrow end facing down. Both of those narrow ends should go inside of the hole of the large hole pave bead and then you're going to add another bicone these should sit down inside the bead aligner a little bit you're going to create a wrapped wire loop take a pair of chain nose pliers put the very tip of the pliers right against the bicone bead on the head pin here, then you going to bend the wire over the pliers, you wanna go ahead and bend that over almost to 90 degrees using a pair round nose pliers grab the wire right above the bend and wrap the wire around the pliers rotate your pliers and continue wrapping to get a complete 180 and degree circle on your wire here. Then you're going to grab the tail end of the wire with your chain nose pliers and we're going to wrap around the tail end of the wire around the head pin here until you reach the top of your bead once you reach the top of your bead, you can trim the excess wire away with a pair of flush cutters and then take your chain nose pliers and just tuck the end of the wire end so that it's not sharp straighten out your loop a little bit you can just use your pliers to do it and you're going to take one of the earring hooks, you're going to grasp the short side of the ring hook under the ball with your chain nose pliers and just twist it to the side to open that loop, take your bead dangle that you need and hang the loop you created onto the loop on the earring hook and then just twist that back closed to close the loop up now you've created your earring and all you do is repeat the exact same process with the rest of your materials to create your second earring for your matched pair. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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