Instructions for Making the Jingle All the Way Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the bracelet in the Jingle All the Way Bracelet Kit, which is available at This pretty and festive charm bracelet features Czech glass bell shaped beads and will put you in the holiday spirit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create simple wire loops and how to open and close jump rings.
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Hi this is Megan with today I'm going to show you how to make the jingle all the way bracelet from our jingle all the way exclusive kit and this is your bracelet that you're going to be making its really cute, fun, festive piece. It's a lot of fun to wear because the bells move around. So what you're going to receive in your kit is a foot of this pretty rolo chain You're going to receive 27 of these gold plated metal beads, 7 of the green bell beads, 7 red beads 27 head pins. You're going to get 14 bead caps, a lobster clasp, one large jump ring and one small jump ring. So the steps involved in this bracelet are all really simple, it's just repetitive so the first thing you're going to do is measure the chain for your bracelet. You are going to need a ruler and you're also going to need a pair of chain nose pliers, a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of cutters so you can decide how long you want your finished bracelet. The most common bracelet sizes are seven or eight inch for a bracelet like this it can have a little bit of a looser fit and still be totally cute so let's see. We have a seven inch chain on this bracelet and the clasp and the jump ring Your going to add almost three-quarters of an inch so but the 7 inch chain this has a finished fit of about 7 5/8, 7 3/4 somewhere in there figure out how long you want your bracelet to be, how loose you wanted to fit and cut your chain with a seven inch chain it works out really nicely with a dangle every other link so use your cutters to cut the chain just put aside the excess now I'm gonna go ahead and assemble my bracelet while I'm at it Take the smaller jump ring. I'm going to hold the jump ring with the little split at the top and grasp each side with a pair of pliers. To open the jump ring you take your two sides and just move them away from each other and you always want to open a jump ring by moving the sides away from each other and not from spreading the jump ring. You'll lose its shape if you do it that way take your lobster clasp and place it on the open jump ring and then place the end of the chain in. To close the jump ring slide the two sides back until they meet in the middle. Now you're going to attach your larger jump ring to the other side and you'll open that just the same way. Move the sides away place that jump ring onto the open link at the end of that chain and close the jump ring. You wanna make sure that that's closed up as close to seamless as possible so that's gonna be all the hardware you need for the actual bracelet and now we're going to make our dangles. First we're going to make the dangles with the bells on them. What you're gonna do is take one of the head pins, place a metal bead on the head pin, place a bell bead on the head pin, followed by a bead cap and now we're just going to create a simple wire loop. All you do is grasp the head pin right where it comes out of your bead and your bead cap and using chain nose pliers bend that wire about a 45 degree angle right where leaves the beads. Grab onto that with your round nose pliers right above the bend and then we're going to bend the wire around the round nose pliers, rotate the pliers and continue the bend. Then you take a pair of cutters, clip off the excess to give yourself a little round loop at the top you're going to do a lot of those go ahead and repeat that with all of your bell beads and bead caps and use a bead cap on each one of those. If you get any head pins that are a little banged up it happens just go ahead and use your fingers to smooth them out now we have all of our little bell dangles Next you're going to create the little bead dangles that hang between them and this is very simple. All you do is take a head pin place a metal bead on it and then create a simple wire loop. You'e gonna do just the same as you did for your bells, bend the wire above the bead, grab it with the round nose and wrap it around and trim. You're going to do that for all 13 of your beads and head pins that are remaining So now we have all the pieces that we are going to hang on bracelet. Now we just need to hang them on the bracelet. So if you're going to change the length of your bracelet you're going to need to do just a little bit of counting and figuring to see where you wanna hang your dangles. If you have seven inches of chain that means that it's going to fit perfectly starting at the second link and hanging one dangle on every other link and the good thing to keep in mind is if you're hanging on only every other or odds and evens or something like that you're going to have your dangles hang all in a straight line because they're hanging off of the chain that are oriented in the same direction. So you might if you make it a little longer, you might wanna just have the extra links at the ends to keep that nice every other link line up because that works really well I'm going to just go ahead and I like to line it up so that the lobster clasp opens at the top I'm gonna start with a green bow closest to the clasp and the second link. To open up our loops that we made I'm going to grasp the side where the wire comes back and meets the stem. I'm just going to push it away from you or towards you. Open that loop up. Slide the loop onto the second link in the chain and then just twist it back closed and that's how you hang it's that simple. We're just going to continue on next will be one of the metal beads skip the link that is sideways and go into that second link, the one that's oriented the same as the one we had on the last one and close it up then we'll do a red bell open the loop skip one link close that up. I'm just going to continue all the way across the bracelet. I'm going to alternate between bells and beads and alternate the color of the bells you do wanna stop every few things you hang and make sure that you hang them on the right chain length and that they are hanging in the right direction, that they are all hanging in a straight line. When you've get to the end your last red bell should go right on the second to last chain link if you're doing a seven inch bracelet so it works out perfectly and now you're all done. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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